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Home of Greggy G’s MLB Picks: 75-50.5 ATS

I have an itch worse than Tommy Lee’s undercarriage for the Pigskin season to start. As I perused that MLB probable starters for today (Gil “totally-average” Meche, Ted “Pitching out of my azz” Lilly, etc.), my mind wandered to a season where the ambidextrous QB Timmy Tebow will cover 36 against Western Kentucky, some new short-tailback at Northern Illinois will rush for 250 ypg, and a Miami (FL) brawl will showcase Hurricane players beating opposing fans with padlocks and a Gatorade table. As for the NFL, besides the fantasy fun, we’ll have daily newsbreaks on whose holding out, whose blown-out (knee, achilles, etc.), and which Bengal has few gats under his passenger seat. What else do you need!?

As for the professional hardwood, we have more NBA chatter with KG revisiting a move to Beantown. While I think a combo of KG, Paul Pierce, & Ray Allen will look good next year, Danny Ainge is a more trouble than a dude with a mullet on “Cops” if they don’t make the Conference Finals. By the 2008-09 season, those three will make a combined 60 million and average 32 years of age...I’m guessin’ Greenspan will agree that’s not a good combo! And even next year, what’s the ova/unda on how many games all three will be on the floor and not sporting a suit that costs more than Lohan’s coke-habit. I’d say 38!

Anyway, a great weekend of recovery for Greggy G as I actually slept more than 4 hours per evening, took my Flintstone Vitamins, and didn’t fall-down the stairs and sprain my ankle for the 21st time. While my gamblin’-effort was poor, just like Tim Donaghy has taught us, it’s much more important just not to get caught. Have a good week Homeboys!

I have to say, I’m pretty surprised the line is so close to even. I know Cole Hamels (11-5, 3.63) is supposed to be a superstar and Philly now has the best 2nd baseman in the game (Tad Iguchi), but Ted Lilly (11-4, 3.46) has won 7 straight starts and the Cubs will be returning to Wrigley to a mind-numbing crowd. Yes, I’m on the bandwagon boys!...Cubs by 2-4 runs

Posted by Greg Gamble on July 30, 2007 11:29 AM |


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