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MLB Special: 50-25 ATS…Sooo pretty!

My record looks sweeter than the Rebecca Gayheart rubbin’ a lil’ Noxema on her cheeks now that I’ve reached the 50 win plateau. Speaking of 50, you think the White Sux bullpen will blow that many games this year? And how about Miss A-Rod, wearing a shirt that says the opposite of “Have a nice day!”…frickin’ brilliant! Like the kids at Yankee stadium didn’t hear worse shiznit when Chuck Knoblauch was attempting a throw to 1st base.

As for the Free Agent courting in the NBA, looks like Johnny Pax is going Blue Light Special on our azz down-low with Joe “was I really the 1st pick in the ’95 draft” Smith and Chris “Underachieving & Injured” Mihm coming in for workouts. In all honesty, if Pax, Skiles, & Co. has decided not to swing a blockbuster, I guess a healthy Mihm would be a major improvement…like I said, IF he’s healthy. While FA Darko Milicic is only 22-years-old and looks to be changin’ addresses after the Magic vastly overpaid for a spot-up shooter (Rashard Lewis), I still don’t think he has much more between the ears than Isiah and probably will command closer to 10 mill a year. Anyway, family still in-town until after the holiday, but at least I went 2-0 ATS and fleeced my niece for $8 playing Hungry-Hungry Hippo last night. Have a blast anoche fellaz…gotta luv a mid-week holiday!

(*If this loses, I'll add 1.5 to my loss record) After a disappointing series against the Cubbies, the Brew Crew took out their frustrations on the Pirates yesterday knocking in 10 runs in a route. As for tonight, Milwaukee left-hander Chris Capuano (5-5 4.38) returns from a sore groin and reports are he’s looking like he did at the end of last year. On the Pirate side, the called-up 27-year old rookie Shane Youman from AAA where he had a losing record and an ERA close to 5. The young Brewers also know the Cubs have Big Z on the mound and are facing the Nats tonight, so they can’t afford a let-down …Brewers by 3-6 runs

Not gonna waste too much time here…Big Z’s on the mound & the Cubbie bats are hot, while the Nationals are still the Nationals and are sending a dude (Tim Redding) to the mound who hasn’t pitched in the majors in almost two years. BTW, he had an era of 10.57 that year and has an ERA of 5.32 in AAA this year…Cubs by 4-6 runs

These two teams are 1st (Detroit) and 2nd (Indians) in runs scored, while both pitchers have an ERA ova 4.66 and have given up 75 hits in their last 45 innings combined. Also, Gary Sheffield returns from a two-game suspension, which means he’s guaranteed to knock-in at least 3 today…Indians/Tigers 12-16 total runs

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