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December 1, 2007


Every year this weekend is bitter sweet. True fans get some of the best football all season while we all know that this means 3 weeks of college football drought followed by 47 friggin’ bowl games that don’t mean sh*t before the finale that is damn near played in the middle of January. So there is only one way to handle it, be pissed and sober or do it up T-Bone style….wake up hungover, pop enough pills so that Marshall Mathers would cringe, release your demons in the shower and mix up a whiskey that makes you close one of your eyes and tilt your head sideways. And don’t forget to spread your money around so you have a vested interest in everyone wearing a uniform, cuz it’s GAMEDAY F*CKERS!!!

game day, game DAY, GAME DAY, GAME DAY!!! Are U awake now!


December 3, 2007

Home of Greg Gamble’s Daily ATS Winners

ATS - College BB: 3-1 NFL: 21-18 NBA: 22-23 MLB: 116-91

Who would've thought this guy would beat West Virginia...gotta give you some props Wanny!

Sorry for no Sunday Pigskin Post, I was traveling yesterday spreading the word of the Gamble and my partner (soon to be ex) somehow forgot to let my diehard fans know the Lightning Bolts were a lock yesterday. At least I put in the Cowboys/Chargers teaser earlier in the week, but I know that’s no excuse for a big-time site like insideplays. I’ll recap the entire weekend tomorrow as I’m heading to the doctor for my life-insurance physical in about 20 min…and yes, I know I’m screwed! As for tonight’s ATS analysis, of course I had time last night to find a gem for ya. Take it light Homeboys!

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December 4, 2007

Home of Greg Gamble’s Daily ATS Winners

ATS - College BB: 3-1 NBA: 23-23 NFL: 21-18 MLB: 116-91

multiple sources report KING JAMES OUT TONIGHT!

If Bron-Bron is out tonight I won't even bother watchin and just chill outside with some friends!

*Injury update...KING JAMES OUT!
If Bron-Bron's out tonight, the Nets roll into Cleveland like Dylan McKay at the Peach Pit...Spud Webb smooth baby! The Nets need wins, and with NY on the schedule tomorrow. you know Kidd, Vince, & RJ will do whatever it takes to grab the next two. Check back for updates on LeBron, and it might be wise to play it early as the line will be moving all-day!...Nets by 7-10 points

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December 5, 2007

Home of Greggy G's ATS picks

ATS - College BB: 4-1 NBA: 25-24 NFL: 21-18 MLB: 116-91

I know the Spurs are undefeated at home this year, but do you know how many wins they have without Timmy D…that’s right, ZERO! Taking away the league MVP over the last 10 years is like taking Luci Lui away from Charlie’s Angels and trying to still will a group swimsuit competition. Sure Tony Longoria & Manu “Bigger Nose than Greg Gamble” Ginobili are still All-Star caliber players (Manu is actually questionable tonight), but the entire offense is orchestrated around Duncan’s presence on the block and spacing at the high-post. Tonight, they majority of his minutes will be handled by Francicso Elson, Roberty Horry, & Matt Bonner…not what I call centerpieces. In addition, the Mavs looked awesome for 3 quarters in Chicago Monday, and have the match-ups to contain Longoria & Ginobili with Devin Harris & Josh Howard. Especially with Dampier & Diop protecting the basket and Stackhouse dominating the old-man YMCA basketball battle against Michael Finely, I’d be more shocked if the Spurs pulled this one out than I was when Travis Henry won his drug-suspension appeal…Mavs by 6-10 points

…and I have two more for ya…

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December 6, 2007

Home of Greggy's Free ATS NFL & NBA Picks

ATS - College BB: 5-2 NFL: 21-18 NBA: 25-25 MLB: 116-91
"For Entertainment & Entertainment Purposes Only!"

While most of you know of theory on for short, slow, midget-handed QBs, it may be a shocker (not the three-fingered Valentine’s Day special…the other shocker) that I’m investing my Insideplays bonus on Rexy tonight. And no, I’m not jumping of the “I hope Grossman gets hit by Tony LaRussa’s drunk-azz”-bandwagon, but as an experienced gambler…you must push all emotions aside when trying to make sure you have something under the tree for the Loved Ones. And this Holiday, my lady’s not getting a half bottle of edible strawberry message oil I found in my trunk, or anything I discovered siftin’ through clearance bins at TJ Max…cause my hatred will take a back-seat and I’ll let the vertically-challenged signal-caller make me some money!

Just hold onto the Pigskin Homeboy!

Maybe if the Redskins had beaten the Bills in an emotional game last week at home, I’d believe they’d be riding into Thursday Night with more passion than Emmanuelle on a horse all-natural (Btw, Emmanuelle in Bangkok may be my favorite Showtime experience as a young lad), but they lost a heart-breaker that ended their slim playoff hopes, may be without another secondary piece in Shawn Springs, and continued to ride an emotional roller-coaster with Sean Taylor’s funeral Monday. As for the Bears, since regaining his starting-spot, Rexy’s been more relaxed and actually seems to understand the value of not handing over the pigskin. Last week, if Hester doesn’t use his shoulder-pad to snag the rock or Berrian actually lays out for a catchable-ball…the small-handed goof would have thrown for over 400 yards. Throw-in a RB in Adrian Peterson that is determined to prove he can handle being an every down back and a defense that’s playing for jobs next year…and I can’t see how P.T. Willis’s old squad doesn’t beat the Skins. Washington hasn’t had time to prepare, and that doesn’t bode well for a coach who doesn’t even seem to know the rules and a young QB trying to rally an emotionally-warn squad. Bears (+3)…Final Score: Sexy Rexy 27 Hoggs 20

BTW, if we see this guy, things are either going very well or very very bad!

