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September 1, 2007

Home of Greggy G's Pigskin Picks: 4-2 ATS For Entertainment Purposes Only

Back by further demand…the man, the myth, and my legendary Homeboy…TEASIN’ T-BONE! He’ll be ridin’ shotgun all-season with me, so next time you see him on the street make sure to shower him with luv and plenty of Dr. Mcgillicutty’s. For my Saturday picks, just click on the “Continue Reading” link after his filthy write-up…GAME DAY BEEATCHES!!!

2007 ATS Records: 0-0 2007 Teasers: 0-0

Teasin’ T-Bone is back baby, coming out of hibernation just like that cold sore on your mouth that you try to convince your lady is from a blistering wind storm. This year will have many similarities….booze, betting, wasted days, and yes, the Cyclones season being over before the first friggin’ Saturday of the year. Sometimes winning is everything, Mr. Chizick. On to the winners during this Labor Day weekend.

Western Michigan @ West Virginia -24

I like numbers, so let me spill some knowledge. The Broncos lost to mediocre Indiana and Cincy last year while going 1-2 in non-conference play and 8-5 overall. Over the summer they lost over 3300 yds of offense and are asking a new QB in Peregrin to try to live without a running game. On top of that they only bring 15 seniors to the table. All of this against a Mountaineers squad that has improved on their speed, aggressiveness, and firepower. Did I forget to mention they are bringing back over 4600 yards and 40 TD’s. Dr. Uh-oh and West Virginia make a statement and get out of the blocks early, this one is covered by half. WV by 35

UCLA –17 @ Stanford

The Bruins finished 7-6 last year and start the year at a preseason #14, now that is respect for the talent and experience that is coming back. Cowan will make sure that the rest of the PAC 10 see just how much the baby blue squad can score. As for the mighty Trees of Stanford, the sooner this game is over the quicker they can get to their tennis stadium and watch the only real team on campus. UCLA won this one 31-0 last year, and they have only created separation since. Like all of us have said before, ‘man that’s a wide gap’, but this time I’m talkin’ sports gentlemen. UCLA by 30+


It’s not T-Bone without the teasers, so read up

Kansas State teased up to +19.5 @ Auburn

Auburn may be good late in the year, but not on day one with only one returning offensive lineman and their nucleus Lester sitting on the bench. This game will be filled with stunts and punts as both offenses struggle all day long. Tigers win, but not by much.

Central Florida @ NC State teased down to –2

So you’re telling me I can win money if the Wolfpack can beat the mighty Knights of UCF at home. Puff, puff, pass Smokey, cause I am obviously not in the same frame of mind that the oddsmakers are to offer up a teaser like this. I don’t personally care for either team, but I do like the smell of lettuce rolled up in my pocket. Even without Coach Raspy Voice...they won’t lose this home opener.

Want Greggy G's plays...just click the link below!

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September 2, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s MLB Picks: 108-76 ATS For Entertainment Purposes Only

Greggy G's Pigskin Picks: 7-3 ATS...If you don't know now ya know!

Mr. Gamble: 3-1 ATS
Mr. T-Bone: 2-0 ATS 0-1 Teaser

Not a bad way to kick-off the 1st Saturday of 2007, 5-2 ATS and the fraud known as Lloyd Carr was left to mumble through an embarrassing press-conference…And we didn’t need to dial-in Hawaii late-night to make-up any ground. As for today, I’m heading to a BBQ wearing my “Insideplays.com 4-Life” halter-top and bringing some devilish Sangria to make the women head home looking for luv. And how about Wade Wilson, talk about a commitment to excellence…gotta respect a QB coach using more than Flintstone Vitamins to make sure his pep-talks are flawless. I’m rollin’ out Homeboys, but not before I give you a baseball winner to make your Sunday Night a lil’ less expensive!

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September 3, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s Pigskin Picks: 7-3 ATS For Entertainment Purposes Only

Greggy G’s MLB Picks: 108-77 ATS

College Football on Monday…I luv this country! Have a great holiday Homeboys

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September 4, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s MLB Picks: 108–79 ATS For Entertainment Purposes Only!

* Greggy G’s 2007 Pigskin Picks: 8-3 ATS

While news of Travis Henry fathering 9 children with 9 different women put a damper on college football’s opening weekend, I have to say Big Z’s meltdown yesterday put a smile on my face that made me forget about Shawn Kemp’s idol. After ignoring a stop-sign at 3rd base to be nailed at the plate (with nobody out!) and letting pitcher Esteban Loaiza drive in two runs with his 1st hit since 2005, Zambrano had the audacity to tell possibly the most faithful and diehard fans in baseball that they shouldn’t boo him. Throw-in the fact that he looks like Lord of the Dance after a strikeout in the 2nd inning, will bitch-slap his teammates, and risks permanent injury by breaking lumber over his thigh, and the Cubs may just have the best entertainment value in all of baseball. My boy Ozzie on the other side of town tries his hardest to steal the spotlight, but until I can actually understand what he’s saying I have to give the trophy to Big Z. With that, I’m rolling to a white tiger farm to look for my girl’s anniversary present. Take it light and always remember it’s not how much you spend…its how much she thinks you spent!

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September 5, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s MLB Picks: 109–79 ATS For Entertainment Purposes Only!

* Greggy G’s 2007 Pigskin Picks: 8-3 ATS

With the Pigskin action almost fully underway, my passion for the diamond is leaving me faster than Rafer Alston’s Houston Rocket career. Throw-in a cut Patriots’ punter who drunkenly bitch-slapped his daddy in a car and you know the bloods flowing for more than just the fans. As for my sorry-azz, I also have my last fantasy football draft tonight, but I can’t say I’m too thrilled since I have the 3rd pick once again…probably the worst spot to be besides sitting behind Brad Penny in the buffet line. You know I’ll have my fingers crossed hoping I can grab Rae Carruth on the 2nd round turn. Anyway, something serious has come-up and I need head out of town for a couple days, but will make sure to have my college football picks displayed for ya Friday & Saturday (and of course another diamond gem for ya today). All the best to my Homeoby BK…Just like the rest of the boys, I have nuttin’ but luv for ya brother.

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September 6, 2007

Money Mike's NFL picks

It's gonna be short and sweet today fellas. Greg Gamble is out of town today for a funeral so I'm stepping in to give you the winners for the night. With an NFL game tonight and the defending Super Bowl champions getting their rings we gotta give you some analysis on that!

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September 7, 2007

Money Mike's Friday wrap

What's up fellas! game started a little slow for the Colts and never really got going for the Saints. That Saints defense is bad....really bad. They have a lot of work to do. Anyway....GG will be back tonight and will have your college football picks up early Saturday morning so definitely stop back for that. I do have one baseball pick for ya.......

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September 8, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s Pigskin Winners: 8-3 ATS For Entertainment Purposes Only!!!

Sorry to keep ya hangin’ for a few days, but I just rolled back into town. Besides my modified college pIays, I promise to make-up for my lack of effort with some NFL luv tomorrow. With that, let's hit-up Game Day Homeboys!!!

