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NBA Playoff Special: 20-17 ATS

*Greggy G’s NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS
*Greggy G’s MLB Regular Season: 1-0 ATS

I desperately tried to convince my beautiful lady I needed some Thug-Kama-Sutra to change my ATS Playoff luck last night, but she simply responded:“Your a white-degenerate-dork…not a thug you putz!” While it’s tough to argue with her, I was hoping for some sympathy similar to the luv Clinton Portis gave Ronny “Dogg-Pound” Mexico about his extra curricular canine activities. Hell ya Clinton, why don’t people just mind their own damn business…it’s not like he’s skinning cats or drowning hamsters!

As for the NBA action, I would comment on what I’ve seen the last couple nights, but until I get back on the winning streak that’s like taken the opinion of Rex Grossman on how much he likes roller coasters…like his short-azz can get on the ShockWave! But don’t fear young gamblers, just like the great Dennis Green told me back in 1999 after the Army/Navy ATS debatable:“Are you goin’ to complain Greggy G, or are you going to ‘Crown the Azz’ of the bookmakers next time?!”That’s the pep-talk I needed Denny, now I just needed to find a beautiful pick to make the day complete…oh boy, I found it fellaz!

Yes…I know these two scored 208 in Game 1, but I have to think the Jazz will want to slow things down after they let the Spurs shoot almost 55% Sunday. While the Jazz have an effective transition break, the Spurs are the best in the league at gettin’ their players back on defense and preventing easy lay-ups. In addition, the Jazz seemed to find a nice half-court rhythm late in Game 1 using D-Williams off the pick-n-roll with Boozer and Okur, which also enables Jerry “I luv Halsted St.” Sloan to slow Parker & Ginobili down and make sure they get into their defense sets. Listen, I told you these headmasters would turn this into a chess-match, and I’m still stickin’ to that theory! Not to mention, while FTs were plentifully in Game 1, if the Cavs/Pistons match-up last night shows us how the refereeing might be changing…I predict a slug-fest with lots of contested-shots and no-calls around the rim tonight…Jazz/Spurs total points 178-184 points

Posted by Greg Gamble on May 22, 2007 11:19 AM |


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