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Home of Greggy G’s MLB Picks: 106–72.5 ATS

*Greggy G’s 2007 Pigskin Picks: 2-0 ATS

College Football is just around the corner and I’m more excited than Tommy Lee with a fresh batch o’ Penicillin. We’re talking about 7 games on Thursday, including my alma mater Iowa “JUCO-Central” State, and a full-docket of action on Saturday. Just opening my USA Today to the daily lines I lost it faster than my 1st time on a twin bed just below my Spud Webb poster. While the diamond and hardwood have been fun (and more profitable than buying ankle-bracelet stock in Hollywood), I was born and raised investing my lunch money on the pigskin so make sure to check-in tomorrow and Friday for my College Football extravaganza! As for today, I promised a couple fellaz I’d have some Tight End analysis that would make a republican senator proud...

But before we get to that, I need to quickly address the Lance Briggs saga. In his statement yesterday, he said after the accident he ran from the scene, called a tow-truck, called 911 to report his car stolen, and then called back to admit crashing the vehicle because he realized he needed to own-up to his mistake. Which mistake Lance…crashing the car or realizing your story sucked? WHO CALLS A GOD-DAMN TOW-TRUCK AND THEN CALLS TO REPORT THEIR CAR STOLEN…Too funny, too FRICKIN’ funny! (BTW, did you read Monday's article...I told ya Jacque Jones would be the man!)

If you don’t have one of the Top-7…you ain’t going to Sizzler!

05-06: 71 rec 924 yards 9 TDs
The former Kent State power forward saw his numbers drop from the previous 2 seasons, but that was more because he was just beginning to establish a rapport with 1st year starter Philip Rivers. Do you think Kobe Tai could spin-around without gettin-off during her rookie campaign…I think not. Especially in the red-zone with teams forced to shadow LT, this could be a record-breaking year for the freakish TE and I wouldn’t hesitate taking him in Round 4.

05-06: 73 rec 765 yards 6 TDs
Call me Alonzo Spellman (aka Crazy) for not taking Tony Gonzalez, but Heap had more catches than Gates and more Tuddies than Gonzo last season. Especially since this occurred under Air McNair’s first year, no reason to think he won’t improve on each of those totals. Also, reports are that the former Sun Devil has never been healthier, while the aging vet in KC has been hobbled by a knee injury.

05-06: 89 rec 879 yards 3 TDs
Just because he’s a bigger douche-bag than Cade McNown (well, maybe not that bad) doesn’t mean who shouldn’t risk taking the prodigal son of the former Charger…the dude caught 89 balls from a bunch of future Canadian QBs on a bad leg last season. Besides the fact that reports have him fully recovered from off-season knee surgery, I think they biggest motivator is that he’s coming close to the end of his rookie contract. Throw-in Brady Quinn by week 4 and this could be a huge year for Captain Excite Bike.

05-06: 73 rec 950 yards 9 TDs
To tell you the truth, I was close to grabbin’ Jeremy Shockey here, but I can’t bring myself to rank two douche-bags higher than the classy, consistent former California basketball star. The years have definitely taken there toll on the future Hall-of-Famer and this preseason he’s also been hampered by a knee injury. Add-in a QB battle that would make Tommy Maddox & Shawn Moore’s clash in Denver circa 1992 look like a Pro Bowl battle and WRs that draw more attention from groupies than safeties, and it could be a tough time finding the endzone for Tony G. To tell you truth, I’m ranking here for you guys because since he hobbled off the practice field I’ve moved him to my “Wouldn’t-Touch with Flavor-Flav’s Thunderstick” list.

05-06: 66 rec 623 yards 7 TDs
The former Hurricane continues to show flashes of Jessica Alba (brilliance), but has yet to play a full-season in the NFL and has never caught more passes than he did in his rookie year (74 rec). While he’s Eli’s favorite target in the red-zone and the absence of Tiki will increase his overall yardage, I think the Giants will suck more than a boy-band on a tour bus. Even with that, I can’t see letting him slide too far since Plax is unreliable and Amani is just too damn old.

05-06: 64 rec 754 yards 1 TD
I honestly think it’s a toss-up between Shockey and the former Volunteer. In 2004, Witten had almost 90 catches, 1000 yards, and scored 6 tuddies for Drew Bledsoe in his 2nd season. After a full training camp with Tony Romo taking all the 1st-team snaps, I expect his numbers to inch closer to his breakout season. The only thing to be afraid of is TO screaming at Romo if he’s not throw the ball in the red-zone. Of the guys on my list, I think he has the greatest potential to make me look foolish for not taking him in the top-5.

05-06: 62 rec 640 yards 2 TD
The former Dolphin had decent numbers for a lousy offense, and the move from grass to turf, and more importantly, Harrington to Bugler could mean a huge fantasy jump. With Bruce & Holt spreading the field and opponents stacking the line to stop to Stephen Jackson, I expect the Georgia Bulldog to find all kinds of room in the middle…and It’s not like the Rams defense is going to prevent them from having to score 30 points a game as well.

Good hands, but he’s too slow and his QB is too bad

Probably the greatest athlete at TE, but not sure if he’s even a good football player

If Peyton throws for 40 TDs like I think, he has to catch at least 6 of them

The Mets are too good to be riding a 3-game losing streak, and have the luxury of facing 44-year-old Jamie Moyer who is 0-2 with a 13.49 ERA in his last two starts. On the other end of the spectrum, Mets hurler Oliver Perez is 2-0 with a 2.13 ERA over that same span. Need some more? The Mets are the best hitting team in the NL against lefties and guess what…Jamie’s a southpaw…Mets by 2-4 runs

*If the Blue Jays lose, I’ll add 1.5 to my loss total
The Blue Birds hit .247 versus righties and .296 against lefties…and guess who’s pitching for Oakland, everybody now: “A LEFTY!” Throw in a guy named Roy Halladay heading to the mound and I’ll gladly risk a little extra coin (and possibly a car-payment) on Toronto tonight...Blue Jays by 2-4 runs

The drama of game 1 of this series is ova, so I think we see some fireworks tonight. While Josh Beckett has been awesome this season for the BoSox, he has a 5.54 ERA in two starts against the Bronx Bombers…not to mention, the team has an ERA of 5.50 overall against Joe Torre’s club. As for the Rocket, he’s been merely average (5-5, 4.36) and has struggled with his pitch totally in games lately. Not a good sign when his teammates have an ERA close to 6 when facing Boston this season…Yanks/Sox 11-14 total runs

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