Before I get to my hardwood picks (5-3 this week) and some outfits that would be illegal in my neighborhood, two quick thoughts for ya…

1. J-Kidd's Rumored Boycott for a Trade or Contract Extension
In my opinion, nobody in the league’s more-overrated than Capt. Triple-Double. On a team with nobody in the frontcourt that can rebound, and two superstars that can slash & sky for easy assists, don’t tell me he deserves all the hype because is box score reads: 10 ppg, 11 ass, 11 reb, 3-9 FGs, 5 turnovers. Besides the fact that he claimed his ex-wife treated him like Ike Turner, the dude couldn’t beat Eric Snow in a game of h-o-r-s-e and isn’t satisfied even with RJ & Vinsanity as his running mates. Hey Jason, tough to bring-in much help when you’re eating 20-million in cap-space! If the Nets are smart…they let someone else overpay for a guy that’s gonna age worse than Greg Oden once the 7-footer hits his 30s.

Maybe you should spend more time practicing your J!

2. Bulls should do Whatever it takes to get Gasol
While the Chicago Tribune’s Sam Smith’s assessment that the Bulls could get the 7-foot Spaniard for Tyrus Thomas & Nocioni is laughable, throw-in a Noah and Bulls will immediately become an Eastern Conference Title contender. The Bulls shooters are desperate for someone on the block to take pressure off them and Ben Wallace needs to move to PF to somewhat resemble the dominance he displayed in Detroit. One thing Sammy Smith was right about, the asking price for Gasol has never been lower and I’d be shocked if he’s not moved by the deadline!

With that, let’s hit’em up Homeboys…

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December 7, 2007

Home of Free ATS picks...that sometimes win!

ATS - College BB: 5-3 NFL: 21-19 NBA: 25-26 MLB: 116-91

Rex & Greggy G have had better days

The Bucks have too many solid ballers and are too desperate for wins to lose to the Super Bad Sonics…Bucks by 8-12 points

If Tony Longoria & Ginobili can carry the Spurs to another victory with Duncan…I’ll never play against them again. Sloan will probably have AK-47 bother Manu will the rest of the Jazz just need to look out for Parker. And without Timmy’s underrated D, you have to think Boozer will have a field day…Jazz by 4-8 points

Rockets weakspot is at PF, but NJ can’t capitalize if their starting Malik Allen. The Rockets have two stars to pair with Bonzi, Battier, & Scola…will RJ & Vinsanity have a poo-poo platter and a point guard that can’t shoot. Seriously, whose gonna stop Ming…Jason Collins & Jamaal Magloire?…Rockets by 8-12 points

Take these following pictures as my apology...Sorry I suck sometimes

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December 8, 2007


Have you seen Teasin' T-Bone, we want to play with his round balls!!

Let this be the first time that my mind has fully transitioned from the pigskin to the roundball. I have been quietly watching a couple sleeper teams play some damn good ball. There are four teams that I am going to be watching all year, maybe you should too.
1. Arizona Wildcats—With Lute announcing he is taking a year off, and not really giving a reason, they only thing I see happening in Tucson is unmotivated players and poor coaching, I am almost always going to go against them ATS this year.
2. St. Marys Gaels—This St. Marys team is the Gonzaga of 5 years ago, BTW they already put it to the Zags this season as well. They are high scoring and dominate the defensive boards. Nothing fits into a running teams style better than having their opponent run the court, throw up a shot in 10 seconds, and shut em down one-and-done style.
3. Drake Bulldogs—They are sitting quietly at 7-1 with their only loss being at the hand of, you guessed it, the St Marys Gaels. Drake has a kid named Korver that is as pure a shooter as his older brother and a strong Junior class that is their foundation. Watch them ATS on the road.
4. Butler Bulldogs—I’m watching Butler simply because I think their run last year will wear off when they get into conference play road games. They have a new coach that will win them some games, but I just don’t see the magic I saw last year. I am against the Bulldogs ATS on the road all year long.

Now lets get to today’s action.

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December 9, 2007


After gong 2-1 on the hardcourt yesterday(damn Illini), I feel the need to spread my gambling knowledge across all of the sports today. So here we go fellas, and if you don’t have a drink in hand yet go get one and remember….it’s SUNDAY MUTHA F*CKIN’ FUNDAY BEEATCHES!

Sunday Funday sounds like a good time, are you in?

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December 10, 2007


Today is the debut of a new column at insideplays.com called the daily rant. make sure to check in every day for it. It gives a true inside look at what really happened in sports the previous day.

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December 11, 2007

"The Daily Rant"

“The Daily Rant”


Yeah it was dumb fighting and killing dogs; but did Mike Vick really need to go to jail for almost 2 years to teach him a lesson? I don’ think so…….

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Home of Greg Gamble's Daily ATS plays

ATS - College BB: 5-3 NFL: 21-19 NBA: 26-28 MLB: 116-91

Jefferson & Telfair have started to make some of us believers!

