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MLB ATS: 11-0 (Don't be fooled!)

*Greggy G's Regular Season: 146-106 ATS
*Greggy G's Playoff Record: 22-20 ATS

Just like my azz on the streets of Chi-town coming of the pick-n-roll, you can’t stop what you can’t catch! I hate to tell ya I told ya so and I know they need one more, but my pick of the Cavs and Spurs before the playoffs started is looking in-genius Physically, Mr. James is a man-child that can dominate every aspect of the game and he’s only frickin’ 22-years old…I haven’t seen that type of dominance since Aurora Snow burst on the scene Azz-Ploitation. Anyway, I’m off to Midway Airport and heading to Cleveland for the weekend. Congrats to my boy DG who is cashin’ in his chips and takin’ the marriage plunge this weekend. I’m honored to be standing-up, but I’d say it’s 50/50 that I show-up…I might be scalpin’ tickets to see the King baby!

First off, if you don’t understand what TB -1.5 runs means you shouldn’t be at this website! When all the warrants and bat-throwing episodes are not a distraction, the D-Rays have a young lineup filled with LeBron’esque potential at the plate and have their (one-and-only) ace Scott Kazmir pitchin’ today. As for the AA Royals, they suck, I’ve never heard of their pitcher, and they’re on the road!..The hot Tampa bats by 3-5 runs

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