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MLB Special: 24-5 ATS…Baseball Maven NBA Playoffs: 25-20 ATS…LAST ONE!

I honestly feel bad for all the dudes pawning off their vintage Jordan’s and Baby-Cribs to pay off their bookies. Do they realize theirs a man with a better plan than 2-Pac and Biggie’s to hide-out on island for 15 years and then break-out a collaborated double-disk? Please let them know about Greggy G…I charge nuttin, I ask for nuttin’, and I simply hand-out dreams! What can I say...3-0 on the ATS diamond last night, and we only have to suffer through the NBA Finals for one more frickin’ day. Trust me, all the whining from the Spurs about getting disrespected worse than Jeremy Giambi at a family gathering can be resolved with a series sweep. I know we’ll see LeBron head to the line more than Michael Irvin in a hotel room, but Timmy D & Ginobili were horrendous in Game 3 and I’d bet my collection of NBA Zubaz it doesn’t happen again.

As for my day, I finally get my new hooptie back from the shop, my Homeboyz are flyin’ in from PHX and Detroit (BTW, what are the odds I rub in their playoff misfortunes…I’d say the other Giambi has better odds of not havin’ small balls and back acne!), and most importantly, THE WHITE SUX HAVE THE DAY OFF!!! You gotta luv how all the Chi-town papers are reporting that Patty LaBelle’s entourage had to complain about the foul-language Sox players were using at a Philly restaurant. Just like their supposed leader, while he makes me laugh and gave me a World Series, he’s more politically incorrect than Don Imus & Dice Clay combined. He’s just lucky that he gets to use the excuse that “faggot” and “FU” means something different in Venezuelan. While he lives by those rules, I live by the motto that 50 cent and the Game wrote about me: HATE IT OR LUV, THE UNDERDOG’S ON TOP AND I’M GONNA SHINE (HOMIE) UNTIL MY HEART STOPS! I’m guessing you guys now realize what he’s referring to when he barks-out “G-UNIT”…That’s the GAMBLE unit Homeboys!

The Spurs desperately want to be called a Dynasty, and while they are in the minds of Greggy G, they know they need a sweep for those not in the know. While I guarantee we’ll see King James at the charity-stripe like he’s D-Wade of 2006, his supporting cast is going to be too nervous to keep this one close. Daniel Gibson finally came back to reality with a 1-10 Larry Hughes performance Tuesday, which will lead him to tense-up even more tonight and encourage more shots from Mr. Hughes. As for the Brazilian Side-Show Bob, after his horrible last second shot I’d guess he’ll pass-up at least three open dunks for a kick-out to a triple-teamed James. Oh yeah, and Mike Brown is still the Cavs coach. As for the Spurs, Timmy D and Ginobili went 6-24 last game and as a team had more turnovers than Cleveland…and they won. What are the odds that happens again? Maybe the same odds of Donyell Marshall finding somebody he can guard. Congrats to the Cavs for making the finals, and special thanks to them for winning me so much dinero…Spurs by 8-14 points

If Ben Sheets was playing in a big market, actually received some run support, and was a lil’ healthier ova the last two years, he’d be considered one of the top 3 pitchers in baseball. Sheets hasn’t allowed a run in his last two starts and continues to get almost no assistance from his offense. As with many young teams, they seem to tense-up when their ace is on the mound and I expect the same thing this afternoon...especially with them a little groggy after playing last night. As for the rubber toe’r for Detroit, Chad Durbin is havin’ the best season of his career and is coming of an 8 inning 3 run performance against the Mets. FYI, I Luv bettin’ the UNDA of a day game, the day after a night-cap…Brewers/Tigers 4-7 total runs

Nobody’s bats are hotter than the Yanks and nobody has played above their heads this year than the D-Backs. Pettite may give-up a few, by Doug Davis and his soul-patch will give-up twice that much…Yanks by 4-8 runs

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