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NBA Playoff Special: 20-16 ATS

*Greggy G’s NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS
*Greggy G’s MLB Regular Season: 1-0 ATS

Thankfully, my Sox pulled out a laugher Sunday to keep the Insane Cubbie Posse from peeing all over the streets of Chicago in their typical celebratory manner, but props none the less to the Northsiders for the Crosstown series victory. As for the roundball playoffs, while my finals prediction of SA vs CLE is still a possibility, more importantly, I’m definitely due for a 2nd ATS postseason run to keep your pockets fatter than Matty-tat Barnes’s agent once the Warrior hits the market. Gotta run Homeboys…I have dates with the Insurance Company, a Rental Car Outfit, an Auto Body Shop, and with the Ronny Mexico Foundation for Injured Animals today. Of course first, I’ll be leavin’ you with a Monday pick & pic that should start the week off with more promise than an invite to an after-party thrown by a Cincinnati Bengal. Let’s roll fellaz…

The Pistons roughed-up the Cavs during the regular season winning 3 of 4, with LeBron’s only victory requiring OT minutes. Both teams play excellent team defense and always strive keep the ball out of the paint, but Flip’s boys have taken it to another level versus CLE and mastered the technique of saggin all five players when King James has the rock. In addition, while the Cavs improved throughout the season on D, the Pistons have come into the playoffs with a championship swagger and will force Mike Brown’s role-players to make jumpers if they have any chance of advancing. Larry “I’m stealin’ $$$ by the second” Hughes and Sasha “Bostjan Nachbar” Pavlovic have been inconsistent at best all year, and I expect them to really struggle in Game 1 with the Mo-Town championship atmosphere and the length of Prince & Hamilton on the close-out. As for the Pistons on O, they’ll force CLE through twice as many screens as they saw against the Magic & Nets combined. The biggest adjustment may be for Big Z, who has been solid throughout the first two rounds, but will be forced to guard Detroit’s Bigs on the perimeter more than an 8-foot slow-white-guy might normally like. Overall, I think the Cavs will settle down by Game 2, but tonight I have a feeling they’ll be a little overwhelmed with the confidence and precision displayed by the former Champs…Pistons by 9-15 points

Posted by Greg Gamble on May 21, 2007 11:39 AM |


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