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Home of Greg Gamble's College Picks 10/13/07 For Entertainment Purposes Only

2006-07 NBA Picks: 171-127 - 2007 MLB Picks: 114-91 ATS
2007 NFL Picks: 9-9 ATS - 2007 College Picks: 9-13 ATS

As I stroll into the weekend riding a 3 game ATS win streak, I think it’s time to let the football gods know I’m done being treated like Trent Green. In the last two years I’ve dominated every sport from Women’s Volleyball to cockfighting, only to see my pigskin picks keep me below the .500 mark. Trust me, I was maven on gridiron for years and just fell into a brief slump like Matt Damon in Rounders...Greggy G is back and ready to find something to put in his 3rd garage spot. Finally, before I roll to my picks (including baseball), did you see the shiznit about Texas A&M coach Dennis Franchione. The shaddy-Beeatch was chargin' his boosters for a newsletter he wrote with inside college football information. Forget that it’s basically illegal in the NCAA and the 2-million a year coach is cheaper than Roger Clemens…did he ask permission to create a PDF of insideplays.com? Have a great weekend Homeboys and make sure to check-in tomorrow for the picks from the man, the myth, the stoned-drunk…Teasin’ T-Bone!

Watching Lloyd Carr nervously sneak past a 2-4 Eastern Michigan squad at home (33-22) reminded me of the Walsh parents in the final years of 90210…once the kids graduated from High School, what’s the point of having them on the show! With no confidence...

With no confidence in a passing game that is loaded with talent, Carr has basically run Mike Hart into the ground and turned Manningham & Arrington into possession WRs. While the Boilermakers always look sharp early in the year only to fold-up-shop like the Cubbies in a postseason, Joe Tiller’s squad seems to have figured out how to stop the run and have a veteran QB that’s been more ridiculous than Jessica Alba’s candid swimsuit shots (1810 yards, 64%, 19 Tds , 3 Ints). Throw-in Jr. RB Kory Sheets (535 yards, 5 Tds) who’s actually averaged more ypc than Mr. Hart and a handful of WRs that are more disciplined than Ralph Macchio against the Cobra Kai, and I can’t see how the Boilermakers don’t pull this one out (U hear that Travis Henry…PULL-OUT!). While Purdue lost last week to Ohio St. (23-7), they actually played some solid defense and made the Buckeyes work harder than expected. Lloyd Carr may already be fired, but a loss at home to Purdue will seal his fate faster than Tim Hardaway with a microphone.


If you told me I’d be taking the Hoosiers with less than 10 points on the road a couple years ago, I’d tell you I ate some bad mushrooms and the St. Ides Special Brew had gone bad. Duel-threat QB Kellen Lewis has been virtually unstoppable all season (1463 pyrds 61% 15 Td 6 Int, 447 ryrds 3 Tds), while 3rd year headmaster Terry Hoeppner has completely changed the atmosphere and has the 5-1 Hoosiers playing with more swagger than a freshman who just banged his TA. And let’s not forgot about possibly the most underrated WR in college football, 6-7 Jr. James Hardy, who averaged 56 catches and 10 Tds in his 1st two seasons and already has 8 tuddies this year. As for Sparty and the early season praise they’ve received, we’re now seeing just how bad some of those teams have turned out to be (ND, Pittsburg, UAB). In the last two weeks, MST lost to an unimpressive Badger squad and were bitch-slapped at home by the NW Wildcats...who lost to Duke at home playing without Christian Laettner. The Wildcats spread offense made the Spartans look sillier than Oscar De La Hoya in fishnet stockings, so expect the Hoosiers to have a field day in East Lansing. What else can I say…take the points, enjoy the game with some of Jeff Smoker’s stash, and remember to always tip your dancers.

Final Score: HOOSIERS 33 SPARTANS 24

The line is lower than the skirts have gotten every year since I’ve graduated because the Volunteers were blown-out twice and the Bulldogs surprised an average Auburn squad. Considering both loses for Tennessee came on the road to Florida & California and last week Mississippi St. actually headed into the 4th quarter at home down to UAB, I think were catching Vegas sleeping on the job…or at the Bunny Ranch! I’ll admit the Bulldogs defense is stronger than Marion Jones after a trip to the doctor, but they’re onto their 3rd QB (fresh. Wesley Carroll) and will rely solely on RB Anthony Dixon (586 yards, 4.2 avg, 9 Tds) who has not averaged more than 3.8 against SEC foes. As for the Volunteers, it looked like the ole’ Tee Martin days as they dominated offensively and defensively against #12 Georgia last week in a 35-14 pasting. 6-6 Sr. QB Erik Ainge has been unbelievably efficient this year completely almost 70% of his passes and throwing 10 Tds to only 2 Ints. While the D has been up-n-down this year, they held a strong Georgia squad to 243 total yards (69 on ground dude!) and will be able to line-up 10 in the box against the passing challenged Bulldog squad. If Tennessee can come out of the box hot (wow…that gave me halfie), then Miss St. will have no chance to catch-up.



After losing with Brandon "Don't call me Spud" Webb on the mound last night (as I told your azzes), the D-Backs should be pressing tonight in a must win situation. While Doug Davis looked good against Chicago, Jim Abbott would have looked good pitching right-handed against the Cubbies this postseason. (BTW, did you know Jim Abbott led his High School football team to multiple State Championships playing without a right-hand…now that’s unf*ckingbelievable!). The Rockies line-up has been ridiculously efficient for the last month and didn’t miss a beat last night taking what the D-Backs gave’em. While know for their power, the Rockies knew Webb’s stuff had filthy movement and proceeded to wait for their pitch and knocked out 9 hits…all singles. As for Rockies phenom Ubaldo Jimenes, he stymied a strong Phillies squad (6.1 IP, 3 hits, 1 er) and closed out the regular season against the weak hitting D-Backs (6.1 IP, 1 hit, 1 er). All I know is my Colorado Zubaz will be worn tonight and the Hawaii football game will probably be a closer contest than this match-up tonight.

Final Score: ROCKIES 6 D-BACKS 2

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