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Home of Greggy G’s MLB Special: 63-41.5 ATS

With a White Russian (and a splash of Ouzo) to celebrate a 2-1 ATS evening, I began practicing my Worm-style dealing (‘Rounders’ reference…deal yourself pocket-pairs) for a card-game I have tonight. It’s like my grandma used to say when she’d rake-in my allowance money playing Go-Fish: “Whoever said cheaters never win, must have been a shitty-cheater!” I luv ya Grandma Gamble! Anyway, looking forward to a John Daley type of night…smokin’, drinkin’, chewin’, gamblin’, and gettin’ stabbed in the face by a chick, and ready to bore the poker table with NBA Summer League picks…It’s all about distractions baby! But before I roll onto my MLB picks and my beautiful pics, I have a few thoughts for ya:

Yes, I know I said that Brandon “90210” Walsh would help a racing-team more than Stevie “Pouty-Lipped” Franchise would help an NBA roster, but I have to say I like the move by the Rockets. Besides the fact that Houston is probably the only place outside of Maryland that still houses some of his fans, they also need a scoring-guard to slide into T-Mac’s spot when his back gives out like a 30-something halfway thru a gang-bang. In addition, new coach Rick Adelman seems to do pretty well with point-guards that don’t play defense (Mike Bibby/Sacramento), and also gives him another option behind the current, unimpressive group of Rocket floor-generals (Rafer Alston, Mike James, Aaron Brooks). I’m not saying I’d take him…I’m just saying I understand!

I’m so sick of hearing how the Falcons pulled a Matt Millen because they traded Matt Schaub (for multiple draft-picks) knowing Vick may have some legal trouble coming-up. Especially if Ronny Mex is cut by the Falcons and they have to take a huge cap-hit, draft-picks are the most economically feasible way to help your organization. In addition, while Joey Harrington has never been spectacular, he heads into his sixth season with tons of NFL starts and should look better with this cast compared to the garbage he had in Detroit and the miserable situation in Miami last year. Schaub may be the real-deal, but honestly, nobody knows. We’ll check back on this situation a couple weeks into the season because I have a feeling our doggy-lover won’t take a snap this year…

I guarantee PETA will be picketing the NFL offices and Falcon facilities until somebody finally breaks-down. If Vick was smart (sorry, that doesn’t make sense), he’d make life much easier for Arthur Blank and himself if he just asked for permission to concentrate on his legal situation. I’m amazed how many expects think because of the legal issues with the Falcons and the league that Ron-Ron will be lacing-up the cleats. Those things may be true, but I think their underestimating what some angry vegans and Westminster Dog Show participants can accomplish when given a national forum like this.

It’s not YI JIANLIAN’S fault
The hatred I’m hearing about this poor Chinese kid is ridiculous. Whether you think he’ll be a bust or not, doesn’t matter (Greggy G says give him 3 years). Do not compare this to Steve Francis acting like 6-year-old about moving to Canada or Danny Ferry feeling he’s too good for the Clippers, because those lil-BEEATCHES made their own bed. In Yi’s case, he has absolutely no-power in this situation, and if anything, is forced to act as though he supports whatever his government says. Nuttin’ sums-up the situation more than watching how Chinese officials have thrown the great Yao Ming under the bus and chastised him for taking a break from his National Team responsibilities. My second favorite Asian (Kobe Tai is #1) has been ova here for years, given millions back, and has always been supportive of the National Team…and this is how they treat him. If anything, Yao’s success ova-seas has made the Chinese government feel they need to take more control ova the players entering the NBA. The whole situation can be summed-up by how the Ming’onator initiated a respond to a media question this week: “I know Chinese law protects people's right of speech, but…” Enough said!

Finally, did you hear the NBA has found-out that one of its officials has been gambling on games he’s be working? I hope my uncle…I mean the ref deleted his in-coming call history. If not, anybody have a place in Mexico I can stay!

Rockies hurler Aaron Cook has an ERA almost twice as low on the road then when at Coors Field (6.00 at home, 3.31 on the road). As for the Nationals, Billy Traber has been horrible in his career as a starter, and will be making his 1st appearance not out of the bullpen this season. In addition, one of these days Dmitri Young is going to get really-tired…Rockies by 2-5 runs

Oliver Perez (8-6, 3.13) equals young and good, while Brett Tomko (2-7, 5.88) equals old and bad! I can’t image home-field can make-up that much of a difference…Mets by 2-5 runs

Josh Beckett (12-3, 3.35) equals good and in his prime, while Jose Contreras (5-11, 5.32) equals older than you think and bad!...Red Sox by 4-8 runs

I don’t believe 1st half success for Gil Meche (6-6, 3.68) will continue…it’ impossible, just look at the last 10 years of Royal starters who had an ERA unda 4 heading into All-Star Break. As for the Tigers, their line-up is due for a 10 run game…Tigers by 6-9 runs

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