ATS - NBA: 11-11 NFL: 17-16 College: 22-23 MLB: 116-91

And the headlines read: “Starbury and Zeke Forgive and Forget…because Stephon has enough dirt on Isiah to make him look shadier than Al Pacino in the Devil’s Advocate!” (BTW, the Asian chick in the elevator scene is my ex…she just doesn’t know it.) Seriously, is it me or can you just see the sin coming out of Isiah’s crooked-azz eyebrows? As for Stephon, only with the Knickerbockers would he hold all the cards in this fiasco. And the biggest joke, I’m actually hearing the so-called experts talk about where Stephon could be potentially be traded…are you frickin’ kidding me! I don’t care what scenario they throw-out or how his contract can help a team land a superstar in 2009 when Kobe or RIP are available, nobody is touching this 21-million dollar a year public relations nightmare. I even heard a guy a thought was pretty bright in Greg Anthony tell me last night that Stephon is a good guy with a big heart…What! Even if he sent flowers to the intern he banged in his truck outside the strip-club or was singing & smiling outside the courthouse after his deposition of the sexual harassment trail because he was nervous…I’m gonna go with NOBODY IN THEIR RIGHT-MIND HAS A ROSTER SPOT FOR STARBURY! And what about his crazy interview he did with NBC over the summer that was so hard to follow and I almost got seasick? The only time I heard more idiotic comments was when R. Kelly proclaimed:

“I’m the Ali of today. I’m the Marvin Gaye of today. I’m the Bob Marley of today. I’m the Martin Luther King, or all the other greats that have come before us. And a lot of people are starting to realize that now.” R. Kelly

Yeah, if "Sir Piss alot" can comparing himself to a modern-day MLK…I’m the A.C. Slater, Shawn Kemp, & Joey Buttafuoco of 2007! As for Mr. Marbury, I know his charity work has been well-documented and agree with him that money makes you do stupid things, but telling the world during an interview that, "I believe in trilogy. My third eye. That's my spirit." that’s not stupid because of money my friends! But in all honesty, if I was a GM and was forced to sleep with Courtney Love if I didn’t take-on Stephon or Isiah, I’d be an investor in $15 dollar shoes and get a Starbury Tatt on my neck before I’d even allow Zeke into my Port-o-Potty. With that, we have some college football and NBA to analyze to make-up for a 1-2 night on the hardwood…How in the flying reverse cowgirl do my Warriors blow a 22-point lead and the Knicks comeback from 73-57 with 8 minutes to go and lose by 3! Oh well, it’s not like the losses mean I’m taking a Shaun Alexander…I don’t quit, I don’t take breaks, and I don’t wear underwear with dress-pants…I just tuck and roll the collared-shirt my friends!


CHICAGO BULLS (1-5) @ PHOENIX SUNS (6-2) (teased to -4.5)
How the hell is the Bulls frontcourt going to slow-down both Baby Jesus and the Matrix tonight? Ben Wallace looks more over-worked than the tail-end of Asia Carrera’s career, T-Time still has the basketball IQ of a Knickerbocker, and Joe Smith is not what you call a tailor-made up-tempo defender. While the Suns haven’t found their mid-season rhythm yet, they’ve won 3 in-a-row by an average of 8.6 ppg and Amare is looking better by the day. Throw-in a Bulls squad that was “Assploitations 5” destroyed by an up-tempo Raptors squad (101-71) and will be debuting a brand-new starting line-up, and I’ll be shocked if the Bulls keep it under double digits. Why the tease you ask, let’s just say with only 4 choices in the NBA and CF combined, it’s not like I’m getting to sift through the plays like a trucker at an adult-book store…Suns by 9-13 points

OREGON DUCKS (8-1) @ ARIZONA WILDCATS (4-6) (teased to +18)
The Ducks are coming-off two emotional home wins against Pac-10 powers in USC & Arizona, and are dealing with the constant BCS chatter regarding their chances at a National Championship Game. As for the Wildcats, after a terrible start, their high-powered offense has come alive in victories @ Washington (48 points 535 yards) and against UCLA (34 points, 469 yards). Wildcats Jr. QB Willie Tuitama has been awesome of late spreading the ball around like a sorority-girl without a formal date, while overall his numbers stack-up with almost anyone in the country (3145 yards, 64%, 24 TDs, & 9 Ints). Sure, the Arizona defense is easier than Jenna Jameson on a film-set, but I’m counting on a bevy of Wildcat playmakers to cause problems against a Duck secondary that has given-up a ton of yards this season (I've never used the word "bevy" before...I like). With a crazy atmosphere in Zona, a potential job-savor for Head Coach Mike Stoops, and basically a bowl-game for the players…I can’t see how this one isn’t closer than expected…Ducks by 7-13 points

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