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Home of Greggy G’s Pigskin Picks: 2-0 ATS

* Greggy G’s MLB Picks: 106–76 ATS

After getting’ my azz handed to me on the diamond worse than Ozzie Guillen, I couldn’t wait to wake-up from my cold-sweats for the 1st day of real football. And speaking of the great sport, I almost dropped my bloody this morning when I read about the arrest of former Trojan/Raider QB Todd Marinovich...let's just say he was skateboarding with a guitar-case that had a spoon, needle, and substance that wasn’t Milk Thistle inside. If that doesn’t say “Good Morning Greg Gamble”, I don’t know what does. To top things off sweeter than a cherry on Chinese masseuse, I have kick-azz seats for the Bears/Browns 3rd stringer special tonight. So with that, I’m heading right to ATS docket and giving you my Thursday Night Pigskin Picks:

In every publication I’ve read, the Bulls are listed in the bottom 5 of the worst teams in all of D-1 football. The abysmal Buffalo program has won 7 games ova the last 5 years, and in their 10 losses last year, the margin of defeat was 24.4 points per game…and the majority of those came against MAC opponents. Moving to the Cinderella of college football last season Rutgers, Head Coach Greg Schiano has spent 6 years added depth, size, speed, and one of the deadliest rushing attacks in football. While FB Brian Leonard was the catalyst of the attack and is now playing on Sundays (St. Louis Rams), Jr. RB Ray Rice returns with Heisman aspirations (1794 yards, 20 TDs in 2006) and 4 staring O-linemen…and they now have room to add sophomore phenom Kordell Young to the mix. Not a good sign for a Buffalo squad that only has 1 starting LBer returning and doesn’t have the size or bodies to even control the Scarlet Nights 2nd team. Even thought Jr. QB Mike Teel was merely average as a signal-caller last year, he’s commanded the offense for a year and a ½ and supposedly has done nothing put work in with his WRs the entire off-season. With the ground game dominating tonight, I expect Teel to look like Joe Montana having all-day to throw and WRs twice the size of the Bulls’ secondary. As for the Buffalo offense, they sucked against the MAC and should be in for a shock when facing the size of Rutgers. While I wouldn’t touch this spread if it was week 3, all the favorites should dominate week 1 because the smaller schools haven’t seen these types of athletes up-close in more than 7 months. And forget about Rutgers overlooking this game, it’s the 1st game of the year and Schiano knows he needs blow-outs against the bottom-feeders now that he’s in the BCS mix.

Final Score: Rutgers 48 Buffalo 6

Want some more…?

Sorry, I lied…I tried my hardest to find another game and all I did was circle all the favorites…and that’s like picking the hottest chick in the group and acting surprised when she’s the biggest BEEATCH! Kent St. @ ISU should be a shoot-out, but I’m not confident enough to know that much with a new coaching staff in Ames. LSU should roll at Mississsippi St. and I actually think their new QB may have just as impressive numbers as JaMarcus Russell’s last year (Man…I wish my mom named me JaGreggy G). They rolled MST by 31 last year at home and I expect more of the same in the opener tonight…and I’m guessing I’ll probably throw my weekend drinking money on them. Besides that, I’m waiting until Saturday’s full-docket for my College Football picks…check back Friday afternoon.

This one screams invest on the team playing more of its starters and back-ups. Da Bears will probably play their 1st team a drive or two, while the 2nd team will probably only play a couple quarters and I expect Griese to worry more about his blindside & knees than commanding the offense. As for the Browns, they have QBs battling for their lives, and especially if Brady Quinn sees plenty of action, I can’t see Cleveland letting him play in-front of a bunch stiffs. While QB Kyle Orton has been extremely impressive in training camp and will get plenty of action, you have to think the Browns will have young-studs on both side of the ball in the 2nd half…I mean they’ve been drafted near the top for almost a decade…Browns by 3-9 points

You think the Seahawks are going to play any of their aging, oft-injured starters tonight…I think not. As for the Raiders and their young new staff, I expect this to be treated almost like a regular season game for Head Coach Lane Kiffin as he still dissects the roster. Especially with the hottest QB battle in the NFL between Culpepper & McCown, I see Raiders 1st and 2nd team looking sharp against Holmgren’s leftovers. Similar to watching the Raiders beat the Rams by 10 last weekend, and think the Raiders getting points is a gift from the Gambling Gods…Raiders by 4-10 points

The Bronx Bombers smell blood in the water (or on Shilling’s sock), while the Red Sox look tighter than halter-top on a DePaul student. Throw-in the fact that Shilling has looked his age when facing NY this year (3 starts: 0-1, 7.00 ERA with 29 hits in 18 innings) and this should be a clean-sweep for Torre’s boys. To thrust in the final dagger, Chien-Ming Wang looked awesome in Detroit in his last start (8 innings, 5 hits, 1 ER) and has won his last 2 against the Red Sox…Yanks by 4-6 runs

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