ATS – NBA: 8-8 - NFL: 17-16 - College: 22-23 - MLB: 116-91

While I would've made a ‘lil more money taking both teams straight-up instead of teasin’ last night, no point in crying over spilled money and no point in gettin’ greedy with the NBA season just warming-up. With that, I’m jumping right into the NBA action faster than former Bull Jason Caffey jumped into bed with anybody that knew he sat at the end of an NBA bench (8 children with 7 women…Yahtzee Homeboy!). Let’s Roll

While games like this can find the home-team sleep-walking to victory without a cover, tonight’s match-up has a lil’ more drama with Rashard “Max” Lewis knowing everybody in Seattle will be watching his new-look in black & blue. Especially with the savior Kevin “I can’t play defense yet” Durant trying to replace Lewis & Jesus Shuttlesworth, you know the new Magicman will do everything he can to make sure the Sonics look terrible and that his teammates understand the underlining importance of this game...

Also, new Head Coach Stan "Ron Jeremy" Van Gundy was brought-in to not only improve the Magic win total, but also to establish a killer-instinct and accountability that should be seen on a nightly basis. Especially with arguably the most intimidating big-man in the game (Dwight Howard), the Magic should dominate from the opening-tip tonight as I don’t think Robert Swift, Nick Collison, & Chris Wilcox have a prayer of keeping Dwight away from 20 & 20. Not to mention, the Magic lost Saturday and should be extra focused to get back on the winning track. As for the rest of the SuperAverageSonics, let’s just say the Wilkens dude starting isn’t named Dominique and the PG named Luke doesn’t have the nickname Skywalker…Magic by 14-18 points

I’m sure you’re tired of me slamming coach L.A. Looks and the Heat, but without D-Wade on the floor this team’s talent rivals the talent at a strip-club where BYOB is allowed. Shaq & Zo look more tired than Belladonna after shooting the movie “Here’s the thing about young chicks” and will have all kinds of trouble hanging with the energetic Emeka Okafor (13.5 ppg, 13.2 rpg, 2 bpg), not to mention, Jason Williams’s knees are shot and will struggle mightly to handle the aggressive penetration from Raymond Felton. The only bright-spots for Miami this season has been from U. Haslem & Ricky D, but tonight’s match-ups with Jason Richardson & Gerald Wallace definitely favors the Cats o’ Bob. This will be the last meeting between these two as Charlotte already won in Miami 10 days ago…Bobcats by 8-12 points

NEW YORK KNICKS (2-3) @ PHOENIX SUNS (5-2) (-11.5)
Rumor has it the Knicks are already exploring options to get rid of Starbury and his $10 shoes after a miserable start to the season, while the loss at home to previously winless Miami has stirred speculation in Greggy G’s circle that Stephon’s departure may be a sneaky way for the New York to justify firing Isiah “You can’t, but I can call black women BEEATHCES” Thomas. Even without all this drama, how do you think Eddy Curry & Zach Randolph will fare chasing Amare & the Matrix in Phoenix? Throw-in a well-rested Suns squad that returned from a 4-game road-trip Saturday night and I fully expect D’Antoni to not let-up against a team and coach everybody luvs to destroy…Suns by 14-20 points

Posted by Greg Gamble on November 13, 2007 10:50 AM |


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