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NBA Playoff Special: 20-15 ATS

*146-106 NBA Regular Season
*1-0 MLB Regular Season

First off, props to the Cubbies...
I wish I cared more to take all your shiznit, but .500 baseball in May doesn't excite me with the playoffs rollin' on the professional hardwood. Come on Ozzie...my pick, and the always beautiful pic, will have a better day if we don't get swept by Sweet Lou! Sunday Funday!

Both can play fast when needed, but with these two masterminds at the helm going head-to-head...I expect a slow chess-match all series. Especially in Game One, I have a feelin' these two will just be feeling each other out all day. ...Jazz/Spurs 170-176 total points

Posted by Greg Gamble on May 20, 2007 10:28 AM |


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