Greggy G’s 2007 College Football Record: 5-2 ATS

While the Cornhuskers lost some skill position players following last season, they’re far from unproven as junior RB Marlon Lucky scampered for ova 200 yards in the opener while Arizona St. transfer QB Sam Keller should get better each week under Callahan. Nebraska won by 42 against a usually solid Nevada squad and proved that their defense and O-Line continues to get faster and stronger with each season. As for Wake, the worst result of last Saturday was not a 10 point loss at BC, but rather, losing that heart-and-soul of the squad QB Riley Skinner to a separated shoulder. I expect the Demon Deacons’s defense to keep them close early, but just don’t see how they match-up with the Cornhuskers fire-power thru 4 quarters…Nebraska by 14-20 points

The Golden Bears and their ridiculous offensive schemes scored 45 points in beating Tennessee by two tuddies. QB Nathan Longshore gets plenty of the hype, but Marshawn Lynch’s replacement RB Justin Forsett may be just as smooth. As for the Rams, they opened with rival Colorodo and lost by 3 in an emotionally charged game. Combine that with the fact that they allowed ova 30 points to an extremely average Buffalo squad, and they should struggle to keep Cal unda 60 today…and I don’t see the Rams droppin more than 30!...California by 20-26 points

Also, depending on how the afternoon games go, I may be back with some LSU luv...The Hokies QB is down-right awful!

Teasin’ T-Bone’s 2007 College Record: 2-0 ATS 0-1 Teasers

With the limp I had this last week everyone I walked by was asking how I hurt myself, I told them a horrible childhood polio story, but we all know the real reason…a man can’t walk straight with a fat roll in his pockets from week 1 winnings!! Early season odds are always fun to pick apart, so here are some more to make your Saturday interesting.


Steve Slaton and Pat White, Pat White and Steve Slaton…it doesn’t matter how you shake it up, this duo is going to get the Mountaineers at least 50 points today. And you say, ‘but T-Bone, that says nothing about covering the spread’. It says everything about the spread my little sapling. You can chant ‘We Are Marshall’ all you want, but the green machine only dropped 50 yds rushing and 3 points against Miami last week, and going into this week head coach Snyder is already saying he doesn’t have confidence in his QB by telling the public that the backup, Brian Anderson, will get significant playing time. This may help in week 6, I’m only worried about today gentlemen….WV by 31


Please repeat after me…Nick Saban is the head coach for Alabama. I won a lot of money last year from the inability for the Tide to score, that will be different this year. Just by having Saban on the sidelines it adds at least 2 wins and 10 points a game to this ball club. On the other side of the field is Vandy, who are bragging because they bring back 10 offensive starters. They forget to add that they were 4-8(1-7) last year. If all you have on your team is the lower 50% of the athletes in the game, it doesn’t matter how many years of experience they have, they still can’t perform in the SEC. Bama is 17-3 when opening SEC play against the Commodores, and did I mention they have Saban now. My southern boys by at least 14

OREGON @ MICHIGAN teased down to -1.5

Stick some more lettuce in your pocket on this one. All the Wolverines have to do is win, and you know they won’t lose two in a row at home. Remember a short week ago when they were #5, all of the preseason work by the umpteen analysts can’t be that wrong. The Ducks only completed 9 passes last week and the leading rusher was their QB Dixon, if he chooses to be the only guy that touches the ball this week he will get beat up and worn down by half. If you’re already a six pack deep by the 3:30 kickoff then bet the spread, if not, go with the guaranteed tease.


This is going to be a free for all on the Tigers side of the ball. Ole Miss gave up 343 yds in the air last week against lowly little Memphis, and Chase Daniels threw for almost that same amount against Illinois. Mizzou is a better team outright and this is a matchup disaster for the Rebels.

And before I part ways, throw some cash on the Buffalo/Temple game. It doesn’t matter who, because even the best of the best can’t pick what the hell will happen in this one. This is strictly something to talk about in your drunken conversation with the boys tonight. Good luck fellas.

September 9, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s Pigskin Picks: 8-5 ATS For Entertainment Purposes Only!!!

Greggy G’s 2007 College Football Record: 5-4 ATS
Greggy G’s 2007 NFL (Preseason) Record: 3-1 ATS

While I’m a fan of Coach Del Rio’s move to David Garrard, I don’t think he’ll be looking like Joe Montana in his opening season debut as the Jag’s #1. Obviously, Jacksonville will be running the ball 70% of the time today and should find success against a make-shift DL for the Titans, but I expect them eat plenty of clock and settle for more FGs than they’d like. While the Titans offense is still looking for a playmaker in the backfield or at WR, QB Vince Young is such a sneaky and crafty signal-caller I expect him to keep drives alive on the rollout pass or simply running for a the 1st-down. His size and deceptive speed make him the toughest QB in the NFL to corral and he’s also shown this preseason that his arm is not just adequate, but accurate and strong. I like the Jags to win this, but expect a gutsy performance from the Titans and Mr. Young…trust me, you won’t see many more 7-point spreads from a Vince Young led team from here on out…Jax by a FG

Considering that in one of my fantasy leagues I have Bulger, S-Jax, & Jeff Wilkens…I’m thinkin’ the Rams are going to be puttin’-up points all season. While the Panthers D is always tough, their much better on grass and should struggle to contain all the Rams playmakers. Especially newcomers TE Randy McMichael and PR/KR/WR Dante Hall, I expect Marc Bulger to light-up a somewhat over aggressive secondary. As for the Panthers side of the ball, besides Steve Smith, I don’t see enough playmakers to get them into the 30s…where I believe the Rams will be most of the season…Rams by 4-7 points

The Pack running game has been hit or miss this preseason , while an abundance of nicked-up backs have led to rookie Brandon Jackson being forced to learn on the fly. While Favre is still dangerous, a hobbled Driver on one side and a cast of youngsters on the other should take Mr. Vicodin a few weeks to get comfortable. Also, expect the normally blitz happy defense of Coach Johnson to force Brett to throw a few of his trademark picks. While the Packers defense has been billed as one of the toughest this season, I luv how McNabb spreads the ball around and how RB Brian Westbrook seems to always find a vacant spot in the D on each possession. Finally, the addition of WR Kevin Curtis could be one of the quietest moves this off-season for the Eagles and I expect him to have at least three 1st down catches today…Eagles by a TD

Teasin’ T-Bone’s 2007 College Record: 3-0-1 ATS 0-2 Teasers
Teasin’ T-Bone’s 2007 NFL Record: 0-0 ATS 0-0 Teasers

Denver Broncos -3 @ Buffalo Bills

It’s never fun to open up the season on the road in the NFL, but the Broncs have the firepower this year to make it happen. Marshawn Lynch will get his first dose of 4 quarters in the NFL and the boys that live a mile high will simply have him confused with the front seven all day long. Losman doesn’t have enough ability to carry a team through the air, and didn’t have to in ’06 with Henry, who by the way is on the other sideline for this game. Cutler, Walker, Stokley, and Henry will be enough to keep the Bills spread out all day long. A good friend of mine likes Hawkeyes and Horsies, so it’s tough to go against this one. Denver by 10.

Carolina Panthers @ St. Louis Rams -2

Okay, I’m getting sick of the Rams, but when it comes to coin you can’t go away from them on week 1. They are going to score a lot this year with an improving Stephen Jackson, and the Panthers have four defensive players that don’t look to play at full strength already in week one. I can’t find a player on the Panthers offense that can keep this one close, and quarterback controversy will begin early as Carr will most likely get some playing time this week. Nothing like going into the first game with the whole Panthers O saying ‘who’s my leader’??? Rams give up some points, but win by 8.


