By the time you read this I will be officially piss drunk in Ann Arbor passing out my jello shots like they were happy brownies to the lovely coeds and getting ready for the biggest friggin’ rivalry game of all time. So on this Saturday I have no choice but to have my money game be the one that I am attending, oh yeah, and it’s for the Rose Bowl also. BTW, I was studying the lines on Tuesday and threw all my money on the Tigers( at -7) just like my Patna’ Greggy G. So if the rivalry is too much juice for ya, rely on Chase Daniel & Mizzou, open that Old English 40 and pour out a little bit cause that touch of malt liquor will be the only thing you’ll be losin’ this fine Saturday...

For Teasin' T-Bone 'Continue Reading' , for Greggy G's Saturday magic...view previous post.

Just cause something's at a really big stadium...doesn't mean I can;t prefer smaller things.

Ohio State -4.5 @ Michigan

Rivalries like this come down to coaching, and I’m looking more at Lloyd Carr’s failures than Jim Tressel’s successes. Since Carr has been on the chopping block, all the players can say is that they want to win everything for their coach, but they will be trying too hard on Saturday cuz when your complete focus is on saving your coaches job, how can you have enough left to focus on the talent on the other sideline, especially the Buckeyes. Now lets get the talent, the Bucs have one of the most stifling defenses in the nation and they will pin their ears back against a gimpy Henne & Hart combo. Most Michigan squads could overcome this, but the Maze & Blue squad don’t have the depth of yesteryear. Boekman and Tressel will mythotically eat away at the Wolverines D and begin pulling away late in the 3rd. OSU by 10. ...Fyi, Greggy G listened to Teasin' T-Bone and teased it with Rams (+3) at SF.

Boston College teased up to +13.5 @ Clemson

The Eagles went from being #2 in the nation and having a Heisman hopeful to losing 2 in a row, I don’t think they will lose a 3rd, so I will have some coin on them outright, but this fits perfect to complement a trifecta teaser. Matt Ryan will prove his leadership ability today and at least keep this one close enough for an extra 6 points!

California teased down to -1 @ Washington

Cal is sitting at 6-4 and everyone has forgotten that they are loaded with talent and priming for a respectable finish and bowl game. They step into a game on Saturday where the Huskies are in wind-down mode knowing they can only look forward to the intrastate game next weekend against Washington State. Jason Locker, signal caller for the Huskies, is also doubtful and even if he plays will be a detriment to his team as he will simply be in drop back mode trying to protect himself. Cal owns the series, Cal owns the talent, and Cal owns this game by at least a point thanks to the invention of the teaser!! Cal by 7.

Oklahoma teased down to -2 @ Texas Tech

This looks like a line that should have been used about 4 weeks ago, back when the Red Raiders D wasn’t physically spent for the rest of the year. I thought TTU had made some permanent changes on defense, but soon came to the realization that they have 11 respectable players, and the back half of the year is just too much for them, especially against Stoops’ well oiled machine. This will be close at half, but at least 10 points by the end.

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