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Home of Greggy G’s MLB Special: 59-35.5 ATS

Getting’ burned by the -1.5 runs in the Yanks victory yesterday is like ordering a movie in your hotel room and realizing they only show action from the waist up. Still going to ride the Bronx Bombers like a business man in China-town, but man do I hate rooting for those bastards. As for my White Sox, not only do they suck, but they’re boring as hell! I’ve purposely only watched them twice in the last month and have actually substituted them with The Next frickin’ Food Network Star on my favorites. I’m mean seriously, do you really want to spend your evenings watching Juan Uribe falling-over as he swings at a ball in the dirt or watch Jermaine Dye age right before our very eyes…I think not.

And how about the Bulls finally grabbin’ a low-post star in Joe Smith…what!? In all honesty, if Johnny Pax doesn’t have the cohones to trade for a superstar, I’d rather see Tyrus Thomas on the floor than Joe “I kinda like basketball” Smith. And in a year when Rashard Lewis is paid almost 20 million a season, how the hell did the Grizz get away with only givin’ Darko 7 million (rumored). A know he’s a lil spacey at times, but an athletic 22 year-old 7-footer with a soft touch should dominate the market…maybe he’s using Scottie Pippen’s old agent. I luv ya Paxson, but for another 1.5 million I would have rather had Milicic. Take it light Homeboys…it’s only Monday!

Byung-Hyun Kim (4-4, 4.94) has had two good starts in-a-row, which means he’s due to get pounded like Robin Ventura visiting Nolan Ryan on the mound The Cardinals are coming off a 10 run 15 hit day yesterday and Albert Pujols is just starting to catch fire (4 HRs last 3 games). As for Cardinals starter Braden Looper (6-7, 4.72), he’s walked more than he’s struck-out ova his last 6 starts…Cardinals/Marlins 12-14 total runs

The Mets line-up is loaded, while the Padres still have Mike Cameron hitting clean-up! David Wells (4-5, 4.31) has been solid again this season, but is comin’-off an ejection in his last start and may be a lil ova-hyped today. As for New York, Jorge Sosa (7-3, 3.92) is coming of the 15-day DL (hamstring) and should be well rested…Mets by 3-5 runs

Travis Hafner should send a thank you card to the White Sox pitching staff for receiving his latest contract extension…I swear I’ve never seen the White Sox get him out! Overall, it seems like everyone on the Tribe hits twice as good against Ozzie’s staff. While Indians southpaw Cliff Lee has struggled this year, he has the luxury of facing a Sox team that’s dead-last in AL against lefties (.238). As for Sox rookie John Danks (5-6, 4.62), he’s due to get shelled…Indians by 3-5 runs

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