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MLB Special: 28-9 ATS…Baseball Maven

To sum-up the weekend of debauchery, as we partied like a Cincinnati Bengal Friday Night, it struck us that we somehow lost one of our out-of-town Homboys (Divorced Dave as he’s known in our circles) Luckily, one of the randoms who just came into the bar ova-heard our dilemma and mentioned a nice lil’ tidbit of information. As he was paying his cab-fare, someone from the bar hopped-in and told the cabbie: “Take me where the Hookers are!” While we cannot confirm or deny the results of this story, I do know our NHL ’95 Hockey tournament was postponed Sunday because our hands were just too damn shaky!

As for my weekend on the ATS diamond, I have to admit I put-up an effort that would have made Randy Moss look like a dedicated employee in Oakland. Not to mention, the White Sux made the Pirates feel like the Yankees and have proceeded to let the KC Royals tie them in the win-column. As for CubbieLand, with Aramis Ramirez already out, what the hell was Derek Lee thinking. First off, Chris Young had no intention of purposely hittin’ Derek Lee with two strikes and the score tied. Secondly, what the hell was the umpire doing calmly talking to the catcher as Lee walked towards the mound with his hand on his balls in a display of wild-kingdom macho’ness. Finally, Young is 6-10 and slower than Rex Grossman on a roll-out…how the hell do you miss that first haymaker? After watchin’ that, I’d give better odds to Ronny Mexico to completing two consecutive 6-yard outs than Derek Lee ever walking towards the mound again. Anywho, back to the weekly grind of finding some picks and pics for ya Homeboys, and hopefully, my brain will be fully functional by Tuesday morning.

The Giants line-up looks like an all-star game at a retirement home, and I’m guessing they weren’t looking forward to a flight to the beautiful city of Milwaukee after getting swept in Beantown. As for the Brewers, after a tough start to June, the youngsters have looked sharp winning 4 out of their last 5 and have performed much better against lefties (.274) than righties (.261). While left-hander Noah Lowry toes-the-rubber for the Giants tonight and has looked solid this season (6-5 3.46), the Brew Crew seems to have rediscovered their early season magic and scored 25 runs and knocked-out 39 hits during this weekend’s three game set with the Twins. On the mound for Milwaukee tonight, Yovani Gallardo was called-up from AAA where the 2004 2nd round pick was 8-3 with a 2.90 ERA in 13 starts…Brewers by 2-4 runs

I’m a big fan of playing the UNDA on Monday when the two teams are traveling after a weekend of baseball. The Red Sox hosted the Giants this weekend, while Atlanta was winning 2 out of 3 in Cleveland. The Unda looks even better with Boston losing their DH tonight (David Ortiz?) and having Curt Shilling coming off a disappointing performance in his last start. The Braves counter with lefty Chuck James (5-6, 4.16 ERA), who prior to his last outing where he struggled to get out of the 5th, Mr. James looked sharp with 1.42 ERA ova 3 starts…Red Sox/Braves 4-6 runs

The Tigers head to our nation’s capital trailing the Indians by 1 game in the Central and absolutely crushing the ball against lefties (.309) this season. As for the Nats, they will be sending rookie southpaw Matt Chico (3-4, 4.66) to the mound and actually have a better winning percentage on the road than they do at home. Lefty Mike Maroth will be doing the tossin’ for the Tigers today (4-2, 4.91), and while he’s had an up-n-down season, should look a lil’ better against a Washington team that hits unda .250 overall…Tigers by 3-5 runs

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