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ATS - NBA: 21-21 College BB: 3-1 NFL: 20-18 MLB: 116-91

Say hello to my favoirte RB Homeboys!

What can I say, 3-1 on the ATS luv train with my only loss coming at the hands of the Buffalo Bulls and their superstar G/F Greg Gamble (6 ppg, 3 reb, 2 ass) who may not have lit-up the scoreboard, but lit-up the hearts the Bulls female faithful. Not to mention, we affirmed the golden rule that you never ever bet against Greggy M*tha F*ckin’ G! And nuttin’ like teasin’ the Cowboys with a bunch plays on Sundays…that’s like rollin’ into the champagne room after one of your Homeboys graciously paid for the bubbly. I know the Cowboys covered anyway, but while some of you were nervous, I was just chillin’ with a Gin Martini (with a splash of Vodka of course). Speaking of the game last night, I had to mute the entire 2nd half because Bryant Gumbel is the worst NFL announcer I’ve ever heard! I’d rather listen to Ronnie Woo Woo & Rosie O’Donnell commentate from my living room than that stiff.

The Knicks only have one guy I'd pay to see!

As for tonight’s full docket of NBA action, I know I’m only .500, but I’m just getting warmed-up like Kobe Tai in the 1st scene of Face Invaders and my 171-127 record last year is what you’ll get if you have the stamina to make it to the final scene (what brilliant camera work!). Before I get to my picks, I do have one bit of information that’ll make you smile. As reported in the Rocky Mountain News, Nuggets problem-child J.R. Smith’s nickname he’s been dubbed by his Homeboys is “Youngrich”…when asked why he responded: “Because I’m young and rich!” I got a better one for ya J.R, how about “Overpaidpunk”…Have a great weekend fellaz, enjoy my picks today, and make sure to check in tomorrow for Teasin' T-Bone's Football Extravaganza!

Even though I'm bettin' 3 road teams that doesn't mean I still don't luv the Home Whites!

Did you see Isiah and has overpriced garbage last night? They lost by 50 to the Celtics and looked more disinterested than Brian Urlacher at Fan Appreciation Night. To make matters worse, with Boston on 20-0 run, Zeke purposely didn’t call a TO to embarrass his already fragile and spiteful group…probably because he knows he’s fired, and he knows his players have jumped-off his sinful ship (Sinful Ship…I think I need my agent to call Vivid Entertainment). As for the Bucks, after a hot start to put them atop the Central, they’ve lost two-straight and are desperate to regain some momentum. Not to mention, it’ll be a home-game atmosphere for Michael Redd and the boyz as the Garden will be rockin’ with anti-Isiah, Dolan, Starbury, Randolph, & Curry-hatred…Bucks by less than 50, but more than 10!

The only think easier than playing at the Garden nowadays is if your date's wearing cherries around her neck!

After a slow-start for the Pacers, since Jermaine “overhyped/overpriced” O’Neal has been out, they’ve won 4 of 5 and have been unbelievably unselfish. Especially on the road, where they’ve won the 1st two of a four game Western trip, they’ve found a nice rhythm with a starting group of Tinsley, Dunleavy, Granger, Murphy, & Foster. With the Sonics on the docket tonight and Clippers on Sunday, you can’t tell me their not determined to come home to Larry the Legend with an unblemished report card. As for the Sonics, when your go-to-guy is 19 and shooting under 40%...let’s just say his teammates can’t be too Chasey Lain from Where the Boys Aren’t 9-satisfied…Pacers by 6-10 points

This has too be a sign to take the Pacers...Seattle is really rocky and Indiana will be their with a lot of white players!

Even though I’m a big fan of ATL’s young ballers, especially at home where they play in-front about as many people as I do in Rec League (which I dominate!), the Hornets are too good and more desperate than a cheerleader without a football-boyfriend after losing to the T-Wolves at home. After an unbelievable start, the Hornets have lost 4 of 5 and had to deal with some nagging injuries to their stars (CP3 & Tyson)…but having not played since Monday, I’m thinking Byron Scott & Chris Paul have regrouped the fellaz and will do whatever it takes to return to the win column. As for the Hawks, their OK, but don’t have the Nikki Tyler from Dyke Diner-passion for winning yet…CP3 & the boys by 5-9 points

Chris Paul will have the passion to getter done tonight!

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