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Home of Greggy G’s MLB Playoff Preview

I’m more amazed than the time I saw Alyssa Milano dating someone without a baseball hat that the experts have picked the Yanks to win this series. The Bronx Bombers were 6-0 with a 2.67 ERA against the Tribe this season and have been one of the hottest teams in baseball ova the 2nd half. Cleveland fans will tell you that C.C. never pitched against them, and while they’re not Raffy Palmeiro’ing (aka lying), he’ll probably only pitch twice and the rest of the staff sported a horrific 8.19 ERA in those contests. While a luv Fausto Carmona, this is his 1st experience in October and he wasn’t anything special against Torre’s crew in his 2 starts (0-1, 4.15). I hate to pick against my Homeboy Orvi (the only blonde-haired, blue-eyed, Jew from Cleveland), but the Yanks have too much rolling for them right now.

Without too much star-power, the Angels captured the West by playing fundamentally sound, getting some unexpected brilliance from the youngsters (OF Reggie Willits & 2B Howie Kendrick), and having outstanding starting pitching day-in and day-out. Unfortunately, their ace Jon Lackey struggled mightily against the B-Sox (0-2, 8.38) and I can’t see them advancing without him winning 2 games in this series. As for Boston, they have more playoff experience than face-in-the-pillow experience for Asia Carrera, not to mention, I fully expect Dice-K to finally live-up to they hype and money he was given this off-season.

The Rockies are my Golden St. Warriors of the NBA so I expect them to dominate at home and win at least one on the road. Besides Cole Hamels, I think the Phillies starting staff is extremely average, while I’d also never bet on a team coached by Charlie Manuel to win a playoff series. Colorado is playing with house money right now and is the hottest team in baseball…that’s like betting against Travis Henry not to have a kick-ass football squad at his family reunion in 10 years.

If Big Z wins tonight (check out my pick for tonight after this breakdown), this could be a sweep for the Cubbies. Looking at Arizona’s line-up, I can’t figure out how they won more than 70 games this year. They were dead last in batting average (.250) in the NL and ranked 3rd from the bottom in runs scored, and only had one starting pitcher with an ERA under 4.25 (Brandon Webb) that made more than 10 starts. As for the Cubs, Bartman’s nowhere to be seen, the trio of Alfonso, Aramis, & D-Lee are just too much for the D-Backs to handle, and everyone in Chicago deserves more hotties in Cubbie blue for another month.

Brandon Webb has looked mortal of late, allowing more than a hit an inning over his last 4 starts with an ERA of 3.76. As for Big Z, he hasn’t allowed a run in his last 2 starts and rumor has it he’s been drinking plenty of Pedialyte since Sunday. Even if these two pitchers are a wash, the line-up for the Cubs is twice as potent and has much more experience when in comes to post-season action. I mean the only team that hit worse than the D-Backs this year was the dreadful, horrible, and embarrassing Chicago White Sux. While I’m not drinking Cubbie Kool-Aid for the entire post-season, I’ve dropped a lil Kettle One in my blue sugar water for this series.

Final Score: CUBS 5 D-BACKS 3

Posted by Greg Gamble on October 3, 2007 12:29 PM |


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