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Home of Greggy G’s MLB Magic: 113-85 ATS For Entertainment Purposes Only!

* Greggy G’s College Football Picks: 8-4 ATS
* Greggy G’s NFL Picks: 6-5 ATS

One more day till Vegas…I have a feeling I’m going to have as much trouble sleeping tonight as Billy Bob Thornton had in Monster’s Ball the night before Knockin’ Da Boots with Halle Berry. Throw-in an easy victory on the ATS diamond, a 20-point pasting we accomplished in flag-football, and I feel more confident than Travis Henry’s nut-butter instructor heading into Sin City. I’m making it quick today as I have plenty of college & pro pigskin to write-up for the weekend, but before I roll…I give you my Week 2 Super Bowl Rankings:

Until the NO realize Deuce was the reason their O was so balanced last season, it's gonna be a long year for Mr. Brees & Mr. Bush!

32. (32.) KANSAS CITY CHIEFS (0-2)
I don’t know who deserves more blame GM Carl Peterson, Head Coach Herm Edwards, or QB Damon Huard’s mom.

31. (31.) ATLANTA FALCONS (0-2)
QB Joey Harrington has been sacked 13 times already this season, so what a great idea to bring in the slower Byron “I luv to hold the ball too long” Leftwich

30. (26.) NEW YORK GIANTS (0-2)
I’ve never seen a team completely give-up on a season and coach so early. Coughlin has a mutiny on his hands and I’d be shocked if he last another 3 weeks.

29. (29.) MIAMI DOLPHINS (0-2)
Until QB Cleo Lemon takes over the controls, why would anybody purposely watch the Dolphins? Their longest rush has been 12 yards and longest pass has been 28…I feel like I’m watching Notre Dame.

28. (27.) OAKLAND RAIDERS (0-2)
With a young 1st year head coach and a #1 pick QB just getting into town, this season is simply an extended Pre-season tryout for everybody else.

27. (22.) BUFFALO BILLS (0-2)
QB J.P. Losman has yet to throw a TD pass and coach Dick Jauron is yet to realize he’s coaching his finalize season as a headmaster.

26. (17.) NEW YORK JETS (0-2)
A QB controversy after week 1 is never a good sign…and neither is having your #1 RB with a rushing average of 2.9.

25. (30.) CLEVELAND BROWNS (1-1)
Now that was fun…why didn’t QB Charlie Frye realize he should just throw it up and let Edwards, Winslow, & Jurevicius go get it.

24. (28.) TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS (1-1)
Even though Joey Galloway has found the fountain of youth, one of these days Chucky’s gonna have to prove they can run the ball.

23. (21.) MINNESOTA VIKINGS (1-1)
The Vikings have absolutely no idea what to do about the QB position…which is usually not a good thing when all three have completely different styles.

22. (24.) ARIZONA CARDINALS (1-1)
The Edge is running like his early days in Indy and should keep the Cardinals near .500 all season.

21. (23.) SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS (2-0)
I know they just beat the Rams, but what can I say…I’m just not a believer yet.

20. (16.) ST. LOUIS RAMS (0-2)
I’m giving the Rams one more week to get used not having Orlando Pace. On the positive side, their defense is much better than we thought.

19. (19.) GREEN BAY PACKERS (2-0)
The Pack season started with Donovan’s 1st game back and a Giants team that is in full rebellion mode…don’t believe the hype!

I know they struggled against the lowly Falcons, but I have a feeling the running game and David Garrard are getting stronger by the week

17. (20.) HOUSTON TEXANS (2-0)
All the years of sucking has brought in a ton of young talent, but if WR Andre Johnson (doubtful) is on the shelf for any extended period they’re in big trouble.

The Eagles were notoriously slow starters under Andy Reid even before he had to deal with a QB coming back from knee surgery. Look for RB Brian Westbrook to carry a heavier load the next few weeks until Donovan gets more comfortable.

QB Jason Campbell looked pretty solid Monday Night, while Joe Gibbs conservative approach will keep them in almost every game all year.

14. (18.) DETROIT LIONS (2-0)
With WRs like this, I understand why Jon Kitna is afraid to let another QB take some snaps with his brain throbbing.

13. (12.) BALTIMORE RAVENS (1-1)
Their offense looks even worse after what Cleveland pulled-off versus Cincinnati, and you can’t tell me their old defense will look better as the season progresses.

12. (5.) CAROLINA PANTHERS (1-1)
I went on a limb last week in ranking the Panthers and it bit me in the ass pretty good. The scary thing about Carolina is that their two-headed rushing attack has looked solid and should make life even easier for Steve Smith…but what the f*ck happened to their defense.

11. (14.) TENNESSEE TITANS (1-1)
Trust me, no D-coordinator is confident when QB Vince Young comes to town. Throw-in two RBs (Brown & White) that know Coach Fisher’s doghouse now can keep you caged for 4 years and we should see them running instead of eating this year.

10. (6.) NEW ORLEANS SAINTS (0-2)
I’m giving them one more week before I completely drop them from my rankings. One of these days they’ll remember Deuce was the real reason they dominated last season.

I’m not picking on Marvin Lewis because he’s black…I’m picking on him because he’s supposed to be a defensive coach. I’m positive they’ll end-up winning more than they lose, and I’m positive Lewis won’t be back as headmaster unless they win a playoff game.

8. (7.) SEATTLE SEAHAWKS (1-1)
Until the Seahawks prove they can win on the road, their merely a playoff team because the NFC WEST is extremely ova-rated.

7. (11.) DENVER BRONCOS (2-0)
Cutler’s getting better and better, and Travis Henry is proving that he’s more than just a sperminator.

6. (3.) SAN DIEGO CHARGERS (1-1)
They may be better than the Bears, but no chance they beat out New England, Indy, & maybe even Pittsburg in the AFC…especially not with Norv Turner

The Steelers have a rhythm that you usually don’t see until after mid-season…or if you open the season with Cleveland & Buffalo

4. (4.) CHICAGO BEARS (1-1)
I’m not a homer, I just understand that NFC is not that good.

3. (10.) DALLAS COWBOYS (2-0)

Don’t be fooled, Tank Johnson with something to prove will be a huge addition whenever he laces them up.

As mentioned last week, until the Cheeters have home-field over the Colts they will remain in the 2-spot.

If Joseph Addai stays healthy, I don’t see how the Colts don’t repeat. Is it me, or does Indy just look like their getting the newcomers accustomed to the plays.

I see some Cubbie White, Cubbie (light) Blue, and Cubbie (pinkish) Red!

30-year old rookie starter Tom Shearn (3-0, 4.15) is making his 6th appearance and 5th start of the season for the Reds, and I have a feeling he may be a lil overwhelmed by the playoff atmosphere in Wrigley tonight (Shearn’s ERA home: 3.60 road: 4.91). As for Cubs lefty Ted Lilly, he’s looked solid in his last 3 starts (2-0, 3.20) and will be facing a Reds squad that ranks 25th in Batting Average against southpaws. Tough loss last night for the Cubbies, but expect some fireworks tonight as D-Lee and Alfonso are definitely overdue…Cubs by 4-6 runs

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