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GREGGY G's NBA & College FB ATS Winners For Entertainment Purposes Only

ATS - NBA: 6-4 - NFL: 14-15 - College: 20-21 - MLB: 116-91

Even as I start to regain my '06-07 NBA dominance (4 of 6 ats) and look forward to over 1,000 games where I get to match my pick with a specific swimsuit, I’m surprisingly depressed because of the Bulls early season struggles…I mean if I don’t chuckle at Eddy Curry’s “O-lay” defense or laugh at Zydrunas Ilgauskas’s mistimed cross-over, something is Rae Carruth wrong. While you’ve heard me rant how the Kobe rumors and contract negotiations hurt an already fragile team prepare for the season, what amazes me is how quickly the entire city seems to have changed their tone. Similar to the majority of the Bulls faithful, I was more willing to give-up my “Kobe Tai’s – All Tai’d Up” DVD than part with some of Paxson, Skiles, & Co’s hard-working youngsters. But after only 4 games, the mood has changed faster than Dog the Bounty Hunter’s career and the city is desperate for a change…me included. I’ve come to the realization the Bulls may be close to their ceiling as constructed, while the rest of the East has improved dramatically and have a better handle on Chicago’s “hardworking, undersized, star-less roster without a post-game” style. While it’s not irrational to like Captain Kirk and Luol more than a guy who doesn’t understand “No means No” in Colorado, it is wrong to think Hinrich & Deng are bringin' us title without some help. I know…I’ve changed my mind after a few games, but Britany’s changed her mind about marriage, hair, & taking car of her kitty and she still gets MTV gigs. I wish I was wrong fellaz, but I think the Bullies maxed out their ability last year and will struggle to find a smooth rhythm anytime some...especially with the trade rumors and unsigned contracts bouncing in their head more than silicon twins on choppy water. Now that's funny shiznit.



In the Cardinals four Ls, they’ve averaged over 30 points per contest and usually been within a posession when the gun sounds. While they struggled early with a new coaching staff and some suspensions, pre-season Heisman candidate QB Brian Brohm has taken the reigns and has helped bring back so,e '06 swagger. As for WV, even though the made Rutgers look foolish in their last contest, comparing Mike Teel (2467 yrds 58% 14 Tds 9 Ints) to Brohm (3229 yrds 68% 26 Tds & Ints) is like comparing a middle class white-girl to a mail-order bride from Thailand. Obviously, the Cardinals defense had trouble stopping Syracuse so they’ll struggle to keep the Mountaineers from scoring 50…which is fine, as long as my Mountain Homeboys score ova 30. Come-on, a Thursday Night rivalry game and you can get over 3 TDs…that’s what I call a gift that keeps on givin'!


The Pistons, more-or-less, dominated the Bulls in the playoffs last year…and since then, has locked-up their captain (Chauncey) and rolled into training camp with everybody on the same page, while the Bulls look more disorganized than a Bachelor Party in Vegas and have some identity issues with the organization. Throwing the psyche issues out the window, the Pistons are also a terrible match-up for the Bulls. Ben Gordon is forced to guard (or not guard) Rip Hamilton or Chauncey Billups, while a rejuvenated Sheed and healthy McDyess will toy with the injured Big Ben and his Bag of ‘No-Offense’ frontcourt youngsters. Sure, Luol may beat Tayshaun in the box score tonight, but of all the swingmen in the East…nobody handles Deng like Mr. Prince. Sorry Homeboys, but Detroit seems poised to return to promise-land and I have a feeling this will be another statement game to the league…Pistons by 5-11 points

How much you want to bet Dirk had this game circled on his calendar (…on the fridge next to the drunk-picture of him and the Golden Tee machine) 3 months ago? As we’ve seen on quality teams with great coaches in almost every other league, when a powerhouse is disappointed early in the playoffs the year prior, they spend the off-season working harder than DPer in the Adult film industry and comes out smoking. On that same premise, what you think the Warriors did after their immaculate playoff run...from the looks of it so far, eating, smoking, and eating more because of the munchies. Coach Don Nelson worried more about getting every penny than game-planning this off-season, while Jason Richardson was shipped out (one of the only guys that played defense & rebounded every night), Stephen Jackson was suspended for the start of the season, and Baron Davis has decided he’s going back to being a 3-point shooter who can’t shoot (3 for 25 thru 4 games). Also, once the Mavs get-up tonight, they’ll look to embarrass a squad that embarrassed them in last year’s playoff. Hey, you know I’m GST Warriors Zubaz wearing M*tha F*cker…but no chance I break those bad boys out unless I can’t find a happy-sock for post game celebration…Dirk the German Diggler by 14-18 points.

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