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Home of Greggy G’s MLB Picks: 84-55.5 ATS For Entertainment Purposes Only!

Yes, Barry Bonds is the best player I’ve seen during the steroid-era and deserves props for not hiding behind the DH and playing the field at his age. A ridiculous amount of players took more than Flintstone Vitamins during the 90s, the balls were juiced, and the mound was shaved down, so no, the numbers during this era don’t mean as much to me. Of course there’s an asterisk next Barry’s record in my mind, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put your head-in-the-sand and celebrate his scientifically-aided accomplishments. Do you really think he breaks Hank Aaron’s record without Flaxseed Oil? If you do, you should hire Britany Spears as a tutor!

Also, did you see the fake lil' scuffle between A-Rod and the Blue Jays last night? First off, kudos to Josh Towers for hitting Rodriguez last night for an overdue retaliation for the bush-league play he made against Toronto earlier in the year. A-Rod should have taken the punishment like a man instead of acting like a tough-guy and glaring at the mound from 1st base like he’s a prize-fighter or something. The pretty-boy didn’t want to fight and knew there was no-way it would ever get to that, so he decided to act like a prima–donna and yell over someone’s shoulder. And finally, while I hate Roger Clemens more than Tofu, nobody hits somebody square in the back like the Rocket. Even at 52, he’s intimidating and as competitive as they come.

Alrighty-then, enough diamond chatter, time to rollback to the Gridiron for Greggy G’s 2007 Fantasy WRs Movin-up and Movin’-down:


Projected WR rank: 11th
Greggy G WR rank: 6th

Originally known as simply a speedster who could flat-out blow by anybody, Evans has worked unbelievable hard at becoming a great all-around WR. He blew-up last year in only his 3rd year (82 catches, 1292 yards, & 8 TDs) and has established a remarkable rapport with the improving J.P. Losman. Remarkably, in Evans first two years (48 catches each season), he also averaged 8 TDs per season, so you have to think last year’s TD totals were a little low considering his production. While defenses will continue to double-up on the former Badger until the Bills find another receiving mate, I have a feeling he’s just scratching the surface of his potential…Mark him down for at least 1300 yards and 10 TDs!

Projected WR rank: 28th
Greggy G WR rank: 18th

The Seahawks are paying the undersized WR superstar money, which led to their leading WR Darrell Jackson finding his paper in San Fran this off-season. Jackson pulled-in ova 60 catches, nearly 1000 yards, and a whopping 10 TDs last season, which bodes well for Mr. Branch considering they didn’t really up-grade at that position. After holding out in New England last year, Branch was traded to Seattle after training camp and never really seemed to find a rhythm with the offense. Reports have him desperately wanted to prove he was worth the investment so expect him to come flying out of the gates this season. With QB Hasselbeck’s remarkable accuracy and Branch’s quickness & route-running skills, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him catch 75-85 balls. While his TD totals will never be sky-high, he’s a lock for at least 60-80 yards every single game.


Projected WR rank: 8th
Greggy G WR rank: 14th

This is the year 32-year-old ova-achiever comes back to earth. After 3 straight seasons of at least 84 catches and 1200 yards, Driver no-longer has a QB that can thread the needle like he once could. I’m not hatin’ on the legendary signal-caller, but I just think without a running game and a young line the pain-killer kid may wish he retired last year. With Greg Jennings emerging as a top-flight possession WR, Driver’s catches should drop into the 60s and I can’t see him outracing many of the young secondarys anymore. While he’s a gamer and always had a great rapport with Favre, I just don’t see how you win your league with him as your #1 WR.

Projected WR rank: 21nd
Greggy G WR rank: 32nd

After 7 years in the league, the undersized Moss is starting to show some major wear-n-tear. Never minds that the Skins’ offense has been non-existent the last few years or that they have a green QB in Jason Campbell, I just don’t see Moss (55 catches, 790 yards, 6 TDs) spending more than 10 games on the field this season. While he’ll always have a few big plays per season, I’m of the mindset where I’d rather have 6-10 points every week, instead of Moss’s weekly numbers…4pts, 3pts, 15 pts, 2pts, etc. Tough to see a guy drop this far who had a huge season only two years ago (84 catches, 1483 yards, & 9 TDs), but I just call them as I see ‘em fellaz!

The Cubs have struck 26 times and left 33 men-on-base the last two nights…think that’ll improve with their nemesis Roy Oswalt on the bump? Throw-in the sweaty and crazy Big Z on the Chicago side and I’d be shocked if we saw more than 5 runs tonight. Both these guys will be geared-up for this pitching-duel and at least one of them will probably completely shut-out the opponent…Cubs/Astros 2-4 total runs

After last night’s long-azz festivities, you think the AARP Giants will be interested in this battle of divisional bottom-feeders tonight? As for the Nats, they’ll be facing Jason Cain (3-12, 3.93) whose twice as good as his numbers have shown and has been making opponents look silly lately (18 Ks and only 11 hits his last two starts). Not that it matters, but the Nats will also be throwing their new-found ace Tim Redding (1-2, 2.43) to the mound. With the glamour gone after last night, I bet it takes a few innings for the players to get into this one…Nats/Giants 3-5 total runs

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