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Greggy G's Thursday Night College FB Pick

ATS PICKS - MLB: 116-91 - NFL: 12-11 - College Picks: 13-17

Before I get to my Thursday Night College pick, I need to tell ya about a lil’ something I found during my Wed. Night ATS research. With the candles lit, incense burning, Deep Forest hummin’ in the background, a BeachNut stuck between my teeth, and my Gin Martini drippin’ with luv…and Everclear soaked olives stuffed with caviar of course, I came across an amazing theory that could turn the gambling world up-side-down. Now before you run off like Ronny Mexico’s entourage when I use the word TEASER, let me explain my theory. (Obviously, teasers allow you to add 6 points to two teams, and if they both cover, you win a 1 to 1 payout…if you didn’t know that, I feel sorry for your mother). This weekend, every single game I like, I’ve teased with one team…The Indianapolis M*tha F*ckin Colts!

The Colts (-1) against David Carr or even the legendary Vinny T is more of a lock than K-Fed breaking double-digits in offspring by the age of 30.

And trust me, I looked at the Colts having a letdown after Monday Night, but with the Patriots rolling, you know they’re more focused than ever. I also called Al Roker and found out that the weather in Carolina is supposed to be Sunny and 70, and checked Indy’s infirmary report and it looks identical to last week. While I know just as well as Willie “Steamin’” Beaman that anything can happen on Any Given Sunday, don’t try to tell Peyton will let David “I’ve been on my back more than Pamela” Carr out perform him. Most importantly, the line doesn’t move to -3, or even -1.5, it’s a picture perfect -1. If the Colts win, you win or you push! And a push in a teaser is a push if ur other game wins…if it doesn’t for you, time to get a new phone number to call! So before you decide you like Texas to roll at home against Nebraska -21 or an Ali Larter-hot Utes squad to hammer a (1-6) CST squad by more than 6, doesn’t it sound better if the Horns are -15 and Utah is pushed to even? While I’m no molecular genetics genius like Craig Krenzel, that sounds like an equation that works for me! And finally, if the Colts actually lose to Jake Delhomme’less Panther squad, it’s time for me to get a new website! With that, let’s roll into our Thursday Night College Football action…

*Teased BC to +9 thanks to Mr. Manning

I know Thursday Night in Blacksburg is like heading to haunted-house with 3 chicks and you have to lead the way, but I just can’t see how an offense that has been so abysmal can keep-up with a Heisman Trophy candidate. Of course the Hokies defense and special teams are as ridiculous as always, but this year, they can’t run the ball. RB Brandon Ore has averaged only 3.0 per carry this year, and against the only two tough teams they’ve played, he’s been horrendous (LSU 14 car. 28 yards) (Clemson 23 car. 35 yards). Do you think it helps that the Eagles lead the nation in rush defense? And since the Hokies still don’t have a QB to count-on as they’ve flip-flopped all year (Tyrod Taylor/Sean Glennon), do you also thinks it helps that BC is 2nd in the nation in turnover margin…yeah, me neither. As for the Eagles offense, SR. QB Matt Ryan (17 Tds 6 Ints) may be the first signal-caller taken in the draft and they have two SR. RBs (Andre Callender & L.V. Whitworth) that have combined for over 5,000 career rushing yards. Throw-in 1st year head coach Jeff Jagodzinski experience as the Green Bay Packers O-Coordinator that last few years, and I can’t see how BC doesn’t put some points on the board. Sure the Hokies have been blowing teams out after getting pounded by LSU (48-7) and are blocking more kicks than GK Tony Meola in his prime, but check out who they’ve actually played besides Clemson during this run: Ohio, William & Makesha, UNC, & Duke. Yeah, I like BC at +3…but I luv it at +9!


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