New England Patriots teased down to -.5 @ New York Jets

I almost put the the Pats as an ATS pick, but this rivalry is getting more heated each time the two meet. The Brady bunch have won 8 of the last 9 and will continue that today, but with Mangini and playing at home, the Jets won’t lose by much.

Tampa Bay Bucs @ Seattle Seahawks teased down to EVEN

With Shaun Alexander back to full strength we finally get the Seahawks of ’05 back in action, and that spells bad news for the Bucs who have tried more quarterbacks in recent years than Greggy G’s special brew flavors. Hasselbeck is 16-3 at home the last two years, enough said.

September 10, 2007

Home of Greg Gamble's Pigskin Picks: 9-7 ATS For Entertainment Purposes Only!

* Greggy G’s MLB Picks: 109-80 ATS
* Greggy G’s College Football Picks: 5-4 ATS
* Greggy G’s NFL Picks: 4-3 ATS

Since my Pigskin Picks this weekend were far from stellar, I’ll choose to start-off talking about my Fantasy QB Tony Romo. After receiving a barrage of insults during our Draft for taking Romo over Tom “The Best Dater in the World” Brady, I will gladly take the weekly top-scorer money and put it towards hiring an editor. As for a Monday Night winner, before I give you that gift I'll give my thoughts from the weekend:

1. Did safety Mike Brown (Bears) sleep with “The Man Upstairs’s” sister, and do you think RB Chris Brown (Titans) now has a chance to sleep w/ her?

2. After two season ending surgeries and a position change from college, WR Ronald Curry (10 rec 133 yrds 1 Td) could be the Rick Ankiel story of the NFL…minus the illegal Flintstone Vitamins of course!

3. Who has a worse QB situation…Virginia Tech or the KC Chiefs?

4. Maybe I shouldn’t cross-off guys on my fantasy lists because I hate them...anybody want to trade Plaxico Burress or Randy Moss!

5. Thanks to Steve Trachsel, now we know what the difference is between pitching for fun and pitching for a contender.

6. Normally, I wouldn’t care about the ND/Michigan tilt, but now, I can’t wait see which one of those ova-rated coaches walks off the field 0-3!

...and now for my Monday Night Winner!

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September 11, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s MLB Picks: 109-81 ATS For Entertainment Purposes Only!

After writing a brilliant piece on the Tigers/Blue Jays match-up yesterday, I was amazed how everything I mentioned was happening to a T…unfortunately, with 2 outs in the 9th the Jays closer ruined a perfect day for me. Of course, I will not mention his name and will not be doing much more than just telling you who will win today!

Pirates starter Bryan Bullington had the 1st start of his career last week and proceeded to allow 7 hits, 5 runs, and 2 walks thru 3 innings. While I’ve heard the phrase “Third Times a Charm”, I haven’t heard shiznit about the second time! As for the Brewers, they desperately need this one and will be sending basically their best starting pitcher over the last few months to the mound (Yovani Gallardo 7-4, 4.27)…Brews by 4-6 runs

Cubs righty Jason Marquis (11-8, 4.13) has been extremely solid this season, while the Astros Brandon Backe has only made one start this season. Also, the Cubs bats came alive last night, while the Astros have lost 5 in-a-row…Cubs by 2-4 runs

Just call it a hunch, but the Braves are due for some major runs and El Duque Hernandez is due to finally start pitching his age. As for the Braves starting pitcher, let’s just say his name is Buddy and his ERA is ova 5…Braves/Mets 12-15 total runs

September 12, 2007

Greg Gamble's Week 1 Super Bowl Rankings For Entertainment Purposes Only!

First off, I think Herm Edwards is great guy who would be an awesome High School JV coach or drama actor as an Guidance Counselor. As for the NFL, let’s just say former Lions coach Marty Morningwig shows tapes of Edwards on the sideline before his interviews to improve his stock. Larry Johnson was absolutely right to ask for every penny cause teams are going to line-up 10 in the box and make Huard or Croyle throw to the worst WRing group I’ve ever seen…Paging James Lofton, paging James Lofton.

I used to have a lot of friends that were Chiefs fans

Off the field distractions, a former collegiate coach in his 1st year in the NFL, Joey Harrington, more distractions, and an O-Line that used to blocking for Ronny “Bad Newz Kennels” Mexico. BTW, anybody know why “Newz” gets a “Z” and “Kennels” does not…I think we now know what sent a red-flag to the feds.

Romeo Crennel said multiple times that Frye was his guy this off-season and then yanked him after 10 throws Sunday. I have a feeling the most fired coach I’ve ever seen is desperately trying to make this a rebuilding year and hopes he can use the: “This was a learning year for Brady Quinn?” as the Browns try to fire him. Funny thing, they have some nice skill position players and probably my favorite former collegiate QB now playing every position in NFL and looking smoother than Jessica Alba’s backside…Joshua “M*tha F*ckin’ Cribbs!

After Nick Saban left like a stripper in the night, the Dolphins organization seemed in more disarray than the Mongoose Team in the movie “Rad” when Cru Jones finally raced like he was capable of. After being turned down by 20 other coaches, the Dolphins finally settled on nice guy Cam Cameron, who I think was on a bunch of Teen-Bop magazines when I was a kid, who proceeded to start his era by bringing in QB Shawn Green and half the head he has left. The worst thing about the Dolphins, after another year of horrific blocking we still won’t know if RB Ronnie Brown is any good or not. Oh yeah, and any team that drafted Ted Ginn Jr. with the 9th overall pick should be allowed to let the fans choose the following year.

No joke, there’s no-way possible Jeff Garcia gets through the 1st four games of the season without a concussion. The Bucs have the worst OL in the league, and I’m guessing the Cadillac has noticed and will be smart to save his gas-money for next year. Bye-Bye Chucky!

They’ll have some fire with the new young coach, have a great comeback story in Ronald Curry, and a pretty solid defense, but the musical chairs at QB and turnstiles up-front will keep their win total no higher than the great Spud Webb’s #...4

I love the blind loyalty of an owner who sticks by his coach…the only problem, not one of his players seems to be sticking with him. Especially if the Giants start off slow, you’ll see half the roster run to the training room and at least 3 more books come out that talk about how playing for Tom Coughlin has led them to be impotent.

I keep waiting for Art Monk & Garry Clark to be racing down the sideline and for the two TE set to actually work again for Coach Gibbs. At least we can still look forward to RB Clinton Portis dressing-up for Halloween and S Sean Taylor dressing-up his helmet to destroy somebody.

Is it just me, or did Larry Fitzgerald seem not to give a flying f*ck in the opener…and quite a bit slower for that matter? Also, if the Cards don’t shore-up their O-Line, the lighting-slow Leinart & Warner will both be wearing matching casts and hats on the sidelines. On the bright side, The Edge looked much better in game 1 than he did all of last year.

For all the talk that these guys are better…I’m not buying it. For all the talk that Mike Nolan is an up-and-coming coach…I’m not buying it. And finally, for all the talk that Vernon Davis is going to be a star at this level…don’t they have to throw the ball to him first?

