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MLB Special: 21-5 ATS…Diamond Guru NBA Playoffs: 25-20 ATS…Gettin’ better

Coming from a diehard of the hardwood, I cannot stomach the NBA Finals. Even easily predicting the UNDA and pulling-out 1 point cover, I’d rather hear Curt Shilling bloody sock debates or watch “You’ve got Mail” than this slowdown brickfest. On a night when Timmy D & Manu combine to shoot 6-24 from the field and Bruce Bowen has to be the offensive force, you’d think King James and his awful crew could steal one at home. I’m just glad we only have one more game to watch as I’m more confident than Peter North in “Titty-Titty Bang-Bang” that the Spurs will make sure their legacy gets a lil’ sweeter with a Final sweep.

As for the diamond where I’m a in the mist of 2-game losing streak, Michael Barrett (aka P.J. Carlesimo) got into another heated argument with a pitcher and made yet another questionable play behind the plate to cost them the game…say hello to the trade deadline Mr. Barrett. As for the White Sux, at least Justin Verlander didn’t get his no-hitter against them. The Pigskin Season can’t come soon enough for us Southsiders and if I wasn’t the Gordon Gecko of the baseball market, I wouldn’t even check the sports ticker before downin’ my last cocktail. Thankfully, my Homeboys from Phoenix & Detroit are coming into town for a Divorce Party (…like that was ever going to work Dave) and a belated 30th Bash for Joey “Tech Support”. Hey Bartender, looks like I’ll need another batch of Milk Thistle! Take it light fellaz and always remember to ask for the Green Salsa...I’m sure your Torta wants to feel rich too!

Does it matter that Phillies starter Kyle Kendrick is making his major league debut…I think not. Philadelphia is finally playing with the confidence Jimmy Rollins was talking about when he made his pre-season prediction, while the Sox already have a scripted response for the post-game press conference: “It was tough because we’ve never seen this guy before.” The Phillies have won 6 out of 8 and have the day off Thursday, so I expect them to be riled-up for a series sweep. More importantly, Sox rookie hurler John Danks has allowed opponents to hit .304 off him ova his last 7 starts, while his teammates have hit .231 overall this year. At Insideplays.com, we call that “Ronny Mexico and Family Business”…Bad Combo! Phillies by 3-6 runs

The Tribe has too many weapons to keep the bats asleep much longer and one of these days Cliff Lee is going to find his 2005 form (18-5 3.79). Luckily, nothing wakes-up a piece of lumber like Byun-Hyun Kim, and hopefully, Miguel Cabrera has a lil’ heartburn after downin’ 12 cheeseburgers for lunch. This one might be a shoot-out, but I’ll take my chances investing against the Korean softball-tosser…Indians by 2-4 runs

During the Yanks 7-game win streak, only once have the only won by one run. While I’ve always been a fan of Livan “Jennifor Lopez got nuttin’ on my azz” Hernandez, he’s been living on the edge lately giving up 33 hits ova his last 4 starts. In addition, when the Bronx Bombers are getting’ hits, it’s usually not singles. I know Mussina hasn’t been his normal self this year, but the ova-achieving D-Backs only hit .250 as a team and really don’t have the line-up to keep-up their winning ways…Yanks by 4-8 runs

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