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ATS - NBA: 19-16 NFL: 19-18 College: 24-26 MLB: 116-91

What is it with cocky NFL coaches…do they really think if they don’t kick-it to a superstar the whole league with look at them like their pussywillows. Seriously, there’s no other explanation for Shanahan kicking to Devin Hester than having a god-complex. And how about Todd Sauerbrun’s lame-azz attempt to tackle Hester both times? I’m not saying he was tanking, but let’s just say if it turns out he pulled a Tim Donaghy…I wouldn’t be surprised. Yeah, the same guy who game to Bears’s camp as a rookie and cut his sleeves to show-off his tat, and earlier this week, talked trash about how they were going to kick to the most dangerous-man since Rae Carruth cause they weren’t gonna act like chicken-shits…and then proceeded to lay-down like a white-girl in the presence of His Airness on both returns. And finally, how embarrassing can things get for the Bulls? While local-scribes and national-experts have been telling you things will get better, yours truly has been telling you they’ll suck all-year. Watching them lose to a team with a basketball IQ that would make Tyrus Thomas look like John Stockton has to make Paxson, Skiles, & Co. look in the mirror for blame. It was almost comical watching Eddy Curry & Zach Randolph get position underneath the basket every possession and pivot as if their were playing against my old-Church league team (BTW, I was 2nd-team all defense my rookie season). What a Monday! Not touching the football game tonight, but I do have a few NBA gems to keep you satisfied like T.T. Boy on a film-set!

Now that T-Mac and the Chinaman have ended a six-game losing streak, look for them to go on a little run with a favorable schedule on the horizon. The Rockets destroyed the Nuggets as they started a four-game road-trip that only sees them face one-team with a winning record. McGrady’s bum flipper looked pretty healed with his 35-point performance Saturday, while Yao is starting to get more comfortable with Adelman’s new system. As for the Clippers, no Brand, no Maggette, and some hobbled point guards that only have Chris Kaman & Tim Thomas as offensive options. Trust me like you trust your bookie, the Rockets will get-up early and Sam Cassell will be pouting on the bench by the 2nd quarter…Houston Rockets by double-digits

I know the Jazz played last night, but everyone seems to get-up for a trip to Gotham. Boozer was ridiculously efficient last night (17-20 FGs), and should find things even easier against Eddy “Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger” Curry & Zach “Baby-Fat, not Baby-Phat” Randolph. I know the Knicks won their last one at home, but that was against the worst team in the NBA…my Chicago Bulls! With all the big-boys winning in the West, Sloan knows every win is important for home-court in the playoffs…not to mention, he’d probably would luv to beat Isiah’s azz like everybody else…Jazz by double-digits

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