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Greggy G's NBA & CF Hump Day ATS Magic For Entertainment Purposes Only

ATS - MLB: 116-91 - NFL: 14-15 - College: 20-20 - NBA: 4-3

With an “ahhh-push-it” in college football and a 2-1 evening in roundball, I didn’t make enough to head to eBay for all 30 NBA teams in classic Zubaz apparel…but did make enough if I needed tip-money for the year and my name was “No-Tippin’” Scottie Pippen. Back to the drawing-board tonight (or as I call it…the yellow-pad of sin), with another double-dose of sporting events, as well as, another double-dose of Theraflu and Citron for my sick-azz. As for the Bullies, more than any other team, they all need to be focused and confident to be successful. With the contract shiznit and Kobe rumors this preseason, the Bulls are not on the same page and look less confident then David Silver hangin’ with the upperclassmen at Beverly Hills High early-on…not to mention, their backscourt is still only taller the Bears opening-day starting QB. Everyone expects the Bulls to snap out of this, but I'm guessing it’s gonna take longer than people think. Anywho, let’s go make some paper Homeboys…time to scout out tonight’s action like a Grad Student at Keg party!


CHARLOTTE CATS O’ BOB (2-1) @ PHILLY 76ERS (1-2) (-3.5)
While Raymond Felton has been injured in the past, the PG-oriented offense in Charlotte always had the underrated Brevin Knight in their back pocket. This year, no such luck, and you definitely saw the panic in the faces of the Bobcats last night when he went down. In his place tonight, the much traveled and troubled Jeff McInnis will try to replace the lil’ engine that makes the entire offense flow (Felton’s avgs thru 2 games: 42 min 23 pts 10 ass). While the 76ers are nuttin special, they always play solid at home and have a great leader in PG Andre Miller and a do-everything star in SF Andre Iguodala. Throw-in the board-controlling play of Reggie “Grabbin’ Nuts” Evans & Sammy ‘Superfreak’ D, and I’m guessing the Cats O’ Bob won’t be too excited about playing a back-2-back after gettin’off the plane in nipply Philly…Philly by 6-10 points

For all the hype for the future of the Sonics, P.J. Carlesimo’s is forced to mix average veterans with newcomers that don’t have an NBA physique yet. While Durant will fill-up the box-score, he can’t stop anybody on defense right now and is still struggling with finding a comfort zone on offense (basically, where he can catch-it without anybody blowing-on him). In addition, they’re playing a back-2-back tonight after getting beaten by a pretty-bad Kings squad, and don’t have the consistency in the front-court to handle a guy like Gasol tonight. While the Grizz haven’t won a game yet, just like John Salmons & Kevin Martin did to Seattle’s young wing players last night (54 pts 12 reb 7 ass…and 20 FT attempts!), Gasol will get plenty of help as Rudy Gay & Mike Miller will torch which ever player Durant guards. Memphis actually has played well in their two loses (by 3 to SA and to an undefeated Indiana), and are getting strong play from the bench (Kyle Lowry, Stromile Swift, & Casey Jacobsen) to team with one of the most underrated Big Man in the game…Mr. “I should have been a Bull” Gasol!. While you guys may have confidence in Chris Wilcox, Nick Collison, & Robet Swift to slow him down, I’d rather have Marcus Fizer, Paul Shirley, & Kenny Pratt banging than those fools…Cyclone for Life and Grizz by 5-9 points

MIAMI HEAT (0-3) @ SAN ANTONIO SPURS (3-1) (-11)
The worst thing Coach L.A. Looks could have seen last night was the defending champs losing badly to a bitter-rival. Yao Ming had his way with the Spurs frontcourt (including Duncan at times) and I’m guessing they’ll be fired-up tonight to make Shaq look Will Purdue’ish. Not to mention, you’ll have Jason “No-D or knees” Williams trying to chase Tony Longoria around and Ricky Davis still trying to figure out the Heat’s systems as Manu exploits every opening on the floor. If the Spurs get-up early, I’m not gonna worry about the back end cover as the likes of Bonner, Barry, & Udoka will light-it-up in-front of the home crowd…Spurs by 15-19 points


OHIO BOBCATS (5-5) (3-3) (-3) @ AKRON ZIPS (3-6) (2-3)
After a slow start, former Nebraska headmaster (no, not Bill Callahan yet) Frank Solich has the Cats o’ Bob’s running game rollin’ tighter than Snoop Dogg’s cataract-stick and have won 3 of their last 4. Kalvin “Don’t call me Calvin” McRae has rushed for over 700 yards & 9 TDs during the span (176 ypg), while Solich has implemented a duel-QB game plan that has worked better than O.J.’s glove trick. As for the Zips, forget that they’ve lost 4 of 5 or have major QB issues, this is simply a gamblin’ equation here: Zips lost by 24 at Bowling Green last week, while the Cat o’ Bob won at Bowling Green by 11 two weeks ago…and the line is only frickin’ 3? I know Homeboys, who needs Dean Witter for investment ideas when you have Dean Gamble for free!

Final Score: CATS O’ BOB 34 ZIPS 24

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