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Home of Greg Gamble's Daily NBA ATS Picks

ATS - NBA: 15-12 NFL: 18-16 College: 24-25 MLB: 116-91

While some would call the weather dreadful today, after a 2-0 performance on the professional hardwood and teams like the Deng’less Bulls & Dingleberry-coached Knicks on the docket facing teams that have won 8 in-a-row combined, let’s just say the weather reminds me of the misty, heavenly-atmosphere of Amsterdam. I know it sounds like we're pickin’ on the wounded by investing against Skiles & Isiah, but just ask my buddy Dave how much fun it is knockin’ the dust off a single-mom on crutches. Let’s make it happen Homeboys and roll into Thanksgiving with some diamond incrusted-bling to use as a cranberry-sauce holder…man, do I love this ATS game!

With Captain Kirk and Noce guarding these two tonight, what you think the ova/unda is on when they'll both in foul trouble...5 minutes!?

Nobody is hotter than the Nuggets right now…well, maybe that chick always wearing the tight-FLST gear, but with 6 Ws in-a-row by an average of 17 ppg, I’ll just say that George Karl’s corn-rolled heroes are not that for behind that Seminole-azz...(continue reading beeatches!)

While A.I. & Carmelo look determined to prove their more than just video-game icons and a great ticket-draw, the consistent play of Marcus Camby (9.4 ppg, 14.5 rpg, 3.3 blks), the emergence of a deadly shooting bench (J.R. Smith 12 ppg 46 3-pt%, Linas Kleiza 12 ppg, 52 fg%), and the return of Kenyon Martin have been the quiet catalysts for their success. The offense is virtually unstoppable right-now, and should cause all kinds of foul-trouble for an undermanned, frustrated, and tired Bulls squad. While I’ve always supported the Paxson, Skiles, & Co. firm, Coach Scottie seems out of answers with sideline facial expressions that seem to spell defeat by the 2nd quarter, and I will never stop criticizing Johnny Pax for his handling of the contract/Kobe fiasco during the pre-season. I wish I had a better prediction for my hometown Bullies, but without Deng, and Hinrich probably in foul-trouble before you can say: “Adrian Griffin started against the Lakers Sunday!”, I don’t see how their not blown-out in Denver…where the atmosphere is one of the most underrated in the NBA…Nuggets by 14-18 points

Disregarding all the off-court drama Isiah “Hey Bitch” Thomas has thrown on his over-priced & casually-motivated ballers…and ignoring his blow-up yesterday when he kicked his players out of practice trying to use his evil-eyebrow approach to prove he’s still in-charge…even though they all know he’ll be fired by X-Mas, the Knickerbockers biggest dilemma will be trying to match-up with the suddenly hot/Alba Warriors. The Knicks only true scoring options (Eddy Curry & Zach Randolph) are not what you’d call Karl Malone-fit or fastbreak-friendly to keep-up with Al Harrington and Andres Biedrins in the frontcourt, while the speed/strength of Golden St’s wings (S-Jax, Pietrus, Azubuike, & M. Ellis) will find the “O-Lay” defense of Jamal Crawford, Q-Richardson, & Fred Jones similar to Aurora Snow’s at a pool-party sponsored by Vivid Entertainment. Did I mention that Nate Rob & Stephon Marbury will be in-charge of stopping Baron’s azz from backing his way down to the block?

Also, after a slow-start and the suspension of Stephen Jax for his best imitation of a Cowboy outside a strip-club, the Warriors have found last year’s playoff magic and have won 2-straight since S-Jax has returned (Clippers by 17, @ Raptors by 6). As for the Knick soap-opera, they’ve lost 6-straight, including a home-loss to a Wade’less Heat squad. If the Warriors roll by double-digits tonight, don’t be shocked while having your bagel & Heineken tomorrow to hear that Zeke’s sorry-azz has been fired…Warriors by 8-12 points


In my opinion, there's only a few things more perfect than Dirk running the high-post!

After some unexpected success last season the Raptors rolled into ’07 with some hype and some new shooters, but after 10 games, they surprisingly look smaller, slower, and less-energetic…kind of like Britney at the MTV awards minus the smaller part. Bosh’s non-stop motor seems to be running on a bad-wheel, their new shooters (Delfino & Kapono) aren’t what you call track-stars, and the 6-9 Maceo Baston & Andrea Bargnani have been forced to man the middle with C Rasho Nesterovic out and Jorge Garbajosa mysteriously pickin’-out splinters. As for the Mavs, as I told you before the year, they’re winning the title and will attempt to quiet every critic that’s said their soft and late-game chokers. Dirk Diggler has become more of facilitator with his back-to-the-basket and at the high-post, which has enabled Josh Howard, Jason Terry, & Jerry Stackhouse to do what they do best…score. Throw-in possibly the most underrated PG in the league in Devin “Captain Defense” Harris and two monsters in the middle in DeSagana Diop (5 ppg, 9 rpg, 2.4 bpg) & Erick Dampier (27 rebs per 48 min over last 3 games), and I’m guessing the Raptors will struggle to keep this within double digits most of the night…Mavs by 10-14 points

After three games last week against the ballyhooed ballin’ Lakers, Mavericks, & Rockets and tomorrow’s tilt against the new Eastern-power Magic in San Antonio, how excited do you think Timmy D and his banged-knee will be playing in-front of 28 people in Hot-lanta tonight? Let alone, he’ll be chasing the dozen or so SF/PF/Slasher the Hawks have playing at the forward spots (Josh Smith, Marvin Williams, Al Horford, etc.) along with the return of the young-banger ZaZa Pachulia. Especially if Joe Johnson (23 ppg 6 apg) & Josh Childress (13 ppg 6 rpg 59 fg%) can find a rhythm in Spud Webb’s old stomping-grounds, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Hawks win this one straight-up, let alone, cover double digits!...Spurs by some late FTs.

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