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ATS - NBA: 17-13 NFL: 18-16 College: 24-25 MLB: 116-91

With family members filling the Greg Gamble estate on both Hump Day & Turkey Day, it looks like I’ll be spending plenty of time in the garage or watching the games pretending that the score doesn’t really matter. And thanks to the NBA this week (4-1 ats), at least I can splurge for some Alize & Cristal for my garage-trips and business transactions. What an easy night, Scottie Skiles had the sourpuss scowl going early…which meant a Nugget cover by halftime, while Isiah was still tryin’ to convince Curry to jump & Starbury to play defense…even though they know he’s days away from the axe. Lucky for you, a found a few more plays on the NBA docket easier than Pamela on the rebound, while also giving you some Turkey Day football action to make your cousin’s drunk mumblings all the more interesting. Have a great Thanksgiving Homeboys, and make sure to give your Grandma a huge hug from Mr. Gamble… and someone please text me later and remind me to hide my “Greggy G’s Camping Shiznit” box in the guest bedroom.

Everybody chirping this week thinks the Pack are gonna roll like Heather Graham (nuttin’ smoother than Roller Girl) and the Lions are quickly moving out of the playoff picture. As for yours truly, I’ve found more hidden gems then ‘Indiana Jones in the Temple of Poon’ regarding a home-dog investment to start-off your Turkey Day:

More hidden gems than ‘Indiana Jones in the Temple of Poon’ regarding a home-dog investment to start-off Turkey Day:

Greggy G's three reasons way Green Bay's losin' on Turkey Day:

1. Old Man on Short Week & Hard Surface
Even though Farve’s a pigskin god and looks sexy in Wranglers, I’m guessing the 3-days of rest is not what the Vicodin Doctor would have ordered. Throw-in a surface that will make the grass in Lambeau feel like the 1st time you wore silk boxers, and I expect Brett to be throwing off his back-foot more than normal. Trust me like you trust your bookie, the combo of a rockin’ stadium for the 1st Thanksgiving game that’s mattered in a long-time and a young D-Line ranked 5th in the NFC will bring-out some of those classic Favre mistakes.

2. Packer Distractions
While the Lions are desperately grabbing for a life-jacket, the Packers are sitting pretty and may be looking forward to the ballyhooed battle with Romo & the Cowboys in Dallas next week. In addition, Green Bay was called out this week regarding a claim that defensive players were offering "bounties" to teammates for achieving specific defensive goals…an accusation the league is looking in to. I’ll take the desperate team, you can take the expert’s team.

3. The Pack need more than two great corners
Every week we hear how great the Packers two corners are (Al Harris & Charles Woodsen), but they could be a lil overwhelmed by the Lions multiple weapons after gettin’ use to some one-dimensional offenses over their last 3 weeks (Carolina, K.C., & Minnesota). And don’t tell me Carolina and their old-balls QB are a passing team...they were down big and had to pass. You can’t compare them to the Lions, who have 5 legit weapons and a spread-offense that would make T.T. Boy proud.

And Finally, the Packers already banged-up and underperforming backfield may have to replace some of the Ryan Grant’s carries because of a gimpy ankle…and he’s been the real-difference the last few weeks for GB. That’s what I got Homeboys…take it or leave it!

Final Score: PACKERS 23 LIONS 24


*Jets teased to +20.5
*Colts teased to -6.5

Just like you…I was more shocked then when I finally saw the Sharon Stone-uncrossing her legs thing and only saw a frickin' shadow that the Jets beat the Steelers last week. While I don’t think they’ll pull-out a victory in Dallas, I do think the atmosphere has to be improving with Mangini’s boys and it’s tough to beat any confident team in the NFL by 3 TDs. And it’s not like the Cowboys D isn’t prone to a few bone-head plays every game. Cowboys win, but Jets easily cover 20

What better way to get Peyton and the offense going than a national-televised game, on his favorite surface, against an awful Falcons squad that just lost at home by 24 to Jeff “I’m not gay DAMN IT!” Garcia. If the Colts had blown-out the Chiefs last week, I’d be a lil’ less confident, but they didn’t…and the Falcons also have Joey Harrington’s hands under center this week. Peyton by double-digits

Don’t even count the Nuggets game last night against the lifeless Bullies…it was over quicker than my azz the first time I was granted Punani-access. While some will always think the Nuggets are bunch of chumps, after the embarrassing brawl for Carmelo, the injury cat-calls to Kenyon, the constant criticism of A.I.’s inability to play with another superstar, and J.R. Smith’s summer of sin…this squad is desperate to prove they can become a dominant/championship caliber. And speaking of Skiles’s crappy-team, the Clippers lost by 20 at home to those short-overachievers last weekend! While LA had a surprisingly-hot start without Elton Brand, injuries and reality have slowed the Clipp show of late. Do-everything forward Corey Maggettee (20 ppg, 8 rpg) is out with a hamstring injury, while Sam Cassell is looking for a trade and Brevin Knight is just looking for some help…Nuggets by 8-12 points

The Mavericks were down 24 last night before they decided to drop-kick the Raps like Ralphy Mach against the Kobra-Kai. Avery “that’s a lot of frickin teeth” Johnson won’t let that happen again tonight, and won’t have to worry since every contest between the Texas Three is more intense than a Jason Caffey/Travis Henry/Shawn Kemp Kid-Off. As for the Rockets, they’ve lost four straight, have a banged-up T-Mac (prob.), and are still getting used to a new system under headmaster Rick Adelman. And I love that the line is so low with the game in Houston, with the Mavs experience…that’s like finding free quarters at the Adult Book Store arcade!...Mavs by 6-10 points

I liked the Mavs last night because the Raps frontcourt is Olsen Twin-thin and has forced Chris Bosh’s knees to handle alll the pressure. Not a good sign with the Raps playing a road back-to-back against a young/big/athletic Memphis squad (Gasol, Swift, Warrick, & Gay) that is looking better with each passing game. Especially since the Raps other strength is their speed at the point, Kyle Lowry & Damon Stoudamire should neutralize that match-up and enable the Grizzlies to rotate guys all-night on Bosh and force someone else to beat them…Grizz by 6-10 points

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