While needing a remarkable Sat/Sun to prevent a meeting with a business partner resembling “Grandma” from Rounders, I know you’ll have to trust me when I say I finally hit some big-time wins this weekend. As for Insideplays.com, I figured it was time for a lil Teasin’ T-Bone to ease our degenerate groupies from crashing the site with hate-mail. I know it comes with the territory and I know even the greatest prognosticators have found a losing streak, but this week…that’s not gonna happen Homeboys...Time to rally!

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December 12, 2007

"The Daily Rant"

By Money Mike

NFL Owners:

Please, please let this be the final warning to all owners……NFL franchises should not hire college football coaches to take over head coaching jobs in the NFL. Yes…..Atlanta is bad. But for a guy to come in and not even finish the season is putting the team in an even worse situation. College coaches should be required to be coordinators before becoming head coaches in the NFL. . (Petrino was a QB coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars, doesn’t count). The players, game and strategy are all different. Let these guys be coordinators first before giving these clowns head coaching jobs. It’s not fair to the players or the fans for a coach to skip out on a team like Petrino did last night.

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Home of Greg Gamble's Daily ATS Picks

ATS - College BB: 6-4 NFL: 21-19 NBA: 27-30 MLB: 116-91

Nobody can say he doesn't play with passion...all the best TJ!

I have sooo many sports hits to give you, but until I give you a positive evening…I’m just pickin’ games & sexy lingerie! I know we have ISU’s very-own Jamaal Tinsley’s unexpected mishap with his entourage, Kansas Jayhawk Brandon Rush’s arrest for impersonating Cade McNown’s driving habits, and the Cubbies signing the coolest name since Ace Law IV & God Shamgod in Japanese OF star Kosuke Fukudome, but I just can’t waste time spouting sarcasm Homeboys…I need to study the ATS docket like Bobby Petrino studies “How to update your resume in 10 minutes or less”…Game on!

The Raptors will be thinking about their teammate tonight

Talk about a lousy back-2-back…Toronto just played in the A-T-L where the arena rocks like a Color Me Badd reunion and they just witnessed their prized-PG carried of on a stretcher…

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December 13, 2007

"The Daily Rant"

T.J. Ford:

Good to see him back in the arena last night, even if he was in street clothes.

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Home of Greg Gamble's ATS Picks & Lingerie

ATS - College BB: 7-4 NFL: 21-19 NBA: 27-32 MLB: 116-91

Yes, I know I need to stop playing the Mavs, but it’s like crack to a relaxation therapist …like the feeling of OPP to Travis Henry & Jason Caffey…like a new resume to Bobby Petrino…like driving 45 miles out of your way when gas is $4/gallon to find a video-rental place where you won’t run into anybody you know…like picking a profession you suck at for Ron & Norv Turner… like a hot model after marriage for Tony Parker…like beef jerky to Tank Johnson…like Wasabi Funyuns to a stoner…like fat-white girls for black-guys…like any nationality (except white) and anorexic girls for white-guys…like beer-bongs and tribal tats for frat-guys…and finally, like a hairy mustache for the chick working at your local grocery store! Thankfully, those bastards aren’t on the docket again tonight!

The Sage'anator & Cutler will do what it takes to score!

This is going to be a shoot-out that would make Jamaal Tinsley’s entourage proud! Cutler, Marshall, Stokley, & whatever running back they choose have been on-fire lately averaging over 31 ppg over their last 5, while the Texans always seem to throw for almost 300 yards and have averaged over 25 ppg at home this season. Not to mention, this game is indoors, both teams are in the bottom 3rd of overall team-defense, and my Homeboy from Iowa State, The Sageanator, will be the starting signal-caller coming-off a 3 TD/0 INT performance last week. As for Cutler, he’s looked sharper by the game and is coming-off a 4 TD/0 INT. Finally, playing the OVA is like heading to Vegas…no matter how much your down, there’s always time to catch-up.

Final Score: BRONCOS 34 TEXANS 31

…and now for my basketball picks and lingerie specials!

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December 14, 2007

Home of Greg Gamble's Daily ATS Plays

ATS - College BB: 7-5 NFL: 21-20 NBA: 28-32 MLB: 116-91

Friday Night Homeboys….which means Greggy G is cuddling-up with the lady and a cocktail that makes the lips burn, and flipping through the NBA package like I’m Sage Rosenfels flipping through NFL secondaries. Take it light and don’t forget to check out Teasin’ T-Bone tomorrow and "The Daily Rant" after my picks.

Brad Miller has to do more than this to slow Sammy D!

With a new GM looking over the Sixers like a fat 50 year-old looks over the roster at the Bunny Ranch, the youngsters have been playing inspired and unselfish ball in route to a 4-game win streak. As for the Kings, they haven’t won on the road all year and don’t have the bodies (Bibby, Martin, & Abdul Rahim out) to compete with a young squad like Philly. Especially looking at the match-ups tonight, I can’t see how Cheeks doesn’t push this to a double-digit victory. Iggy’s the complete package on the wing (18 ppg, 6 rpg, 5 apg) and can handle the aggressive/poor-shooting display from Ron-Ron…Andre Miller’s strength of heading to the whole will have an easier time than MJ at a Blonde Bombshell Convention against Beno Udrih…Sammy D will look twice as athletic against the veteran frontcourt of Mikki Moore & Brad Miller…all they while, Korver & Green will be spotting-up while Reggie Evans grabs Sactown sacs. Throw-in the best young guard the average fan doesn’t know about (21-year old Louis Williams: 11 ppg 4 apg 45 3pt% in only 21 mpg) and I’m guessing all be rolling this investment into a West Coast contest later tonight…Sixers by 8-12 points

...want some more picks and pics...