Let’s just say that Wax Head Coach Dick Jauron is more conservative than former Senator Larry Craig claimed to be, and that GM Marv Levy thought he was signing-up to be GM of the Buffalo Bingo Organization. The only skill this offense has is if J.P. Losman throws the ball deep to Lee Evans on every other possession, the problem…Coach Dickie thinks throwing a screen pass is riskier than lickin’ a stripper-pole.

I love them already giving the ball to Adrian Peterson, but don’t love the likelihood of him staying healthy. While the O-Line is dominant and the defense is solid, I’m still not sold on QB Tarvaris Jackson (actually, I just don’t know who he is). I will give props to Coach Childress for giving the kid a shot and somewhat risking his future on him…or maybe, I should give him props cause he really wants Louisville’s Brian Brohm or Hawaii’s Colt Brennan and this is the best way to get his hands on them.

I have WR Andre Johnson in both my fantasy leagues…I’m cool, your not! QB Matt Schaub may be worth all the high draft picks the Texans gave-up…and may be worth the firing of the Falcons GM. As for the rest of the team, did I mention I have Andre Johnson!

They may have a solid defense, but their offense is pretty awful and extremely mistake prone thanks to Mr. Favre trying to fit things in like he’s in his mid 20s. Crank-up the Flintstone Vitamins Brett, I have a feeling your going to be hitting the carpet pretty hard this season because your boys can’t run the ball.

Once again, playing in the NFC North means somebody has to win games when the Pack, Viqueens, & Lions play each other. And after watching Joe Montana, wait…I mean Jon Kitna and his ridiculous WRs, I have a feeling they’ll surprise on ton of teams in their dome. As for the other games…bet the over!

I have no idea what to think of the Jets after looking horrific in their 1st game. Sure it was against the Cheaters, but Pennington still can’t throw farther than the QB in Nintendo’s 10-Yard Fight and is injured, Thomas Jones didn’t seem to have the same skip in his step, and Head Coach Mangini seems to have spent more time on film then watching it!

I know Orlando Pace is done and the defensive is horrible, but their offense is so stocked it’s hard to think they won’t hang-around .500 most of the season.

Maybe Garrard’s not that good…maybe Leftwich’s just that bad! I wouldn’t touch them on Sunday’s with Tommy Lee’s 3rd leg.

Did RB Chris Brown really rush for almost 200 yards? I didn’t see it, so I don’t believe it! As for ATS, let’s just say Vince Young luvs being the underdog!

Andy Reid might as well take the year off and pretend to be a father. The Eagles are kinda of like Lynda Carter in the final season of Wonder Woman…still watchable, but no need to bring the Jergens. Almost every single game will be decided by 3 points or less.

I had the Ravens ranked ahead of Pittsburg going into their contest with the Bengals, but I swear I saw their defense get older right before my very eyes last night. Not to mention, McNair looks done, Boller was done before it started, and I’ll bet you a shinny red Smirnoff Ice that Mr. McGahee loses his job to Musa Smith by week 4.

While they struggled in the opener at Buffalo with new personal scattered all over the field, I did see glimpses of brilliance from Jay Cutler and do believe Travis Henry has a legit shot to lead the league in rushing…oh yeah, and the defense held the Bills to 184 yards. Maybe the Cleveland Browns shouldn’t keep releasing or trading all their defense players so Shanahan can turn them into stars.

You can’t stop them, you only can hope to contain them…unless TO overdoses on ego-pills. Sure their defense sucks (BET THE OVER), but they have best RB duo in the league, will be getting Terry Glenn back by midseason, and will continue to see the development of the best gunslinger in the game…BTW, did I mention I have him on my fantasy team?

I absolutely luv new headmaster Mike Tomlin intensity, Big Ben’s chances to prove he’s not just a stupid kid on motorcycle (especially with the deadly trio of Santonio Holmes, Hines Ward, and Heath Miller), the aggressive playmaking defense, and that they added Najah “Poop in the Closet” Davenport to let Fast Willie Parker stay fast by seasons’ end.

While they looked shaky offensively in the 2nd half, once they get that offense rollin’ it’s going to be tough for opponents to keep-up no matter how average their defense is. Also, for all the talk about Rudi Johnson slowing down, he looks in better shape than Jennifer Gardner during Alias.

Obviously, if any team in the AFC North (besides the Browns) was in the NFC (Pitts/Cinn/Balt), I’d have them ranked ahead of the Seahawks. But after watching what was supposed to be two improved teams (Ariz & SF) and with Orlando Pace out for the season, I don’t see how Hasselbeck and his bald-azz doesn’t go at least 5-1 in conference. BTW, Mr. Alexander’s back baby!!!!

I’m not saying last year was a fluke, but I think they were drained after the experience last season (Katrina) and might have expected things to come too easy this season. Obviously, they have too many weapons to count them out, but I see them winning at home and losing on the road all season.

Call me a crazy degenerate, but let's just say I have a strange feeling about the Panthers after week 1. With a balanced running attack, the best WR in the game, a QB looking to prove he doesn’t suck, and a healthier defense…Fox’s boys may be challenging Da Bears in the NFC and actually living-up to the hype they've received the last few years.

He’s got little hands, little lil’ feet, short little legs, and can’t outrun Rodney Peete. (If you don’t realize I’m talking about Sexy Rexy, please log-off Insideplays and head to Sean Salisbury’s worthless blog) Oh yeah, and their weaker at RB and DT this season…I still luv them, but you’d be a fool to think their better than last year. Luckily, the NFC North is like the Cubs division…beautifully awful!

Let's just say you'd have a better opportunity to push one past the goalie having your magic-stick wrapped in plastic with hot sauce coverin' it, then opponents will be pushing one past the goaline against the Chargers. However, I can’t see them moving higher than the 3rd spot all season when most Arena League squads have better WRs, and their QB (while efficient) has a throwing style that makes Johnny Moxon from Varisty Blues look like Carson Palmer.

Cheaters never win, except the Super Bowl 3 out of 4 years. I will not even consider moving the Bradys’ above the Peytons’ until they win home-field for the playoffs...and in my humble (correct) opinion, the Colts won’t lose in Indianapolis this year. Also, I don’t care how many times Moss is dancing in the endzone in September cause I’m sure he’ll be nursing a sore something by the end of October

I’ve been saying they’d be champs the last three years…and this February, I’m guessing I’ll be correct in two out of the three…Damn you Pittsburgh, and Damn you the wife that stabbed the Colts DB so he couldn’t out run Big Ben!

Want some baseball picks and swimsuit picks…here ya go

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September 14, 2007

GREGGY G’S COLLEGE FOOTBALL SPECIAL For Entertainment Purposes Only!

Greggy G’s College Picks: 5-4 ATS
NFL: 5-3 ATS - MLB: 112-85 ATS

Tryin' to fall asleep on Friday Night during football season reminds me of Christmas Eve as a kid. I ignore my regular dreams of Kobe Tai and Punky Brewster wrestling in Jell-O and Greggy G T-shirts, and usually find myself pouring a bloody before the sun comes up. The only downer this weekend could be the Hawkeye/Cyclone rivalry considering ISU looked like a Monkey waxing a Football against Northern Iowa last week. With that, let’s get to the madness…and no, I’m not talking about Stephon Marbury defending Isiah Thomas’s sexual harassment case. I’m sure the former Piston is just thrilled Starbury is his new spokesman…that’s like having Ronny Artest speak-up in defense of Michael Vick or Vince McMahon claiming steroids had nuttin’ to do with the death of an entire family…oh wait. Game on…

Sure the losses to Kent St. & UNI at home were more embarrassing than the time I traded my Upper Deck Ken Griffy Jr. rookie card for seven Junior Felix’s and some jujubes, but...

