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College Football Saturday With Teasin' T-Bone

Check out these three ATS winners from Teasin’ T-Bone…and keep reading the previous post from Greggy G, the man that tought me how cool it was to drink flavored malt liquor!!

Navy +3 @ Notre Dame

Can you say Kaipo Nao Kaheaku-Enhada, okay, I can’t either. How ‘bout this….Navy Offense(36 ppg) vs. horrific Notre Dame Defense(30 ppg) or dysfunctional Irish O(10ppg) vs. equally dysfunctional Navy D(38 ppg). I don’t see how the powerhouse ground game on the road doesn’t get the job done because the gold domers from South Bend can’t even run wind sprints quick enough to keep up with the Midshipmen option. Navy wins outright to end the 43 year drought.

Texas Tech -20 @ Baylor

Remember Graham Harrell, the Heisman candidate a couple weeks ago before two losses. He is still leading a team with infinite firepower and is getting a ton of help this year from the newly found Red Raider defense. When you cross this Tech offense with the Bears D it’s like watching an old Jenna Jameson flick, cause the baby Bears are givin’ it up all day long. If you’re still on the fence, Tech is averaging a 35 point margin in their 6 wins. Tech by 32

Florida State @ Boston College -7

The points on this are ridiculous. The oddsmakers have to be thinking that this FSU squad is from the mid 90’s, back when they had robots on defense and a signal caller that had basic leadership ability(you know who I’m talkin’ to Mr. Weatherford). On the BC side, they had their scare against a top notch VT squad last week, and since this one won’t be in the rain, Matt Ryan will use his precision to pick apart a banged up Seminole squad. Hey Bobby, can you lean in cause I have a secret, closer…closer…you’re friggin’ leaving the cupboard bare dude, call it quits and leave respectably. BC by 17.


LSU @ Alabama teased up to +13

Dorsey is gimpy, Perilloux is out, Saban is a leader and will use some trickeration. LSU by 3.

Texas A&M teased up to +27 @ Oklahoma

The Aggies running game will keep this one within 3 TD’s all day long. Okie still rolls and proves they are still the powerhouse of the Big 12. Stoops by 23.

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