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December 15, 2007


Yet another weekend of pre-conference college hoops, although this isn’t the most exciting time for roundball fans, it is an absolute goldmine for a guy like me that has dollar signs for pupils. Vegas hasn’t found the sleepers yet and there are plenty of lines that just don’t seem well thought out. With that said, gently place your drink in your left hand, the mouse in your right and check out the scantily clad ladies cuz they are smokin’ today my friends. Just imagine if you could actually touch one of them.....

FYI, not that it's been helpful lately, but Greggy G luvs NJ Nets (-3) @ Gotham against Isiah's band-of-bums! Trust me, you won't feel as nervous takin' his pick after rollin' with mine today...

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December 16, 2007


I am very happy to switch over to the pigskin today after watching my chastity belt money lock of the day lose a 14 point lead yesterday. With the NFL season wrapping up there are a few teams that are fighting for playoff spots and bragging rights, and a few that have simply given up and are waiting to get the golf clubs out. Lucky for us they just happen to be playing each other this weekend(Shhhhh, don’t tell Vegas). So read on and as always….left hand drink, right hand mouse.


December 17, 2007

Mike's Daily Rant

Garrad is quietly becoming a top-5 QB

Steelers missing cog
The #1 ranked D in the league gave up 244 yards rushing to the Jacksonville Jaguars at home yesterday; making very apparent how much they missed their pro bowl defensive lineman Aaron Smith. Smith was lost for the year with a torn biceps last week against the Patriots. The Steelers season could be over.

College basketball
Don’t know if anyone is watching college basketball yet, but their were 3 upsets in the top 25 this weekend. Looks like the upset virus that plagued college football this year has made it’s way to the basketball ranks.

Congrats to the Dolphins for getting their first win of the season and not going down as the worst team in NFL history. Jason Taylor should get a raise for being the heart and soul of this team.

Buckeye Sports
Another Ohio State sports team lost a championship title game. The OSU Soccer team lost 2-1 to Wake Forest on Sunday. Can the 08’ version of OSU Football break the slump against LSU?

Boston is running through the east. They are head and shoulders above anybody in the east. It must be something in the water in New England.

Home of Greggy G's Daily ATS Picks

ATS - College BB: 7-5 NFL: 21-20 NBA: 28-35 MLB: 116-91

It's hard not to root for Mr. Orton!

While it was nice to win $55 in the office-pool pick’em, I don’t think it offsets the multiple car payments and retirement money lost during my NBA catastrophe last week. The only thing that made me smile regarding the professional hardwood this weekend was former baller Keon Clark announcement to a judge that: "I never played a game sober, unfortunately." While I hope he cures his demons, that fact that he admitted drinking at halftime of games is crazier than my azz switching cocktails at halftime in hopes of changing the outcome of a bad investment!

You pull out tonight Kyle...I'll buy you a drink!

Before I get to my NBA pick (that has to win because of the law of averages), I have to admit I’m actually excited to watch the Bear game tonight. The last few weeks I’ve actually found myself angry that there’s still 7 minutes left in the 3rd quarter because their sooo frickin bad and boring…but this week, we have the Kyle Orton Experience! I have no idea if he’s gonna be any good, or how his facial hair will look under his helmet, but at least it’ll make things more exciting.

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December 18, 2007

Money Mike's Daily Rant

Kyle Orton:

With the Bears giving up on the season 3 weeks ago, I think it’s unfair to judge Orton after just one start. With that said, he really didn’t look any better. His decision making was decent but his accuracy was horrid. But how accurate do we expect him to be after sitting on the bench for 2 years? Rex got 3 years to show he wasn’t the answer, how long will Orton get? A total of 3 games? Ha!

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Home of Greggy G’s FREE ATS PICKS

ATS - College BB: 7-5 NFL: 21-20 NBA: 29-35 MLB: 116-91

What do you know…Greggy G won on the hardwood last night! Next thing you know, T-Mac will actually win a playoff series, Ben Gordon will learn to play defense, Lance Briggs will actually give more than the money under his couch for child-support, and a MLB player will say: “Yes, I used HGH and it helped me sign a 50-million dollar contract. If I could go back in time, I would have started using it earlier.”

As for the Bears, while the hope that Kyle Orton is the next Tony Romo may hold as much weight as Harold Minor being the next Jordan, damn does Da Bear O-Line suck! So before I determine Kyle is the next coming of Jonathan Quinn or Henry Burris, I’m giving the grizzly looking dude another couple weeks…it was his 1st start in three years and I think he had six snaps that were at his shoelaces. As for tonight, there’s a Kobe coming to town and I don’t think it’s the one from the movie “Kobe Loves Beef”!

How is the aging & undersized Wallace gonna stop this?

