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Home of Greggy G’s MLB Special: 60-39.5 ATS

As much as I’d luv to open with the dog-lovin’ Ronny Mex, there was news yesterday on a scale bigger than…well, let’s say Dmitri Young on a scale. And the best part, there’s no need for a smoky water contraption or funky mushrooms to get the laughter rollin’ on this one cause the great Stephon Marbury has once again opened his mouth to reporters. As reported in the New York Post, the self-proclaimed Starbury has plans to play in Italy once his contract expiries in two years. The remarkable Obi-Wan Kenobi revelation surfaced following his trip to Italy, combined with the response David Beckham received on his arrival from overseas. Marbury sees himself as Beckham type of commodity and doesn’t believe it’s a coincidence that he'll be the same age as David (32) when his contract is up in 2009. What can I say…I’m not tryin’ to make fun of the dude, but he actually called this journey the “Starbury Movement”! And briefly back to Ronny Tijuana’s brother Michael Vick, just like the lost girl in Aruba and the Mike Danton Hired-Killer/Gay-lover hockey story, I can’t stop reading every detail about this shiznit. The depths of the Dog-Fighting World is spookier than the drug-invested lifestyles of professional wrestlers, and has forced me to move Michael Vick ahead of Mark Chmura on my NFL Scum-ball Top 10.

As for the diamond, while I’m sure you guys remember me pleading with you to bet the Yankees for the first 20 games after the All-Star Break (5-1 so far), I’d also like to caution you on betting against a team the rest of the 2nd half…The TB frickin' Devil Rays! With no pressure on the youngsters and a line-up littered with speed and power, the Rays are capable of scoring 8-10 runs on any given night. Not to mention, every team playin' in that terribly-boring ballpark wishes they were somewhere else. Trust a long-time baseball maven and just stay away from investing your kid’s college money on Tampa. I actually think you'd have better odds bettin' the White Sox bullpen to have an ERA unda 6.00 by season’s end…on second thought, probably not. Peace-out my young degenerates and make sure to enjoy the beautiful day, and more importantly, a Mark Grace type of night!

Here’s another chapter from Greggy G’s baseball ATS diary: Always bet against the AARP Giants on day game following a night game. Not to mention, we’ve have Big Z on the mound, while the muggy Chi-Town air should do a number on the old-ballz of the Giants…Cubs by 3-6 runs

The Mets dominated Jake Peavy and the Pods yesterday (7-0), and I expect more of the same with phenom John Maine (10-5, 2.91) facing a team that just recently stole the basement spot of the White Sox as the worst hitting team in baseball. While the legendary Greg Maddux (7-7, 4.31) is still one of my favorites to watch on the mound, he hasn’t pitched into the 6th in his last two starts and I fully expect his ERA to creep closer to 5 as the season progresses…Mets by 3-5 runs

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