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Home of Greggy G's favorite Old Sports Dudes & MLB Postseason Picks!

MLB Picks: 115-91 ats - NFL Picks: 12-9 ats - College Picks: 10-15 ats

Closed-out the gambling week with a 2-0 performance last night and actually woke-up this morning without as much kidney/liver pain from the wedding debacle. And how about those Rockies…and how about Kenny Lofton doing his best Vinny Testaverde impression? With that, I think it’s time for Greggy G’s Top-5 old geezers of professional sports:

At the age of 44, the Dallas Mavericks signed the 7-foot former Michigan St. Spartan last year and even gave him 42 minutes of court time to showcase a body that would make Michael Sweetney cry…and possibly the shortest arms I’ve ever seen for a frontcourt banger. I’m not hatin’, but the dude looks like a Tyrannosaurs Rex grabbing a rebound.

Who doesn’t love a 46 year-old knuckleballer who reminds you more of the Crisco, Bardall, Vagisil wonder Eddie Harris from the movie Major League than a 25-year MLB veteran. I don’t know why I think this is cool, but all knuckleball pitchers should have career record of exactly .500…just like Charlie, 216 wins & 216 loses.

The hairy-armed little magician played in the toughest professional league until he was 43 years-old. After the age of 40, Doug Flutie became the only player ever to rush for 2 Tds in a game and be named AFC Offensive Player of the week. How many short-white dudes can say they won a Heisman Trophy, became a legend in Canada for something other than hockey, and are able to say they met and played for Bill “I am God” Belichick.

You know you’re old when your number is retired by the White Sox in 1989, only to find yourself playing for them from 1996-97…and then again from 2000-01. While the DH/RF probably had the prettiest left-handed swing and blackman’s beard I’ve ever seen, what was more amazing was the fact that he only said 9 words over the course of his 22-year career.

After throwing the 1st perfect game in the 2000 Little League World Series, Mr. Almonte proceeded to strike-out 62 of 72 batters in tournament in 2001. But following numerous investigations, it turned out Danny was older than Heather Locklear, and was then forced to pitch against kids his age and never seemed to find that dominate ability he had when striking out T-ballers. One cool side note, in 2005, information leaked that Danny was married to women in her 30s…the funny thing, I’M NOT JOKING!!!

I’m no scientist, but I’m guessing Tim Wakefield’s knuckleball won’t dance as much in this weather. I’m also not a mathematician, but the odds can’t be good that Paul Byrd shuts-out both the Yankees and Red Sox in the postseason. While I’d luv for it to be the Tribe exploding for 6 or 7 runs, I do believe at least one of these teams will score big early and continue it all night. Oh yeah, and at least when you bet the OVA never really out of it until the final pitch is thrown.

Final Score: TRIBE 7 RED SOX 5

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