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September 15, 2007

Home of Greggy G's & Teasin' T-Bone's ATS Magic For Entertainment Purposes Only

Game Day my friends, let's roll! We'll start-off with my Homeboy Teasin' T-Bone's picks and then roll to yours truly...Holla

2007 Results: 3-0-1 ATS; 0-2 Teasers

Football season is now settling in my friends….conference play, chilly mornings, and 7am tailgating sessions, man I love this time of year. Since I already know the outcome of the Hawkeye/Cyclone rivalry, I’ve been able to focus all of my drunken brain cells on ATS play. Week 3 is my teaser turnaround as well so put the bong down and read up.

Virginia @ North Carolina -3

This game stuck out like Greggy G with his Tupac cardboard cutout at the million man march. I normally don’t throw down on ACC matchups, but Virginia friggin’ sucks bad. They didn’t show up at Wyoming and took until the 4th quarter and a freshman QB to get past lowly Duke, who are now riding a successful 22 game losing streak. The Tarheels do one thing well, and that is allowing TJ Yates to throw vertically and score points quick. Add that to playing on their home turf and the baby blue squad walk away in the 3rd quarter. NC by 12

Louisville –6 @ Kentucky

These offenses are just like my bedroom stamina, two minutes at a time and TOUCHDOWN!!! Louisville had its scare last week and their defense will step up to the plate this week. They will still give up 30 against a potent Kentucky ‘O’ led by Andre Woodson, but it still allows the red birds to win by 20 as they surpass 50 points yet again. Brohm and Allen create a great combo that will leave the Wildcats in a neutral defense that will be reeling all day long. If ya don’t like the points on this just look at the over, anything under 75 is a five star. Louisville by 20


Iowa teased down to –11.5 @ Iowa State

The Hawks/Clones matchup this year equates to this…a college senior frater stalkin’ that freshman hottie finishing up her 6th beer, the deal will get sealed, it’s just a matter of when and how interesting it is. Iowa has a year when they can absolutely beat up their rival in Ames, and Ferentz is foaming at his lackluster performance in the past 10 years against the Clones. Iowa starters don’t get a chance to sit cuz Ferentz won’t allow it, Hawks by 17

Fresno State @ Oregon teased down to –10.5

The Ducks are rolling and the Bulldogs just suffered a heartbreaker to Texas A&M last week. I don’t know that Fresno can stop Dixon as he has another week of experience in the spread offense and appears to be two steps ahead of everyone chasing him. If Oregon can stop the Dogs TE Bear Pascoe early, this one could be over by halftime. Ducks by more than two TDs

Greggy G’s College Picks: 5-4 ATS
NFL: 5-3 ATS - MLB: 112-85 ATS

Sure the losses to Kent St. & UNI at home were more embarrassing than the time I traded my Upper Deck Ken Griffy Jr. rookie card for seven Junior Felix’s and some jujubes, but...

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September 16, 2007

SUNDAY FUNDAY...AFTER A 3-0 SATURDAY...HOLLA For News and News Matter Only!

Not much else to say than HELL YEAH! Went 3-0 yesterday, got shit-faced at one of the coolest wedding spots in Chi-Town, and the sun came up. With that, I'm moving today so just trust me on my picks and listen to what my Homeboy T-Bone says!

The Chiefs are horrible and the Bears are still crabby from the San Diego trip...Bears by 3 TDs

Do I even need to explain...Benglas by double digits


For the first time this year Saturday was brutal to me. So how do I cope? Get extremely drunk and pass out early so my mind is thinking NFL before the sun comes up. I saw three games pop for me, and I feel comfortable going ATS on all of them, but the kids need more than ramen noodles for dinner tonight so I am going for the sure thing…and that’s why they call me Teasin’ T-Bone


New Orleans –4 @ Tampa Bay

We all know the Saints are in the top 5 in the league and Chucky’s boys are in the bottom 5. It is obvious the oddsmakers are putting too much weight on the Big Easy’s loss at Indy last week. N.O. needs this game to stay on course for their division title and playoff run. Brees and Bush will settle into their comfort zone this week and Chucky…..well he will be one week closer to looking for a new job. Saints by a touchdown


Kansas City @ Chicago teased down to –6.5

Wow the Chiefs are bad, and this week they get to travel to Soldier and try to keep this one close. The Bears D is tops to begin with and they’ll be sitting in the backfield with a half smoked cigar before KC’s high school play callers can even set up. Man I feel sorry for Larry Johnson this year. Chicago by 15

Oakland @ Denver teased down to –4

The Broncs need as many divisional wins as possible to prepare for their fight against San Diego this year. Cutler shows why he is leading an NFL team this week and it never hurts to be sitting a mile high being the home team. I don’t even think the Raiders are trying to rebuild anymore, they seem to be just fine with winning 4 a year. Denver by 8

September 17, 2007

GREGGY G'S Monday Night Football Special For News and News matters only!

* Greggy G’s MLB Picks: 112-85
* Greggy G’s College Football Picks: 8-4 ATS
* Greggy G’s NFL Picks: 5-5 ATS

I woke-up this morning with the pain you get when you haven’t worked out in awhile…unfortunately, the pain was due to simply drinking twice my body weight over the weekend. Throw-in the fact that I’m leaving for Vegas in three days, and I might just re-work my Will during the Monday Night contest. You think Sin City has an ova/unda on how many places refuse to sell me drinks by Friday afternoon? While I’m sure that will happen, hopefully the sportsbook can’t ban me for simply being an ATS genius…except on some Sundays. After an undefeated day on the College Gridiron, the gambling gods beeatch-slapped me like I was the Bengals defensive coordinator as I put-up a 0-2 day. Oh yeah, and to make matters worse, my opponent in fantasy had Carson Palmer and Steve Smith…like that makes the heartburn and kidneys feel any better. C-YA

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September 18, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s MLB Picks: 112-85 ATS For Entertainment Purposes Only!

* Greggy G’s College Football Picks: 8-4 ATS
* Greggy G’s NFL Picks: 6-5 ATS

With the season on the line, I'd like my chances w/ Mr. Sheets!

As I initiated my detoxification pre-plan for my Vegas trip last nigtht (besides the two glasses of vino), I found myself reaching for a book after two quarters of possibly the worst Monday Night football games I’ve ever witnessed. Sure QB Jason Campbell had some nice moments and looked more confident than I expected, but besides a few exciting spin-moves from his midget WRs (Moss & Randle El) it really was more of an indictment on how far the Eagles have fallen. Philly’s O seemed extremely predictable, especially on 3rd down, while D. McNabb seems more unsure of his abilities than Britany Spears at the VMAs. Of course the Cubs game was exciting, but with my White Sox and D-Rays playing for next season and football fully underway, I can’t get myself to sit thru much more than an inning or two…unless I have some coin riding on it. With that, I’m out early today to study my flag-football playbook for tonight, but of course I dropped you a little baseball knowledge to ensure your gambling fix doesn’t think you’ve gone cold-turkey.