You think Kobe knows Bulls fans have been chanting his name every time the club gets down by double-digits...I’d say yes. Do you think Phil Jackson doesn’t have a Kobe’esque ego every time he comes back to Chicago…yes again. Throw-in an underrated 7-footer in Andrew Bynum (11 ppg, 10 rpg, 2 bpg, 60 fg%) that will make Big Ben look twice his age and the improving play of Lamar Odom at the 4-spot, and I can’t see how the Lakers don’t easily handle things at the United Center. Not to mention, Luol Deng missed practice Monday with a bad back, Captain Kirk & Gordon have no chance at slowing Mr. Bryant, and Benny the Bull looks more interested in sitting on blonde chicks laps than riling up the crowd. As for all the Chi-Town faithful that claim the Bulls have been playing better, they’ve beaten ONE team with a winning record (Detroit) this season. As for the Lakers, they’ve won 5 of 6 and have a bench that will more than match the point-production from Noce, Duhon, & Noah...Lakers by 5-9 points

...want some more picks...

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December 19, 2007

"The Daily Rant"


So Boston gets to play a real team tonight on the road; 7:00 PM EST. @ Detroit. This is a must watch fellas. We will finally get to see how the big 3 match up against a real squad and if the role players can step it up. Show me what you got Rondo, House, Perkins and Big Baby! I will have plenty to rant about on this game tomorrow.

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Home of Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA ATS LUV

ATS - College BB: 7-6 NFL: 21-20 NBA: 30-36 MLB: 116-91

I'm not joking when I say Paxson has said multiple times that trading Tyson for a bag of peanuts and signing Big Ben for a bag of gold was a good decision...if that's the case, why they hell is Aaron FRICKIN Gray playing with the game on the line!

Thank the gambling gods that Ben Gordon turned down 10-Million a year this summer. With Captain Kirk already making that, the Bulls would have the worst 20-million dollar backcourt in the NBA. As much as I like Hinrich and know Gordon is a good guy, I can’t take any more horrific turnovers or the inability to get to the FT line with the game on the line. If Paxson, Skiles, & Co. is so fond of the hardworking midgets, why not maximize their ability with a low-post threat. Instead, we have Aaron “Frickin’” Gray playing in front of the 15-million dollar Isiah Thomas-type of signee and are forced to watch Tyrus Thomas play hard 50% of the time. Even when Luol Deng scores 26 like he did last night, it’s a quiet 26 and nobody on the opposition is in foul-trouble. With that said…

Without Agent Zero, the Bulls actually match-up pretty well with the Wiz. Throw-in an injury to his back-up (Antonio Daniels-questionable) and not having to face the hometown boo-birds, and I actually expect the Bulls to come out on fire tonight. They’re desperate enough not to let the back-to-back voodoo bug prevent an ATS cover, while Washington is due for let-up and doesn’t have a low-post threat to take advantage of the Bullies small line-up…Bulls by 2-6 points

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December 20, 2007

"The Daily Rant"

By Money Mike


Why is Schilling always Chiming in on his opinion on what’s going on in baseball. Dude, nobody out side of the New England area cares what you think! Shut the **** up!

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Home of ATS Picks & Lingerie by Greggy G

While Hines is a classic...

...when healthy, Holmes has been the difference-maker!

We’ve got a lil bit of everything tonight Homeboys, kind of like “A Pool Party at Seymore’s”…btw, do you think his real last name is Butts or is it just a coincidence. Anyway, too much action on gridiron and the hardwood to waste much time, but before I get to my picks & pretty outfits, I have some Holiday Gift ideas for some of our favorites at Insideplays:

For Jason Caffey, Travis Henry, & the Bears LBs
An Idiot’s Guide on How to Wear and Hat

For Mark Chmura
Tag Body Spray and the movie High School Musical

For Rex Grossman
Kiddie Gloves and Lifts for his Shoes

For Roger Clemens & 70% of MLB players
The Wizzinator

And for Najah Davenport
A porcelain toilet shaped like a laundry basket

And now, time for my picks that are guaranteed to win or explain what should have happened…

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December 21, 2007

"The Daily Rant"

By Money Mike

The Steelers have lost 2 starters for the season in the last three weeks. Not the way you want to go into the playoffs. Losing Willie Parker could be disaster for the Steelers, but to Najeh's credit, he stepped it up when they needed him the most. If the Steelers can get that kind of production from him the rest of the season and into the playoffs, they should be fine....if the defense can fix their problems getting pressure on the opponents QB.

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Happy Holidays from Greggy G and the Girls!

ATS - College BB: 7-8 NFL: 22-20 NBA: 32-38 MLB: 116-91

Tony's distracted!

Tony's not distracted!

You know what the Holiday means for Greggy G…driving all weekend to see the relatives and making calls every 5 minutes from the coat closet. With holiday roundball tourneys, NFL for three straight days, the bowl season in full-regalia, and a flask shaped like a X-Mas ornament, it’s tough to complain too much about a 5-day vacation. With that, let’s briefly hit-up some NFL banter in the case I’m unable to find a wireless internet port in Iowa. The Cowboys have left the door open for Green Bay to think they can snag home-field at Lambeau this postseason…which means Chicago is going to get absolutely destroyed on Sunday. The Vikings loss was more devastating for the Bears-moral than if they had lost by 20, and you have to think GB is pissed about handing the Bears a victory in Week 5. And how about Romo trying to redeem himself after a horrible performance because his thumb was hurting and smelled like Simpson. What better way to bounce back than against the 4th-string QB in Carolina. I know some of you think teasers are a sucker bet, but Packers -3 and Dallas -5 seems too good to be true! Have a great Holiday Homeboys, and make sure to check-in all weekend as Teasin’ T-Bone, Money Mike, and yours truly will keep the picks & pics rollin’!

