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Home of Greggy G’s MLB Special: 74-46.5 ATS

Besides goin' 3-0 ATS again, I don’t remember much else from yesterday. I know I was at Walgreen’s buying socks at some point to go bowling and vaguely remember losing $50 playing Golden Tee. I did wake-up on someone’s sofa with only $2.75 and a Smirnoff Ice bottle-cap in my pocket, which usually means I had a Totino’s pizza last night as well. As for the sports-world, I’m shocked that a cyclist stuck a needle in his azz and can't believe Curt Shilling has an opinion about the Bonds' topic. While the Lance Briggs 1-year signing is a hot-topic in Chi-town, there was no-way he was sitting-out and passing on ova 7-million this year. Dude made less than 1-mill last year and the Bears simply called his bluff. I’m a fan of the tackling machine, but he’s also a product of Lovie’s system and has the luxury of lining-up next to Urlacher. Hopefully he'll have a great year and get some major paper from somone else in '08. Anyway, I’m grabbin’ a bloody & a bagel and heading to the Museum…Not because I like dinosaur bones, but because that’s where I meet my guy! Holla

Let’s see…Verlander (11-3, 3.40) versus a rookie John Danks (6-7, 4.88)…Tigers by 3-5 runs

12-3 since the all-star break for the Bronx Bombers…like I told ya BEEATCHES!...Yanks by 4-6 runs

Posted by Greg Gamble on July 26, 2007 10:51 AM |


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