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September 19, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s MLB Magic: 113-85 ATS For Entertainment Purposes Only!

* Greggy G’s College Football Picks: 8-4 ATS
* Greggy G’s NFL Picks: 6-5 ATS

One more day till Vegas…I have a feeling I’m going to have as much trouble sleeping tonight as Billy Bob Thornton had in Monster’s Ball the night before Knockin’ Da Boots with Halle Berry. Throw-in an easy victory on the ATS diamond, a 20-point pasting we accomplished in flag-football, and I feel more confident than Travis Henry’s nut-butter instructor heading into Sin City. I’m making it quick today as I have plenty of college & pro pigskin to write-up for the weekend, but before I roll…I give you my Week 2 Super Bowl Rankings:

Until the NO realize Deuce was the reason their O was so balanced last season, it's gonna be a long year for Mr. Brees & Mr. Bush!

32. (32.) KANSAS CITY CHIEFS (0-2)
I don’t know who deserves more blame GM Carl Peterson, Head Coach Herm Edwards, or QB Damon Huard’s mom.

31. (31.) ATLANTA FALCONS (0-2)
QB Joey Harrington has been sacked 13 times already this season, so what a great idea to bring in the slower Byron “I luv to hold the ball too long” Leftwich

30. (26.) NEW YORK GIANTS (0-2)
I’ve never seen a team completely give-up on a season and coach so early. Coughlin has a mutiny on his hands and I’d be shocked if he last another 3 weeks.

29. (29.) MIAMI DOLPHINS (0-2)
Until QB Cleo Lemon takes over the controls, why would anybody purposely watch the Dolphins? Their longest rush has been 12 yards and longest pass has been 28…I feel like I’m watching Notre Dame.

28. (27.) OAKLAND RAIDERS (0-2)
With a young 1st year head coach and a #1 pick QB just getting into town, this season is simply an extended Pre-season tryout for everybody else.

27. (22.) BUFFALO BILLS (0-2)
QB J.P. Losman has yet to throw a TD pass and coach Dick Jauron is yet to realize he’s coaching his finalize season as a headmaster.

26. (17.) NEW YORK JETS (0-2)
A QB controversy after week 1 is never a good sign…and neither is having your #1 RB with a rushing average of 2.9.

25. (30.) CLEVELAND BROWNS (1-1)
Now that was fun…why didn’t QB Charlie Frye realize he should just throw it up and let Edwards, Winslow, & Jurevicius go get it.

24. (28.) TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS (1-1)
Even though Joey Galloway has found the fountain of youth, one of these days Chucky’s gonna have to prove they can run the ball.

23. (21.) MINNESOTA VIKINGS (1-1)
The Vikings have absolutely no idea what to do about the QB position…which is usually not a good thing when all three have completely different styles.

22. (24.) ARIZONA CARDINALS (1-1)
The Edge is running like his early days in Indy and should keep the Cardinals near .500 all season.

21. (23.) SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS (2-0)
I know they just beat the Rams, but what can I say…I’m just not a believer yet.

20. (16.) ST. LOUIS RAMS (0-2)
I’m giving the Rams one more week to get used not having Orlando Pace. On the positive side, their defense is much better than we thought.

19. (19.) GREEN BAY PACKERS (2-0)
The Pack season started with Donovan’s 1st game back and a Giants team that is in full rebellion mode…don’t believe the hype!

I know they struggled against the lowly Falcons, but I have a feeling the running game and David Garrard are getting stronger by the week

17. (20.) HOUSTON TEXANS (2-0)
All the years of sucking has brought in a ton of young talent, but if WR Andre Johnson (doubtful) is on the shelf for any extended period they’re in big trouble.

The Eagles were notoriously slow starters under Andy Reid even before he had to deal with a QB coming back from knee surgery. Look for RB Brian Westbrook to carry a heavier load the next few weeks until Donovan gets more comfortable.

QB Jason Campbell looked pretty solid Monday Night, while Joe Gibbs conservative approach will keep them in almost every game all year.

14. (18.) DETROIT LIONS (2-0)
With WRs like this, I understand why Jon Kitna is afraid to let another QB take some snaps with his brain throbbing.

13. (12.) BALTIMORE RAVENS (1-1)
Their offense looks even worse after what Cleveland pulled-off versus Cincinnati, and you can’t tell me their old defense will look better as the season progresses.

12. (5.) CAROLINA PANTHERS (1-1)
I went on a limb last week in ranking the Panthers and it bit me in the ass pretty good. The scary thing about Carolina is that their two-headed rushing attack has looked solid and should make life even easier for Steve Smith…but what the f*ck happened to their defense.

11. (14.) TENNESSEE TITANS (1-1)
Trust me, no D-coordinator is confident when QB Vince Young comes to town. Throw-in two RBs (Brown & White) that know Coach Fisher’s doghouse now can keep you caged for 4 years and we should see them running instead of eating this year.

10. (6.) NEW ORLEANS SAINTS (0-2)
I’m giving them one more week before I completely drop them from my rankings. One of these days they’ll remember Deuce was the real reason they dominated last season.

I’m not picking on Marvin Lewis because he’s black…I’m picking on him because he’s supposed to be a defensive coach. I’m positive they’ll end-up winning more than they lose, and I’m positive Lewis won’t be back as headmaster unless they win a playoff game.

8. (7.) SEATTLE SEAHAWKS (1-1)
Until the Seahawks prove they can win on the road, their merely a playoff team because the NFC WEST is extremely ova-rated.

7. (11.) DENVER BRONCOS (2-0)
Cutler’s getting better and better, and Travis Henry is proving that he’s more than just a sperminator.

6. (3.) SAN DIEGO CHARGERS (1-1)
They may be better than the Bears, but no chance they beat out New England, Indy, & maybe even Pittsburg in the AFC…especially not with Norv Turner

The Steelers have a rhythm that you usually don’t see until after mid-season…or if you open the season with Cleveland & Buffalo

4. (4.) CHICAGO BEARS (1-1)
I’m not a homer, I just understand that NFC is not that good.

3. (10.) DALLAS COWBOYS (2-0)

Don’t be fooled, Tank Johnson with something to prove will be a huge addition whenever he laces them up.

As mentioned last week, until the Cheeters have home-field over the Colts they will remain in the 2-spot.

If Joseph Addai stays healthy, I don’t see how the Colts don’t repeat. Is it me, or does Indy just look like their getting the newcomers accustomed to the plays.

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September 20, 2007

Thursday Night College Football Special

* Greggy G’s College Football Picks: 8-4 ATS * NFL Picks: 6-5 ATS

I’m off to Vegas Homeboys…wish me a lil more luck the OJ and make sure to tell your friend about me if I don’t come back. I’ll be posting the goods all weekend, so make sure to check in when you’re short on some cash…HOLLA

No LB wants to see the J-Train running with some steam!