While Nazr didn't play much in DET, he has experience playing with the best!

For all the talk that Dumars fleeced MJ by ridding himself of Nazr Mohammed’s contract for two cheap frontcourt rotation guys (Herrmann & Brezec), the Cats ‘O Bob desperately needed some strength in the middle to help-out Okafor since Walter & Primoz were more finesse than force. In only his 2nd game, Nazr showed why the Pistons gave him a long-term deal two years ago and contributed 17 pts, 8 reb, & 3 blks in beating the Jazz 98-92 at home. Especially with Felton, J-Rich, & Wallace providing most of the offense, Mohammed & Okafor can concentrate on offensive rebounding and protecting the basket at the other end. As for Knicks, with Starbury out tonight, they don’t really have a true point guard to keep-up with Felton, while Jamal Crawford should struggle with Richardson’s strength and defensive ability. The only chance for the Knicks to pull this one out is if both Curry & Randolph have huge games, and I can’t see that happening with the defensive abilities of the new Twin Towers in Charlotte. And finally, for all the flak ‘His Airness’ received for practicing with team, while the media laughs at MJ in a practice jersey, I guarantee the young Cats ‘O Bob have dialed-it-up a notch since they saw his tongue waggin…Bobcats by 10-14 points

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December 22, 2007


We have a bit of everything today my friends. Bowl(football, not the cheeba) season is finally settling in and we get to see a couple respectable teams today, we get to hear about Jessica Simpson for 3 hours during the Cowboys game, and there is more hardcourt action than you can shake a stick at. For me, it just means more money tied up for more hours during the day, and with that I say…good luck fellas!


December 23, 2007


Eat, drink, be merry, and bump uglies today fellas!

Holiday season at the in-laws means Teasin’ T-Bone has more than enough time studying lines. So on this Sunday Funday I bring you primarily pigskin, with just a touch of roundball. Like a true degenerate, I hope santa brings me a present today in the form of some greenbacks, and if he doesn’t there is always tomorrow. I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat myself one more time…drink in left hand, mouse in right hand….ready, set, go!


December 24, 2007

"The Daily Rant"


Even with their sketchy history in playoff situations, I have to say I was surprised by the choke job by the Browns yesterday. Anderson played tight and the Browns had no sense of urgency. D Anderson just made the Browns decision even harder in regards to their QB situation for next year. To me, you still trade Quinn before everybody figures out he's a bum. Derek has proven he is an NFL caliber QB and you can build the team around him, even with the bad game yesterday. With that said, I feel like the Browns will find some way to **** up this situation.

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December 25, 2007


Cause of YOU...my job is ova there!

Before I get to my picks, last month a wrote an article (for a website that pays me millions & millions of dollars) about what was behind the Bulls early season struggles. As of today, it is now an article on why Scottie Skiles no longer is running with the Bulls…

-Bulls Blog - November 2007 - by Greggy G-

Did the Kobe rumors cause insecurities in the Bulls locker-room that cannot be salvaged? Has Skiles’s coaching tactics really worn-out it’s welcome? Is it true that Bill Belichick devised a plan for NBA coaches on how to control the Bulls motion offense? Could Deng & Gordon’s decision to turn down 100 million dollars have added unimaginable pressure? And is Benny the Bull back on the evil weed? These are the questions raised by hardwood scribes across the land and in our backyard regarding the early season debacle. You know what I think…I think we should take a look at all of them:

Krabby Kobe Rumors
While trade rumors in the NBA are more prolific than Pamela with a mid-major Rockstar, the difference with the Kobe rumors was the entire roster was in the tabloids. In addition, instead of the rumors happening 25-games in when players are already dialed-in and in their routine, the Bulls were dealing with the drama during off-season work-outs and preseason practice. And more than most teams, Paxson, Skiles, & Co.’s overachieving gym-rats thrive on summer practice and probably struggled with the unforeseen coverage in ESPN chat-rooms. While the “Kobe…Kobe!” cat-call fanatics will tell you Paxson had to listen and was trying to bring a championship, I’ll tell you that he fell for the bait because Lakerland was never gonna trade Mr. Bryant. The Lakers asked for more than teams could afford, and if a team actually was willing to pull the trigger, Kobe would have baulked cause he’d have no one to play with. I don’t blame Paxson for trying, but I blame him for running everybody’s name through the mud when it probably was never going to happen.

Skiles’s Style Won’t Last
I’ll be honest. I’ve been a diehard Skiles supporter even more than I was for Saved By the Bell – The College Years. The problem…Zach Morris changed his haircut and Scott Skiles’s changed his humor to sarcasm. In Skiles’s defense, JV High School coaches can ride their players twice as hard as NBA coaches, and for all the talk that he runs his players ragged and is a perfectionist, I think he’s learned from past experiences and become much more of a player’s coach. And for all the talk that coach with his style is in one ear and out the other by year 3 or 4, I think the players believe in his system and understand that his sets can maximize their ability. The one problem I do see, is in his casual daggers thrown through the media. Myself personally, I love his truthful jabs, but question his back-tracking and explanations the next day. If he’s going to “call-out” Noah for taking a leadership role with the media or tell the beat writers T-Time is not what you call an end-to-end thoroughbred…stick to it. If he’s going to casually throw a player under the bus, I just wish he didn’t back-up the bus and apologize. For Coach Skiles to be successful, he needs to trust his gut and not worry that Jason Kidd problems from the past will haunt him in the future. Players take notice of his comments, and they also take notice when he tries too hard to make them fell better the next day.

