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MLB Special: 21-3 ATS…Don’t hurt’em Greg!

While I felt worse than Courtney Love looks this weekend, the only thing positive about my Mojito flavored TheraFlu Saturday and Sunday was…NOT LOSING A FRICKIN THING BEEATCHES! What can I say; the NBA finals seem scripted right out of my Insideplay’s breakdowns and the Vegas sportsbooks have been calling my houseline before I even have my bloody mixed. Speaking of the NBA Finals, I’d rather play catch with Chuck Knobloch, clean Tank Johnson’s jail-cell toilet, or listen to Keith Olbermann talk about how cool he is than watch the Spurs methodically kick the Cavs azz. King James can only force the issue so much against the defensive-minded Spurs and just doesn’t have the help to even pull one of these games out. I know it’s probably not possible unless they pull a sign-n-trade, but what better fit would free agent Rashard Lewis be in Cleveland. While Lewis will probably be considered OVA-paid after he signs with somebody that tries to make him the #1 option, could you imagine LeBron kickin’ out to an athletic 6-10 sharpshooter like that? I’m tellin’ ya, they’d have a staple in the NBA Finals for years.

As for Chicago baseball, and this coming from a White Trash Sox fan, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the Cubs are going to win the Central. I know that’s like saying “She’s the Sluttiest Hooker!” , but with Alfonso, Aramis, & Derrek Lee knocking the ball around and five legitimate 12 game winners in the rotation…I have a feeling I’m gonna be seeing Cub fans pissing in the alleys into October. I wish I could say the same for my Southsiders, but if I were GM Kenny Williams I would start blowing this thing up like T.T. Boy after a salad bar. I don’t know if these young phenoms are any good, but I know I don’t want to see a bunch of old-dudes with bad-backs cloggin the bases just so we can beat out the AA Royals in the Central. Alright, time for the real reason you’re here…Cause it’s Monday, I ain’t got no job…and I ain’t got shiznit to do!

The baseball maven is back Homeboys…don’t be fooled:

1. The Mets win more on the road (.68%) than at home (.52%)
2. The Mets bat 58 points higher (.315) versus lefties
3. The Dodgers only hit .255 versus righties

In addition, Dodgers lefty starter Randy Wolf has not made it to the 6th inning in his last two starts giving up 15 hits and 9 runs in 10 innings, while El Duque has found the Julio Franco fountain of youth allowing only 14 hits over is last 33 innings pitched…and for the year, has an ERA of 1.94! While the Dodgers have been sharp so far this year, I don’t think their line-up with hold-up and I luv the fact the Mets are coming off a poor series. I know fellaz, I’m so cool I should be on the next Real World. Of course I’ll be playing a few more games today, but only like to give my Homeboys the best chance of winning…Mets by 3-6 runs

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