Is this coming out party for Jr. QB Stephen McGee of Texas A&M? After turning some heads during his sophomore season (2,295 pass 666 rush 62% 16 tds 2 ints), McGee and his Crash & Burn RBs (Jorvoskie Lane & Mike Goodson) seem poised to make a run at double digit wins this season. Prior to McGee taking the commands, Coach Franchione’s starters were 3-13 away from home…but last year, the sophomore led squad was 5-1 on the road. This year, the Aggies return the majority of their O-Line, and as mentioned, So. RB Goodson (2006: 847 yard 6.7 avg 4 tds) and Jr. RB Lane (2006: 725 yard, 19 tds), and are starting to develop some playmaking at WRs. While the defense had to replace a handful of starters and hasn’t look dominate early-on, their starting to take form and have much better depth than they’ve had in the past. Moving to the wild Florida boys, they’ve looked solid in their two victories under new coach Randy Shannon (Marshall & FL Int.), but were absolutely crashed at Oklahoma 51-13. While the Sooners are something special, they made Miami look slow and proved that pressure on their QBs would lead to numerous mistakes. Sr. QB Kyle Wright has not had the career he had hoped and just recently regained his starting role with the squad. Obviously, playing at home with all the hooligans should give the Hurricanes a lift early, but I just don’t see how they contain the duel-threat QB of the Aggies and don’t get worn-down by the two-headed monster in the backfield.


September 25, 2007

Home of Greggy G’s MLB Picks: 113-86 ATS For Entertainment Purposes Only!

Greggy G’s College Football Picks: 8-5 ATS - NFL Picks: 6-5 ATS

The Bears seem finally ready to place the blame on shorty!

I’m back Beeatches…I lil’ dumber, a lil’ poorer, and still dealing with the hot-flashes. Surprisingly, Vegas didn’t hurt my pocket too bad, especially with some dominating College Football action on Saturday, but I just moved into a new palatial estate and will now be living paycheck to paycheck (aka football game to football game). I apologize for not posting any action ova the weekend, but it was wishful thinking on my part to believe I could escape death in Sin City…let alone be conscious enough to remember my laptop password or match start-times with what day it was. Anyway, I’ll be back in full glory tomorrow with nuttin’ but sports banter, NFL rankings, and college football cheerleaders...but for today, it’s simply a swimsuit and a MLB picks for the few fans I have left after leaving Insideplays like the bug-eyed Runaway Bride!

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September 26, 2007

Home of Greg Gamble's MLB Picks: 113-87 ATS For Entertainment Purposes Only!

*Greggy G’s College Football Picks: 8-5 ATS - NFL Picks: 6-5 ATS

De La Hoya's still the shiznit to me!

Please tell me you guys have scene the Oscar De La Fishnet pictures (just search De La Hoya and Fishnet)…so much for the Golden Boy nickname! The craziest part is reading how all the tabloids are treating him like he’s Lance Bass or Doogie Howser…tell me you wouldn’t wear a wig, skirt, & boxing gloves in a hotel room if a hot chick asked you to before she did stuff you’d only heard about from your Hispanic friends. As for the Okla St. coach’s rant, the only reason it’s getting so much pub is because most columnists are so sensitive when one of their colleagues gets harassed. The truth of matter, I bet the writer dug-up some good stuff that has some validity, while the coach is simply backing his kid and probably didn’t like that some inside-stuff was leaked. And finally, the rooftops in Wrigleyville better put some Michael Sweetneys around the foundation in case they get some jumpers. I give the Brew Crew a 20% chance of catching Lou’s boys, maybe even 35% if the Cubs actually send Trachsel to the mound to closeout the Marlins series. With that, I’m gonna finish up my Thursday College picks and my NFL rankings, so until then…enjoy my three MLB winners and my three girlfriends wearing beautiful outfits!

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September 27, 2007

Greggy G’s Week 3 NFL Super Bowl Rankings

College Pigskin Picks: 8-5 ats - NFL Picks: 6-5 ats - MLB : 113-90 ats

Check back later for some Thursday College Football luv!

Since this point last year the Saints have been awful!

* current rank (week 2 rank) (week 1 rank)

32. (27) (22) BUFFALO BILLS (0-3)
I bragged about Lee Evans, I drafted Lee Evans, and thru 3 games he has 5 catches and 29 yards. If that doesn’t scream come to Insideplays.com, I don’t know what else does!
This Week: @Bills 20 Jets 24

31. (29) (29) MIAMI DOLPHINS (0-3)
THEY DRAFTED TED GINN JR. 9TH OVERALL!!! I’m guessing next year they’ll draft Chuck Knoblauch to play QB.
This Week: @Miami 17 Raiders 23

30. (30) (31) ATLANTA FALCONS (0-3)
The day Joey Harrington throws for 361 yards, 2 TDs, zero picks, and loses is the day he should send his resume to Career Builder.
This Week: @Falcons 30 Texans 24

29. (32) (32) KANSAS CITY CHIEFS (1-2)
LJ rushed for an average of 1.8 and KC won…that’s crazier than a pornstar with a wedding ring!
This Week: Chiefs 17 @Chargers 27

28. (20) (16) ST. LOUIS RAMS (0-3)
Let’s just say I dropped Mark Bulger and picked-up Joey Harrington for Fantasy. And yes, my theory of not drafting a back-up QB is only working better than Travis Henry’s theory not to wear a condom.
This Week: Rams 20 @Dallas 41

27. (30) (26) NEW YORK GIANTS (1-2)
Let’s just say Coughlin gave Gibbs a little Hot Carl treatment. BTW, have you ever seen a player of the game award given to a guy who carried the ball 3 times and averaging 1.0 per carry? Say hello to Reuben Droughns!
This Week: @Giants 17 Philly 31

26. (25) (30) CLEVELAND BROWNS (1-2)
I know you probably didn’t see my favorite former college QB playing every position, Joshua M*tha F*ckin’ Cribbs, return a kickoff 99 yards cause who watches a QB battle between Derek Anderson and the two-heading phenom know as McCown & Culpepper.
This Week: @Browns 17 Ravens 20

25. (28) (27) OAKLAND RAIDERS (1-2)
I bet you didn’t know Lamont Jordan was 2nd in the NFL in rushing yards, or that the back of Warren Sapp’s pants no longer look like a slip-n-slide.
This Week: Raiders 23 @Dolphins 17

24. (26) (17) NEW YORK JETS (1-2)
Have you ever seen an NFL team just run 10-yard patterns cause the QB went to the same arm-strengthening school as Jacque Jones?
This Week: Jets 24 @Bills 20

23. (23) (21) MINNESOTA VIKINGS (1-2)
I like their defense, but I don’t like when your QBs are so bad RB Mewelde Moore is throwing passing…or the fact that they lost to the Chiefs!
This Week: @Vikings 20 Packers 17

22. (22) (24) ARIZONA CARDINALS (1-2)
Some conniving asshole tried to tell me that Kurt Warner is still playing…yeah, and I bet he hates Jesus and his wife’s tata’s are now 32Bs.
This Week: @Arizona 24 Pitt 30

21. (10) (6) NEW ORLEANS SAINTS (0-3)
I told ya last week once the Saints started getting Deuce more involved things would turn around…my bad, I meant RB Aaron Stecker!
This Week: Bye

20. (15) (25) WASHINGTON REDSKINS (2-1)
Just when I thought Joe Gibbs may still have some magic, Tom Coughlin removed the white rabbit and put a wet turd in his hat.
This Week: Bye

