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A few thoughts on the Cubbies last night:

1. Who in the flying f*ck are these dudes on the D-Backs? I’m a degenerate who knows way too much about the UTEP’s back-up point guard, and I was more clueless than Shawn Kemp after Planned-Parenthood classes when these guys stepped to the dish. If I saw Conner Jackson on the street, I would have guessed he was the guy that got a rusty-trombone from Britany in a Vegas pool before I guessed he was a major leaguer!

2. If Sweet & Salty Lou was gonna take Big Z out an inning later anyway, why not pinch-hit for him with the bases-loaded an inning earlier. I know he was one of the few guys to swing the lumber well against Brandon “Don’t call me Spud” Webb, but with the bags juiced we all know Zambrano is more likely to break his bat ova his knee swinging for the fences than he is to get a hit. Webb gave the Venezuelan some meaty pitches in his early at-bats, but treated him like D-Lee with the bases loaded, as expected. With possibly the best pinch-hitting lefty in the majors available, Daryle “w/ fries” Ward, and Pinella planning to remove him an inning later, I just don’t understand the logic…or why the hell Cinemax doesn’t wait to put on “Stewardesses in Heat” until after the ballgame.

3. In the bottom of the 7th with a Chris Snyder on 3rd and one out, pinch hitter Conner “trombone” Jackson hit a sac-fly to center. While there was no chance for Jacque Jones to actually get the runner at home, did you see his throw…I never saw him throw it to the infield on a fly once during the regular season, and he actually airmailed a halfway decent throw. I’m not here to speculate, but how does that not throw up a red-flag to the senate’s steroid investigation.

With that, let’s breakdown some Thursday Night Football Action and try to win back some luv on the diamond…

I know South Carolina (4-1, 2-1) is a tough place to play, but when you have best QB in college football…I’ll take the points every time. The 6-5 Wildcat SR. signal-caller Andre’ Woodson has been unbelievable so far this season (1309 yards, 67%, 16 Tds, 1 Int), and proved at Arkansas earlier in the year that he can be just as dominate on the road (W 42-29). Not that it matters tonight, but I believe Woodson will better than Brady Quinn and JaMarcus Russell at the next level. Throw-in Sr. WR Keenan Burton who’s coming off a ridiculous season last year (77 catch, 1036 yrds, 12 Tds) and a RB tandem (Rafael Little & Tony Dixon) that has racked-up some remarkable numbers this year (781 rushing yards, 7.0 avg, 6 Tds), and I don’t see how the Gamecocks can keep the Wildcats (5-0, 1-0) out of the 30s. While South Carolina has looked solid and even played well at LSU two weeks ago (L 28-16), I can’t see how a Woodson loses a Thursday Night nationally televised game to a team led by a redshirt freshmen QB (Chris Smelley) who just got the starting job a few weeks ago. Sure he’s aided by the ole’ ball-coach Steve Spurrier and a rushing attack that should dominate against the average DL of Kentucky, but this is my Homeboy Andre’ 2007…the 2007 Heisman Trophy Winner!


Looks like I’m doubling-up after losing last night! And why not, I think Ted Lilly was 76-2 with the Cubs coming off a loss this year, and lefty Doug Davis (13-12, 4.25) is simply a tall dude with a cool soul-patch. While the experts will tell you the Cubs struggled against southpaws this year, including once against Doug Davis, this diamond expert saw the Cubs look much better against lefties the last few months of the season. What can I say, I still have some left-over Kettle One from last night to mix my Cubbie Kool-Aid!

Final Score: Cubs 5 D-Backs 3

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