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Home of Greggy G’s MLB Picks: 93-62.5 ATS For Entertainment Purposes Only!

What do you know, another 2 out of 3 on the ATS diamond and I’m now 30 games ova .500…what can I say, I was put on earth to improve liquor sales and the number of dollar bills in my Homeboy's pockets. And speaking of making money, who wants some Fantasy help? After winning 2 out of 3 leagues last year (Yes, Moose Knuckle members you’ve had my number lately, but you better watch your back like Lance Bass this season), it’s time to pass on some knowledge to help you win the fantasy dinero…that you’ll eventually lose betting on the coin-toss or those stupid-squares during the Super Bowl. It’s time for my Fantasy RB Breakdown; feel free to thank me once you’ve captured your first crown!

1. The quietest performance last season for a top RB was displayed by Travis Henry in Tennessee (1,211 rush. yards, 7 TDs). After carrying the ball only 30 times in the first 4 games, the former Bill was remarkable ova the rest of the season and finished with a 4.5 rushing clip and only dropping the ball on the grass 3 times (only one of those was recovered by the opponent). Throw him into the dominating running attack in Denver and I predict he’ll eclipse his best season in Buffalo (’02: 1747 total yards, 14 TDs). While most publications have him ranked between 12-15 for RBs, Greggy G’s yellow notepad has him easily in the top-10.

2. I don’t know why, but Cedric Benson scares me more then being unable to find the 3rd disk of the “Hoes, Toes, & Tiny Holes” 5-disk set the day before my girl’s back from vacation. While every indication is that the Bears’ veteran line will make him like look the luxury-model of Thomas Jones, I’m skeptical of his ability to stay healthy and not piss-off the entire team. I know the Bears really have nobody behind him to steal carries, but something about Benson makes me more skeptical than the ladies who see that New York Yankee late night at the club!

3. Trust me, do not buy the Brandon Jacobs hype in New York with Tiki retired. Jacobs was a TD machine last year (1 almost every 10 carries), but that was because Tiki got his azz to goaline everytime. I fully expect Reuben Droughns to split-time with the 260 lb. battling-ram from Southern Illinois, and can’t see how he’s even worth a glance until 25 other RBs are off the board. As for the theory you should draft both Droughns and Jacobs, feel free to do that in my league and watch as I beeatch-slap you like Nolan Ryan beat-down Robin Ventura. Overall, I wouldn’t touch anybody on the Gaints…they’re going to suck worse than those teeth-draggers!

4. While most experts will tell you Willis McGahee’s move to Billick’s smash-mouth style in Baltimore will help, Greggy G knows the Ravens O-Line is not what it used to be. In addition, after recovering from one of the worst knee injuries I’ve ever seen, the former Hurricane has logged almost 900 carries in his first three seasons. While I hope he proves me wrong, I can’t see how he makes it throw the season unscathed. The fantasy guru’s have him between 10 and 13 for RBs, but if you’re smart like me…don’t even take a look until 16 or 17.

5. After almost 1700 rush/rec yards and 16 Tds last year, Fast Willie Parker seems determined to prove he’s a premier workhorse in the league and has shown a dedication and leadership in camp that should get potential owners excited. While many experts feel the new staff will try to lessen the load with Kevan Barlow and Najah “poop in the closet” Davenport and are concerned with some knee-swelling in camp, I believe Coach Tomlin is simply resting the unheralded superstar for another 300-plus carry season. The O-Line should be dominate again this season and you have to think they’ll want to keep the punching-bag known as Big Ben a little more conservative this season.

6. You guys want a super-sleeper, and no, it’s not Chris “I’m late again” Duhon! I’m talking about Tony Hunt in Philadelphia. With Brian Westbrook & Correll Buckhalter’s knees continuing to give them trouble and 3rd down specialist Ryan Moats already out for the year, I have a feeling we’ll see the Penn State rookie plenty this season. He’s impressed the coaches in camp with his ability to hit the hole, has the size to compliment the powerful O-Line, and will see plenty of practice time throughout the season with the other RBs on the shelf. Especially after seein Donovan go down the last few years, you think Andy Reid might put a little more attention on the ground attack.

Hope this help fellaz and I’ll be back tomorrow with my WR notes. Enjoy my baseball picks and make sure to tell your fantasy league members to check out insideplays.com…but after your draft of course!

The Giants have been away from their Assisted Living/Senior Center the last couple days, not to mention, have played 15 games in 14 days and are coming off a double-header yesterday in Pittsburg. Throw in the fact that 31-year reliever Scott Atchison is making the first start of his career against the new-and-improved Brave line-up and John Smoltz, and it looks like we goin’ Sizzler, we goin’ Sizzler!...Braves by 4-6 runs

Before you skip ova this analysis, just give me a chance to explain. D-Rays phenom Scott Kazmir has been hotter than Jessica Alba (before the scary rumor about Mr. Yankke) with a 0.47 ERA, 24 Ks, & 4 BBs ova his last three starts. While Tampa’s been struggling at the plate lately, they’ll be facing lefty Jon Lester (1-0, 6.43) who’s remarkable cancer comeback hasn’t guaranteed much success on the mound yet. The D-Rays also hit 20 points higher against lefties and should be siked after struggling to find Tim Wakefield’s ridiculous knuckle-ball yesterday…D-Rays by 1-3 runs

While you probably didn’t even know it, Byun-Hyun Kim (6-5, 4.93) was claimed off waivers from Florida last week and has returned to Arizona in an attempt to lead the D-Backs into the postseason. Come on…that’s like hiring Paris Hilton to tutor your child in Geometry. In his first start for the D-Backs, Kim lasted 2.1 innings after giving-up 7 hits and 5 runs. Tonight, he faces a team that’s watched his weird-azz style first-hand for most of the season, and I expect his nerves and Miguel “I ate your dog” Cabrera to get the best of him tonight. While the D-Train hasn’t been his dominate self so far this season (7-12, 4.98), he should be fired-up with his old teammate in-town and has the luxury of facing the worst hitting team in baseball when it comes to lefties (.239!)…Marlins by 3-5 runs

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