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MLB Special: 46-22 ATS…I luv paper!

Crazy day at the Gamble Household…and no, my girl didn’t figure-out my lockbox combination. Gonna make this quick, but here are a few draft thoughts before I head to the diamond to start-up a new winning streak:

1. Who should be more embarrassed regarding Stephen A. Smith and Dickie V…blacks or whites? Since I’ve been watching the draft, I’ve never heard Dumbass Dickie not drool ova every kid that played college basketball, while he continues to yell, spitt, and wave his arms like a crazied ol’ man talking to himself on park bench. As for Stephen Azz, I can’t believe ESPN lets him sit their as a draft analyst…he knows less about the NBA than Mitch Kupchak and all the former Celtics that are GMs!

2. Poor Doc Rivers, with Paul Pierce, Jesus ‘No D’ Shuttlesworth, & Al Jefferson, how they hell are they going to prevent teams from scoring 130 every night? On that note, what a trade/day for the SuperDurants! They now get to keep Rashard Lewis, who’s cheaper, younger, and a much better rebounder, and will now sport the most lethal, and towering 2, 3, 4 combo for the next decade with Captain Durant, Jeff Green, & Rashard Lewis. The Pacific Northwest isn't gonna be a fun road-trip anymore!

3. What the hell is Isiah doing? So he’s gonna have two over-weight players that basically sit with their back to the basket, while Stephon Marbury & Nate Robinson dribble around looking to penetrate. You know it’s a bad move when Stephen Azz is calling you genius!

4. I received about 50 text-messages last night from Bulls fans screaming about another defensive-minded, no-offense big. While I’d agree with them if all those guys stay, I have to believe Paxson, Skiles, & Co. are trading for an established low-post threat and believe Noah holds the most appeal around the league. As a rule, it’s easier to trade for a veteran big, if you’re giving-up a young big. If Joakim does stays, he replaces Big Ben Wallace when the Bulls need to throw-in his contract to help match-up some salaries. GO GET GASOL OR GARNETT JOHNNY PAX!!!

I’ll have a complete draft recap next week, but what an awesome job by Portland, Seattle, & Golden State last night. Take it light Homeboys, and also remember never to drink Everclear when you’ve got Poprocks in your mouth!

With the strange winds in Wrigley today, I can’t believe the line is so low. Also, I have a feeling both young pitchers are going to be a lil’ nervous with this huge series opening-up on their shoulders. Both teams have been on fire lately and I think we’re going to see a lot of runs this weekend…except for when Ben Sheets toes the rubber…Brew Crew/Cubs 9-11 runs

What could be more depressing then gettin’ swept by the White Sox? OK, I’ll give you being a Boston Celtics fan. The Tribe line-up is more loaded than Maurice Clarrett drivin’ with Grey Goose and will be facing a Devil Rays pitcher that is 1-8 with a 7.39 ERA (Edwin Jackson). As for Cleveland’s hurler, Jake Westbrook has been equally as bad this season, but has had a solid career and looked much better in his last start…Indians by 3-6 runs

Chris Young has been ridiculous this season (2.09 ERA), while Hong-Chih Kuo is a much better pitcher than he’s shown early this year. Also, you know I think the NL West is full of a bunch of line-ups (besides the Rockies) that would struggle against Ricky ‘Wild-Thing” Vaughn before he got glasses…Padres/Dodgers 4-7 total runs

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