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MLB Special: 53-27 ATS…Greggy G 4-Life!

Closing out the 4th with a nice 2-0 evening made the Watermelon & Everclear taste even sweeter last night. As for the rumor that I’ve started to endorse Darko Milicic in Chicago, even after the Root Beer Barrels wore-off from Wednesday’s party, I still found myself somewhat intrigued about acquiring the 22 year-old 7-footer. If the Gasol/Nocioni rumor is untrue, I’d much rather pay lil’ extra for Darko if the other options are Chris “Aww...my foot!” Mihm or Joe “I’m super bored” Smith. Speaking of Andres, while Pax says he’ll match any offer, and I'm sure he hopes to, I think that’s more a ploy to keep other teams from even making an offer. Unfortunately, I have a feeling someone (Grizz) will be offering him more the 8 million a year, and I can’t see how the Bulls can justify paying Hinrich, Wallace, & Noce ova 30 million a year and expect to outscore the opponents. As for the latest on Garnett, if the Bulls can’t stomach his 20-25 million price-tag, the Warriors seem to have more young assets than Hugh Hefner to bring KG to Caly. The Wolves luv the potential of Tar Heel Brandon Wright, so I bet Mullin could throw-in last year's lottery pick Patrick O’Bryant, the 21-year old phenom Monta Ellis (2007 NBA most improved), Al Harrington, & another salary to make it work. While I’m sure McHale wants Andris Biedrins, the longer this thing drags-out the cheaper KG will become. You think Nellie's pushin’ hard to pair KG & Baron...ahhh, yeah.

And finally, in regards to Chicago baseball, will they please just trade Jacque Jones and sign/trade Mark Buehrle…I can’t stand hearing about this shiznit everday! Just like a new Britiney Spears koochie shot, I get sick simply at the thought. Anywho, time for some investments my friends…let’s finish this short-week off Vegas style baby!

San Fran hurler Matt Morris has been getting’ hit hard lately (last 16.2 innings: 15 runs 32 hits), and seems to have lost a few MPHs on an already declining fastball. As for Bronson Arroyo (2-9, 4.89), he had a solid start in his last outing, which means he’s due to get shelled tonight. Both the ARRP Giants and Long-ball Reds have found a nice rhythm at the plate lately, while both squads used 5 pitchers in yesterday’s 14 run 25 hit slugfest…AARP Giants/Reds 12-16 total runs

I’m a huge fan Mets youngster John Maine (9-4, 2.74), while the Astros are finding-out Jason Jennings (1-3, 3.69) is much better pitcher when he’s not in a Rockies uniform. Also, the old-azz Houston squad is playing their 10th straight day, while NY was just swept by the Rockies and should be pressing a lil’ tonight…Mets/Astros 4-6 total runs

Brad Penny (10-1, 2.00) hasn’t given-up more than 1 run in his last 5 starts, while Tim Hudson hasn’t given-up more than 1 run in 3 of his last 4 starts. While that’s enough for me, it doesn’t hurt that Andrew Jones hit a homer yesterday…that guarantees him a 4 strikeout performance tonight…Braves/Dodgers 2-5 total runs

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