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MLB Special: 42-18 ATS…Dollar, Dollar, Bill!

Another crazy day in the wild world of sports that would’ve made an evening with Shawn Kemp in a hotel with a bottle of Viagra and Spanish fly seem tame. I was just tryin’ to finish my NBA Draft write-up and not spill my 32 oz Cocktail Pot-Pie of booze on my laptop, and proceeded to get flooded with text messages from all my inside sources: Things like…Tank’s thanking the Bears and apologizing for the distractions after his release, rumors of Garnett being shipped to LA in four-team blockbuster are met with Krabby Kobe saying he still wants out, the craziness at Wrigleyville with drunks attackin’ pitchers and 9th inning comebacks, and finally, the tragic news of what a COWARD does when taking his own life just isn’t enough. I guess the dreams of Chris Benoit’s son and wife were just not as important as his own…Enjoy the flames BEEATCH!

Tough to get on with business after that, but I’ll do my best to improve the mood. Speaking of ruining the mood, as I mixed my bloody this morning and silently-gloated what I believed to be a 3-1 record last night, I was more shocked than Muhsin Muhammad when he doesn’t drop a pass that the Dodgers scored 2 runs in the 9th to ruin my UNDA by ½ a run. Oh well, feeling like shiznit cause I went .500 is like John Daly gettin’ up-set cause his marriage only lasted 6 months. Anyway, I gotta roll Homeboys, wish the Smoke Daddy squad some luck tonight on the softball diamond and always remember to find a lunchtime lingere show with wireless internet so you can read Insideplays.com!

Congrats to the Cubbies last night! Is it me, or is baseball magic starting on the Northside? 19 runs, 31 hits, & 8 pitchers used by these two teams last night…I expect more of the same anoche. While both hurlers (Rodrigo Lopez & Ted Lilly) have pitched much better so far this year, they have career ERA’s of 4.74 and 4.53 and are due to get shelled by two balanced line-ups. Oh yeah, and this is the time of year when the ball does some weird shiznit at Wrigley…Rockies/Cubs 11-15 total runs

This one should be a shoot-out tonight. The Tigers send lefty Nate Robertson to the mound tonight and he’s been absolutely awful lately (Last 3 starts: 11 innings, 23 hits, 15 runs, 8 walks, and only 5 Ks), included his last start where he was removed before even recording an out! As for the Rangers, with Vincent Padilla scratched for today, the Rangers will be sending out the 28 year-old Willie Eyre for the first start of his career. Also, the Tigers seemed to have a lil’ hangover yesterday from the Sunday Night baseball activities and actually lost to the lowly Rangers. If you keepin’ track at home, the Tigers never let the bats go silent for two night’s in-a-row…Rangers/Tigers 12-16 total runs

Larry Legend summed-up this one for me this morning: “Blue Jays over Twins, right? Marcum kinda good (Jays pitcher 3.38), Baker kinda bad (Twins pitcher 6.75)”…That’s why I luv that man! Also, the Blue Birds probably think their better than they are having won 4 in-a-row, while Matt Stairs & Frank Thomas have been frickin’ awesome lately (I’m guessing they just found out their 1981 rookie cards are not worth what they thought they’d be). As for the Twinkies, they just don’t look nearly as impressive without their MVP in the line-up and still start a corner infielder (Nick Punto) who’s batting .220 with 1 HR…Blue Jays by 2-4 runs

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