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MLB Special: 40-16 ATS…ReDonkulous!

What a Sunday Funday! My Homeboys and I closed out the weekend with 10 pitchers of Watermelon Vodka Lemonade, 5 frozen bar pizzas (that I just realize have permanently damaged the roof of my mouth), Golden ‘Gamblin’ Tee, and watching my wallet get fatter during Sunday Night baseball after doubling-up like it was Hawaii during college football season (FYI, in the gamblin’ world, Hawaii plays their home football games at midnight, which means degenerates can either double-up or play catch-up…when their drunker than Rick Sutcliffe on an off-day). And most importantly, my weekend wish came true; no…Zubaz aren’t making a comeback, the Cubs swept my White Sux! I told you BEEATCHES they’d get swept and Kenny Will would be so angry he’d trade away all the garbage and finally get some youngsters from actual productive farm systems. Of course, they one arm I want the Sux to keep, Burls, will probably be the first to be traded. BTW, moment of silence for the mulleted-wonder Rod Beck…on your lunch break, please pour out a lil’ liquor for one of the coolest closers of all-time.

As for the most exciting day in sports for yours truly, only 3 more days until the NBA draft! I know most of you hate the NBA, but I love watching Loch Ness Monster footage of prized European prospects dunking on 5’5” dudes smokin’ clove-cigarettes…followed by Dickie ‘Dumbazz’ V screaming how Bobby Hurley should be taken ova everybody from overseas (FYI, my mock NBA/swimsuit model Draft will be out Wednesday morning). As for my week, what can I say…my caviar and Alize lunch will once again be paid for by my guy and Smoke Daddy softball is lookin’ to continue an unbelievable win-streak! Let’s start the week off right boys, and remember what Tank Johnson has taught us…wait, he hasn’t taught us shiznit! Holla

First, I’ll admit I’m a closet Devil Ray fan…I mean who doesn’t luv a team with football-sized Homeboys throwin’ bats at umps that can score 10 runs on any given night. While they only have 2 or 3 major league pitchers on the roster, does that really matter when their tossin’ to the worst hitting team in baseball? The Sux managed two frickin’ runs against the Cubs and now have to worry about where they will be playing in a week…yeah, a bet that flight to Tampa had nuttin’ in terms of the friendly-skies! As for the Southsider on the mound, lefty rookie John Danks as been shelled lately and hasn’t made it out of the 6th inning in his last 5 starts…D-Rays by 3-5 runs

As you’ve heard me say, nobody in NL West can hit the ball besides the Rockies. And tonight, we have two of those teams battling head to head, with the D-Backs facing the best pitcher in the majors (Brad Penny 9-1, 2.12) and the Dodgers flying in from a rough weekend in Tampa. Not to mention, the D-Backs send rookie Micah Owings to the rubber where he’s been pretty impressive (5-1, 4.06)…Dodgers/D-Backs 3-6 total runs

Ben Sheets has been unbelievable lately, with the Brew Crew winning 8 of his last 10 starts. Also, I vowed to ride Sheets’ azz like Peter North rides a newbie to the business and luv the fact that they’re playing their third series in-a-row at home. On the other side, Houston and their ole’ azz club has been traveling all ova the place lately and have lost 2 out of 3 to both the Dodgers and Rangers. Sure, Jason Jennings has been solid this season (1-1, 3.63), but in his last start he got hammered for 11 hits in unda 6 innings even though he got the win…Brewers by 3-5 runs

With Roy Halladay on the mound, the Jays’ softball sluggers on fire (Matt Stairs & Frank Thomas), a rookie pitching for the Twinkies, and their MVP still in the hospital...I can’t figure out why the line is so low. Also, the Blue Birds have some momentum after just sweeping the Rockies this weekend and passing the Yanks for second place in the East. In addition, for all the hype about the Twins unique home-turf, they’re only 2 games ova .500 in the dome and have to know they have no chance to catch the Tigers or the Tribe…Jays by 2-4 runs

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