Teams have Figured out the Bulls Style
True! It doesn’t take a rocket-scientist to figure out the Bulls don’t have a post threat and nobody can take the ball to the hole whenever they want. Teams know the Bulls are attacking and looking to kick-it out. Flip Saunders knows Ben Gordon needs space to launch, and most importantly, teams know Kirk Hinrich will dribble around for no reason. I love the Bulls motion-offense, but I’d also love to see them do something I don’t expect. The Bulls are predictable and that needs to change. Maybe a trade is the answer, or maybe it’s time for one of our overachievers to become a star.

Contract Distractions
Anybody who doesn’t think Deng & Gordon’s decision to pass on guaranteed money hasn’t added pressure to their game is more foolish than those who think Devin Hester can be more than a special teams star. The truth of the matter in this issue, if Deng & Gordon are worth more than they turned down…we can become an Eastern Conference Champ. If they can’t, then maybe Paxson should have made the blockbuster trade. It would be a great day in Chicago if the Bulls were forced to pay those guys the money they want…because that means they were better than I thought.

Of course I skipped the Benny the Bull issue, but if that’s the problem, then the marketing group needs to contact Jack Haley. The Bulls problems are legit and anybody who sugar-coats it is satisfied with being a good, and not great in the East. Ben Gordon’s not getting taller, Kirk Hinrich is never going to average more than 8 assists per contest, Luol Deng is not a go-to guy when you need someone to get to the line with the game on the line, and no matter what Paxson says, Ben Wallace is a bust for the money they’re paying him. What I don’t know is if they have something deep-down that will make me eat my words. And trust me…I’d love to eat that sandwich and I’ll buy Paxson, Skiles, & Co. one too.

...on finally, onto my picks!

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December 26, 2007

"The Daily Rant"

Hope everyone had a nice holiday. Mine was great. Not much sports on Christmas day except for NBA basketball but I have plenty of comments about what I saw yesterday.

The Cold......I mean The Heat:

This team is bad folks. How long before D Wade blows a gasket with the 4 cylinder Shaquille O'neal? He plays with absolutely no motivation and conviction on the floor these days. He's only out there so he can make that 20 mil. How long before Pat steps down? This team is embarrassing a Hall of fame coach right now. What's funny is it's Riley's fault they are bad. He is the GM and he made absolutely no moves in the off season to make this team better. I wonder how important those "role players" are looking to the Heat fans now with guys like Mourning (hurt), Walker (traded) and Posey (lost in free agency). Don't know how much they would help though.....this team is garbage.

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Home of Greg Gamble’s Daily ATS Picks

ATS - College BB: 9-8 NFL: 22-20 NBA: 35-39 MLB: 116-91

Trust me Johnny Pax...Gasol's the move you have to make!

The rumors that Reinsdorf was the lead in the Scottie Scowls firing does make sense since I can’t see Pax firing his buddy on X-Mas Eve, but what a smart (gutless) decision to do it ova the Holiday. In a city where Sports Radio banter and newspapers cluttering the L fuel the anger and controversy of the fans, the Bulls are able to skate into the New Year without much hassle from the media. By the time the radio personalities return and the regular commuters are back on their mundane schedules, the majority of talk will have moved on from what an embarrassing situation for an underperforming organization to what the next move should be. As for me, I will continue to play the trumpet for Pau Gasol’s address in the Windy City, say a prayer that Ben Gordon will finally be moved before his value drops any further, and hope the Bulls don’t hire a coach until after the season. With that, on to my picks and pics, and make sure to look for my 2008 Predictions on everything from the top adult performer to how many games my White Sox will lose coming Friday!

You really think Randolph & Curry are gonna be able to keep-up with Howard after eating half the table at X-Mas?

The NBA after the X-Mas Holiday has players returning from family gatherings either dreading a return, or looking to fulfill promises from the dinner-table on how their better than people think. In the Magic’s case, after a ridiculous start they’ve only won 2 of their last 9 and desperately need to find their early season chemistry. With Stan “the Hedgehog” Van Gundy’s leadership, three stars in the frontcourt (The Manchild, Hedu “I’m better than people think” Turkoglu, & Rashard “I have to prove I’m worth it” Lewis), and a deep backcourt needing to prove every night who deserves minutes, I expect Orlando to come out tonight with passion and discipline to prove their back-on-track (Turkoglu - questionable/ankle). As for the Knicks, do you really think they were looking forward to the nightmarish atmosphere on the hardwood while sipping cocktails and the finest foods yesterday? Not to mention...

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December 27, 2007

"The Daily Rant"

By Money Mike

Wow....where do I start? So much to say...so little time. Anyway, I will start by saying that I promise that I won't talk about the Heat or the Bulls for the third straight day tomorrow because they don't play tonight. With that said, let me get to it.


This photo will make more sense in a minute....keep reading.......

