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ATS - College BB 2-0 NFL 19-18 NBA 20-21 MLB 116-91

For some reason THIS and...

...THIS doesn't bother Cowboy fans anymore!

I know I’ve hated on the Packers more than professional athletes hate on Rainbows (and no, I’m not talking about Colt Brennan), but I still think the cheese-heads are going crumble late in the year like Briana Banks after her scene in Full O’ Spunk. Of course Mr. Favre has turned back the clock and performed better than Diane Lane in the stairwell of Unfaithful, but one of these weeks he’s gonna hit the carpet a lil too hard or start throwing to the wrong jersey again. As for tonight, the Packers D is more banged-up than Ralph Macchio after not scaling the fence faster than the sweatshirt-wearin' Kobra-Kai. Stonewall DT Johnny Jolly is out and their two biggest playmakers, KGB & Charles, are game-time decisions and showed limited mobility in practice Tuesday. Especially with the game away from Lambeau and actually playing a team that’s better than average, I can’t see how the ageless magician and their out-of-nowhere RB keep-up with the star-power in Dallas. As for the spread (-7), I’m tempted to take it straight-up, but will to tease it (-1) with the OVA (46)…and the Lightning Bolts on Sunday (teased to even against KC and their no-QB, no-RB squad, and not good at decisions-coach). As for the hardwood action, let’s just say one of my picks is going against a college team that has player named GREG GAMBLE on it! What can I say, it’s Thursday, I ain’t got no night-job, and I’m going to be drunker than Tony LaRussa trying to sing the alphabet to an officer.

She's wearing an Duck wrist-band fellaz...that's an ATS sign!

The hype surrounding Wildcat freshman Michael Beasley is beyond-legit, and after averaging (27 ppg, 16 rpg, 54 3pt%) thru seven games KST understands that this phenom is one-and-done. While the competition through the start of the season has been Paris Hilton easy, with a new head coach and their 3-top players being freshmen it was the only way to go. But tonight, they put the hype to the test on ESPN against a veteran-laden Oregon squad ranked 17th in the nation. Of course Beasley and his frosh-boys will look solid at the offensive end, but I can’t see how they stop a Duck offense that has 5-players in double figures (3 Sr. & 2 So.) and plenty of big-bodies to throw at the Beast known as Beasley. Especially with the game televised, I’m guessing the Wildcats will be Remy from Higher Learning nervous and in foul-trouble by the end of the 1st half…The M*tha F*ckin Duck by 6-10 points

While Yao is nice, he doesn't have legs like this!

I know I got screwed like Taylor Hayes in Asstroids as Yao and the Rockets won a huge game in the land of the Sun last night, but I just can’t see the Great Wall of BBall getting those big legs moving for an even tougher task of running with the Warriors. Sure GST played last night, but this is a team made-up of 25 small forward that have the stamina of Kenyans and have the ability to rotate all night on T-Mac. Especially with Baron Davis and his J. Lo azz knocking Rafer & Stevie into the 1st row, I see Nellie’s boys riled-up at home and continuing to ride their hot-streak since S. Jackson’s crazy-azz returned from suspension (6-1)…Warriors by 4-8 points

Watch-out for the Waves baby!

You won’t believe this…the Bulls leading scorer and assist-man is none other than 6-4 Jr. GREG GAMBLE (9.3 ppg, 2.7 apg). While some would say that’s a sign from the gambling gods, I think it’s a sign to play against the man that’s ruining my internet searches! Plus, he’s on a terrible team that actually has 11 players averaging double-digit minutes as they scramble to find anybody to PUT THE LOTION IN BASKET! As for the Green M*tha F*ckin Wave, they’ll be a top-tier team in C-USA this year and actually beat Auburn to open the season. Coming-off a tough loss to an undefeated New Orleans squad that has already beaten NC ST, I’m guessing this veteran squad bounces back and let’s the Bulls know there’s only one Greggy G that can dominate the hardwood…Green Wave by 10-14 points

I couldn't find a Green Wave damn it!

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