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Home of Greggy G’s MLB Special: 67-44.5 ATS

Nuttin’ like an NBA conspiracy-theory to start-off a wild weekend. While I was searchin' the internet like a drunken Dungeon & Dragons playa home-alone with a bottle of Jergen’s to find-out all the details, by Sunday I was ready to vomit from all the sky is falling NBA articles. Listen, with fans thinking the refs and the league already have a hidden agenda I know this comes at a bad time, but please, stop acting like this is similar to the Black Sox scandal. In all honesty, I can’t believe it hasn’t happened before. I’m not saying Tim Donaghy isn’t a slime-ball, but from what I hear, he’s just a degenerate gambler who got into some trouble and was bullied into a horrible decision. I guarantee after realizing the mob doesn’t let you make them some money and then walk-away, Mr. Donaghy was hoping to get caught because there was no-way this thing was going to end nicely. As for the fall-out, Mariotti (Sun-Times) and Simmons (ESPN…hilarious) will continue to write that NBA world has changed and we’ll definitely hear fans joke about this with every bad call: “Looks like Henry Hill had a cocktail with ____ last night”, but as you know, I’m a glass half-full kinda guy. The jokes will continue, but I guarantee the refereeing will get better and their Napoleon-Complex may actually subside for awhile. The big-boy Sports Writers can make this as big a deal as they want, but for Greggy G, I’ll enjoy hearing what he did, but will still analyze the 12th-man on every bench and enjoy the professional hardwood as much as I did yesterday.

On to the diamond Homeboys...with three more winners and hotties for ya. BTW, didn't I tell you to bet the Yanks ever game after the all-star break?

If you guys haven’t seen the young southpaw Justin Miller (5-3, 3.18) pitch, you’re missing a chance to brag to your friends about a future superstar. Even though his control is still being tamed, his delivery and 6-6 frame make him unhittable to lefties, while righties spend most of the at-bat waiting for something to hit the center of the plate. While Buehrle (7-5, 2.91) is tossing for the Sox and has been the lone bright-spot, he’s been living dangerously lately (10 hits and only 1 run allowed in last start) and the right-handed-happy Tigers are due to explode. BTW, can’t make fun of the AAA Royals anymore as my White Sux have joined them in the Central basement…Tigers by 2-4 runs

The Royals looked great this weekend against the Tigers…which means their due to have a huge losing streak. As for the Bronx Bombers, 45-runs the last 3 games and they’ll be facing Odalis “Not very good anymore” Perez (5-8, 5.84). BTW, just cause I hate Roger Clemens (2-4, 3.88), doesn’t mean I won’t bet on him…Yankees by 4-6 runs

Youngster Matt Cain (3-11, 3.87) has looked awful his last few starts after opening the season on fire, and should be unda a lil’ more pressure tonight with the game on ESPN tonight. As for the Braves, they’ve struggled lately but should be a lil more rested than the AARP Giants after the long-flight into SF and have the luxury of counting on their veteran-ace John Smoltz (9-5, 2.88)…Braves by 1-3 runs

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