19. (24) (28) TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS (2-1)
I was just about to convince my girl we should name our 2nd child Jeff “I’m not Gay!” Garcia, but then looked at his upcoming schedule and saw @Carolina, @ Indy, and Tennessee. That’s more dangerous than dating Fred Lane’s girlfriend.
This Week: Bucs 17 @Panthers 24

18. (17) (20) HOUSTON TEXANS (2-1)
I almost dropped them to 32rd in my rankings cause WR Andre Johnson is completely ruining any attempt of Fantasy trash-talking in both my leagues. Actually, the Texans are a pretty solid team, but their stuck in the best division in football (AFC South- Indy, Jax, Tenn). That’s like the opposite of having to play all Iowa and Iowa State back-to-back.
This Week: Houston 24 @Falcons 30

17. (21) (23) SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS (2-1)
I’m still not a believer, but their divisional opponents are worse than the morning after a KFC and Red Bull Vodka party.
This Week: @49ers 20 Seattle 24

16. (14) (18) DETROIT LIONS (2-1)
Even with 3 TVs and the Sunday Ticket, I can’t seem to put anything else on the tube beside Jonny Kitna.
This Week: @Lions 31 Chicago 24

15. (9) (8) CINCINNATI BENGALS (1-2)
If Cincy has a few more losing weeks, watch as Ocho Cinco turns into a bigger pain in the azz than TO and Bill Doran (Major League) combined.
This Week: @Cincy 31 Patriots 38

14. (4) (4) CHICAGO BEARS (1-2)
Brian Griese will make a huge difference…and so will the fact that half the Bears defensive starters are injured and Cedric Benson looks like he doesn’t give a Jenna Jameson.
This Week: Bears 24 @Lions 31

13. (16) (13) PHILADELPHIA EAGLES (1-2)
Maybe Donovan was just nervous the 1st few weeks waiting for his controversial QB comments to surface (No joke, anybody who thinks what he said is not true is dumber than my azz the week after Vegas) BTW, I picked up Kevin Curtis (last week: 11 rec 222 yards 3 TDs) in Fantasy this week…so he’s guaranteed to post a 2 point day!
This Week: Eagles 31 @Giants 17

12. (13) (12) BALTIMORE RAVENS (2-1)
While the Ravens have squeaked by both the Jets and Cardinals at home, it’s not like Billick’s boys haven’t been doing that for years. Only this time, at least they have a Black QB to blame if things go wrong.
This Week: Ravens 20 @Browns 17

11. (12) (5) CAROLINA PANTHERS (2-1)
Not very impressive against the Falcons, especially defensively, but playing the NFC is easier than scoring ditch-weed in a trailer-park.
This Week: @Panthers 24 Bucs 17

10. (6) (3) SAN DIEGO CHARGERS (1-2)
With O-Coordinator Ron Turner hiding behind Rex in Chicago and Charger coach Norv Turner trying to hide his face, I think the next generation of Turner’s are screwed if their seeking NFL employment. Even with Norv, I think the Lightning Bolts have too much talent not to bounce back.
This Week: @San Diego 27 Chiefs 17

9. (19) (19) GREEN BAY PACKERS (3-0)
I told you last week not to believe the hype, and then they bitch-slapped the Chargers…maybe you shouldn’t believe my hype!
This Week: Green Bay 17 @Vikings 20

8. (7) (11) DENVER BRONCOS (2-1)
With a 2nd year QB, new RB, and completely rebuilt D-line, this is one of the only times you’ll hear my use the cliché: No, not wash your hands before eating the buffet at Gentlemen’s Club…I’m talking about the team may actually learn something from a loss.
This Week: Denver 20 @Indy 31

7. (11) (14) TENNESSEE TITANS (2-1)
Nobody is more poised in the pocket with bodies flying around him than Vince Young (well, maybe Kobe Tai, but that’s after years of practice), and now the D is moving around like T.T. Boy at pool party.
This Week: Bye

6. (18) (15) JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS (2-1)
I know this is a huge jump for the Jags, but they had the nicest win on the road so far (Denver) and look like the most physical offense in football. Plus, Jack Del Rio is so damn sexy!
This Week: Bye

5. (8) (7) SEATTLE SEAHAWKS (2-1)
Somebody has to play the Cowboys in the NFC Championship…and who knows, Romo could get injured.
This Week: Seahawks 24 @49ers 20

4. (5) (9) PITTSBURG STEELERS (3-0)
Every new coach should start-off with the Browns, Bills, & 49ers…and now the frickin’ Cardinals! I'm guessing Charlie Batch has some kind of Goodfellas connection.
This Week: Steelers 30 @Zona 24

3. (3) (10) DALLAS COWBOYS (3-0)
I’m not gay (too often), but I would definitely sleep with Tony Romo. The only probably is he’d probably sidestep me before I could grab him.
This Week: @Cowboys 41 Rams 20

2. (2) (2) NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (3-0)
As mentioned the 1st two weeks, until the Cheeters have home-field over the Colts they will remain in the 2-spot. But damn, they look hotter than Cindy Crawford drinking a Pepsi years back.
This Week: Pats 38 @Cincy 31

1. (1) (1) INDIANAPOLIS COLTS (3-0)
Don’t be fooled, the Colts are more concerned about keeping everybody healthy than they are about being Belichick efficient. Not much more to say then get your Super Bowl money on them before it’s too late
This Week: @Indy 31 Denver 20

BTW, are you guys a fan of cheerleaders...

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College Football Thursday Night Special

How about a lil Arkansas St. vs. Memphis Pigskin Pick...

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September 28, 2007

COLLEGE GAMEDAY FELLAZ...LET'S ROLL!!! For News and News Matters Only!

College Picks: 8-6 ATS - NFL Picks: 6-5 ATS - MLB Picks: 113-90 ATS


You can't stop what you can't catch!

I know my nickname around the watering hole is “Greggy Gamble on the Favorite”, but the stars seem aligned for WV tonight like the night in Vegas I partied with Mack from “The Program” and shot-the shit with Jerry West’s hot wife within a 3-hour span (FYI, Jerry West is the dude on the basketball). While the Mountaineers' offense has looked even better than last year, the D's improvement since opening day is what makes me more confident than knowing the next Hometown Hottie in Maxim is not going to be from my Hometown. Every week they’ve given-up fewer points than the week prior (24, 23, 14, 7), and against East Carolina last Saturday they only gave-up a 160 total yards. Throw-in the fact that the Bulls ruined their season last year with a 24-19 win in Morgantown, and I have a feeling Rich Rodriguez will have his boys more fired-up than a Polack in Thailand. Heisman hopefuls QB Pat White & RB Steve Slaton both had the worst games of their career last year against South Florida, so expect them to be extra focused and determined to dominate. Listen, I know the Bulls are legit and it’s impossible not to like the moxy of So. QB Matt Grothe, but for all the hype the received for winning at Auburn the Tigers followed that up by losing at home to an awful Mississippi St. squad. Especially if WV gets up early, I expect them to gain momentum and look to punish like a stripper with the bachelor on stage.


And now for some Saturday action...

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September 30, 2007

GG NFL picks

Hey fellas...its Money Mike. GG just moved into the new crib and doesn't have internet yet so I am posting HIS picks for the day. Tough day yesterday for the college picks....but today is a new day! Time for NFL!

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