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Home of Greggy G’s MLB Picks: 91-61.5 ATS For Entertainment Purposes Only!

While winning 4 out of 6 was nice, I have to say the highlight of the weekend was watching the Roast of Flavor Flav last night. What can I say, Carrot-Top, Ron Jeremy, Snoop Dogg, & the funniest man on the planet Greg Giraldo all at the same party…where the hell is Stub Hub when you need ‘em! And how about the latest rumor that the great Derek Jeter may have given half of Hollywood the gift that keeps on giving. Come-on Derek, you can still have fun wearing a hat…just put it on crooked and call it the C.C. Sabathia! With that, I’m going to leave you with my picks and pics so I can finish-up my Fantasy Football article for tomorrow…and I promise it’ll be the shiznit! Have a good Monday fellaz

Roy Oswalt has been ridiculous lately with a 0.47 ERA in his last three starts, and will be facing a Dodgers line-up that looks almost as old as the Giants and has only scored 5 runs in the last 3 games. As for the Dodgers hurler, Chad Billingsley (7-3, 3.34) has been a pleasant surprise since becoming a regular in the rotation midway thru the 1st half. Not to mention, he’s only given-up two runs in his last two starts…Astros/Dodgers 3-5 total runs

Odalis Perez (6-11, 5.87) pitching for KC with an almost even line is as close to a given as it gets for Greggy G. What’s even better is knowing his actually pitched worse over his last 3 starts (6.43), while the Blue Jays youngster Jesse Litsch has a 1.93 ERA over the same time…Blue Jays by 3-5 runs

You think the AARP Giants were excited to fly to Pittsburgh for a double-header against the bottom-dwelling Pirates? I think not. Throw-in the wicked stuff of Matt Cain (2.21 ERA over his last 3 starts) from San Fran and this one should be over in under 2 ½ hours. As for Pirates' hurler Pat Maholm (7-14, 4.59), he’s been better than his numbers have shown and also doesn’t have to deal with the pressure of have an STD like some others in baseball…Giants/Pirates 3-6 runs

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