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Home of Greggy G’s MLB Picks: 79-51.5 ATS For Entertainment Purposes Only!

While there’s usually nuttin’ unusual about the Wrigleyville faithful peeing in the alleys after a victory, last night was a lil’ different as they completed the task as Central Division leaders. Led by manager Lou “Socrates” Pinella, baseball magic is sweeping the Northside and should lead to an awesome Autumn of crowded bars and tons of chicks wearing hot-pants & Mark Grace jerseys. While I’m somewhat facetious and talk on my cell-phone and throw garbage in my living room when I watch a Cubs game, I have to admit I’m on the bandwagon and even make my girl call me Carlos Marmol when we sneak-off at a rest-stop. Besides an occasional glance at the boxscore to see if my White Sox had more than 3 hits or if any of their relievers have an ERA unda 6, the Southsiders are merely a tool for my investment the rest of they way….What can I say, GO CUBS GO!

Quickly to the NBA, as I know you care about this as much as Snoop cares about lung-cancer, it looks like Celts GM Danny Ainge reads www.insideplays.com . While not one so-called expert told ya Eddie House was a perfect fit in green, besides yours truly, I’m just waiting for Brevin Knight to sign with the T-Wolves before sending my application to GM Johnny Pax. NBA Action…it’s FRAT-TASTIC!

And finally, ESPN’s very own Mr. MMMMKAY (John Clayton) reported on Bears’ camp yesterday. While I hope he’s right, he made Lovie’s offense sound like a cross-between Loyola Marymount’s bball squad circa 1990 and Willie Mayes Hayes. Of course I’m excited to see the joystick moves of Devin Hester, hope NIU’s Garrett Wolfe will remind me of Dave Meggett, and believe Bernard Berrian is faster than a Stephen Jackson speeding-bullet, but does the South Park look-a-like realize they can’t hit Sexy Rexy yet. Every Summer Grossman looks great in shorts and a red-jersey, but unfortunately, during real-games the big-fast black dudes are allowed to sit on his face. I’m not trying to squash Da Bear Buzz, and I know their defense is awesome and the O-Line is stocked with veterans, but slow your roll Mr. Clayton before you have 25,000 of Chicago faithful buying Super Bowl tickets on Stub Hub. C-YA lil’ Beeatches…I’m off to consult and educate.

The Yanks have outscored the White Sux 24-6 so far this week…you think anything changes this afternoon? While I’d luv to the see the Rocket (3-5, 3.92) get shelled or hit in the nut-sack with bat-splinter, I have a feeling he’ll do alright against the worst hitting team in the majors. The Southsiders will be sending John Garland (8-7, 4.12) to the mound who’s actually pitched pretty well considering how many hits he’s given-up lately, but when you give-up hits to the Bronx Bombers…most of them land in the seats. BTW, I guarantee A-Rod knocks-out #500 today…Yanks by 4-8 runs

Only one again today, cause I'd rather triple-up than risk going 2-1!

Posted by Greg Gamble on August 2, 2007 10:07 AM |


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