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NBA Playoff Special: 20-18 ATS

*Greggy G’s NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS
*Greggy G’s MLB Regular Season: 2-0 ATS

While yours truly has burned more friendships than the late-great Lisa 'Left-Eye' Lopes with a few matches at Andre Rison's, today's a special day because two of my best Homeboys (who remain loyal no matter how many times I screw them OVA) are another year closer to joinin’ Pac, Fred Lane, & John Denver. Besides a shout-out to Bob Dylan & Tommy Chong on their BDAYs, I’m sending out some extra special luv (Rae Carruth style) to Joe John ‘Tech-Support’ III and Iowa's very-own Iceman...Mr. KILMA. When I sparked-up a Newport Light and drowned my Cheerios with a lil' Colt 45 this morning...I did it thinkin’ of you two!

Next order of business, before I get to braggin’ about my 2-0 start on the diamond, my dominance on the YMCA hardwood,, and the NBA action on the docket tonight, I’d like to bitch about Enterprise…you know, the “We’ll pick you up in a 'Fire-Engine' Red Neon with less than a half-tank of gas” rental car company. DO THEY KNOW WHO I FRICKIN’ AM!? My entire reputation is based on convincing people I'm richer than Rachel Ray, and they're treating me like I’m Chef-Boy-R-Deadbeat. I can’t wait to take a piss in the glove box before I return that alignment-challenged piece o' shiznit! But enough about my Neon, an ATS winning streak was started yesterday and I have an NBA DRAFT article due in a couple hourscomparing super-models to the Top-10 bball prospects. And yes, of course I’ll post it for you guys…who doesn’t want to know how one of the Olsen twins compares to 7-footer Spencer Hawes’s inside-out ability. Watch-out Bill Simmons and JK Rowling…Greggy G has a pen and paper handy! Take it light this Thursday fellaz and make sure to always remember this is for news and news matters only!

I know it’s a gambler’s sin to bet on a squad in Game 1…lose, and then bet the other boyz in Game 2, but you know...quit hatin' on a sin. After hearing all the criticism about King James passin’-up the last shot and not gettin’ to the FT line once, I think we’re going to see the best player in this series completely take-over tonight. In addition, and as I’ve try to tell you before, the Cavs are an unbelievable defense team w/ size and strength that can totally disrupt the mid-range game of the Pistons. With that said, Larry “I’m so overpaid Stevie Franchise is jealous” Hughes has to make some shots for the Cavs to pull this out in Slim Shady’s hood. I mean Insideplays’s very-own Larry the OVA/UNDA Legend could probably hit 8 of his last 36 from the field at the professional level. While I’m sure my Hughes bashin’ isn’t breeding much confidence in my pick, I have a feeling Danny Ferry may pin this article up in his locker to get the St. Louis kid riled-up. Also, the Pistons starting front-court has had trouble with Big Z on the block, and the combination of Gooden and the Brazilian Side-Show-Bob should prove to be a lil’ too bouncy for C-Webb and McDyess. Maybe you think I’m droppin’ dime on the Cavs cause their my finals pick, but it worked for me when I told you West Virginia was winnin’ the NIT!...LeBron in a game-winner

Do I really need to write anything…I frickin’ undefeated in MLB! Sure, I can tell ya that lookin at the Pirates boxscore is like randomly pickin’ nine names out of the phone book, or that the two starters tonight have I combined ERA of 5.70, but like I said…I’m frickin’ like Rafael Nadal on clay Homeboys. If you don’t know, now you know…Pirates/Cardinals 4-6 total runs

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