The Sixer's/The Heat aka The Cold:


Ordinarily I would have said that The Cold losing to the Sixers last night was The Cold Hitting rock bottom, but I actually watched a sixers game last week (vs. Lakers) and they are pretty talented and very, very athletic, (they just don't know how to play together yet). Iguodala, Andre Miller, Willie Green and Dalembert play hard every night, hustle and can out jump anyone in the gym. This is the total opposite of what The Cold can do.This game was like watching an 8 year old trying to catch a grasshopper! See above. The grasshopper is obviously quicker and more agile than the uncoordinated child. You get the picture. As for the 4 cylinder last night he put up minimum effort with 5 points and 10 boards. That's what you get for $243,902 a game. Putrid.

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Roundball Picks & Round Assets by Greggy G

ATS - College BB: 9-8 NFL: 22-20 NBA: 37-40 MLB: 116-91

With a nice 2-1 evening, the once-slumping guru has now covered 5 of 7 and realized it’s time to put the mail-order Russian & midgets to bed and go lookin’ for frickin’ caviar! Just like the Energizer Bunny and a business-man alone in a hotel-room watching a double-feature…I keep going, and going, and going. Even when I was in the midst of my ATS-nightmare, I simply put on the blinders and took the Roger Clemens approach…you know, no matter what you did in the past, if you keep telling yourself your not that bad you may actually start to believe it!

If only Aaron Gray was in the picture...then I'd have all three of Paxson's dominate post players!

As for another embarrassment on the hardwood for the Bulls, I’m amazed Johnny Pax didn’t see this coming from miles away. In a league that sees team’s on-the-rise adjust their styles and add weapons each season, the Bulls continue to ignore their low-post deficiencies, and believe their undersized backcourt is better than advertised. Paxson has plenty of young assets that teams would jump at and needs to use them to revamp the roster…which I will dissect tomorrow and show you how easy things would be if GM Greggy G was running things at the United Center. Take it light Homeboys...wait, I almost forgot, while it's not on my picks...I luv teasing the Longhorns (+3.5) in the Bowl game with Suns (-4) at the Clippers!

U think Shuttlesworth wants to put-on a show for his old fans?

With the Celtics coming-off a road-game last night and facing the lowly Sonics, this is what you’d typically call “Your girl rents Charlie’s Angels and asks you which girl looks the best in a bathing-suit”…aka a Trap-Game (Btw, from my experiences, never tell I white-girl you think it’s Lucy Lui…cause every time an Asian chick walks into a restaurant or bar you’re gonna get an evil eye). But tonight, this is not the case. First-off, this game is on TNT and you know the Big Three wants to impress Charles Barkley and Kenny “The Jet” Smith. Secondly, Jesus Shuttlesworth will be hyped lookin’ to have a huge night, especially after taking some bitter-swipes at his old organization the last few days. Thirdly, who the hell is Mr. Durant gonna guard…Paulie or Ray-Ray? And finally...

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December 28, 2007

"The Daily Rant"

By Money Mike


If you watched the game last night between Texas and Arizona State, you saw how a Tier I Division I team matches up with a Tier II Division I team. Two much speed and strength on both sides of the ball for ASU to handle.

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Greggy G's Free ATS Picks and Bikinis


New Year's Resolution for Ced - To stop Suckin'

Muhsin Muhammad – to give back all the money he stole from the Bears…unfortunately, on the way to Halas Hall he’ll probably drop it!

Kenny Williams – to stop acting cockier than David Spade after he started droppin' his swimmers in Heather Locklear


Lance Briggs & Brian Urlacher – to carry Saran Wrap in their wallets

Kirk Hinrich – to stop hacking a player across the arm and then acting like my azz with a bottle of lotion and my pants around my ankles when my girl walks in… “What I do?”

Lovie Smith – to stop saying were a running team when we rank 31st in total rushing yards and dead last in yards per carry (3.1)

Johnny Pax – to stop overpaying overachievers that are short and one-dimensional or trying to convince me that Ben Wallace is not more worthless than a paper-thin happy-sock!

Josh Fields – to never play OF again

Andres Nocioni – to stop running into large black men and acting more suprised than T.T. Boy being asked to wear a condom when the ref calls a foul

Ronnie Woo Woo – to move to Alaska

With that, onto my picks and pics...

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December 29, 2007


Although I have a better winning percentage with college hoops(5-2) than any other sport of mine, I just can’t put all my focus on the roundball until after Jan. 1 when most of football has put away the pads for the season. So today I bring you JoPa and Papa Bill, and you better believe that they’ll be puttin’ some lettuce in my pocket today. Good luck today fellas!


December 30, 2007

Home of Greggy G's Daily ATS Magic

While I do like a few football plays, especially Philly -7.5, there is one team coached buy one guy that always gets my luv...


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Have a New Year that would make Travis Henry proud Homeboys! As for what I like...

He may be shorter than Sexy Rexy, but he's actually good

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December 31, 2007

"The Daily Rant"

By Money Mike


Thumbs up for the Browns for getting to 10 wins this year, in what was supposed to be a down year for the franchise. Thumbs down for not taking care of business last week opposed to this week. You got your weeks mixed up fellas! The question now for the Browns for next year is will it be this guy:


Or this guy:

Well, you got plenty of time to think about it Browns management...have a nice vacation!

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