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Roundball Picks & Round Assets by Greggy G

ATS - College BB: 9-8 NFL: 22-20 NBA: 37-40 MLB: 116-91

With a nice 2-1 evening, the once-slumping guru has now covered 5 of 7 and realized it’s time to put the mail-order Russian & midgets to bed and go lookin’ for frickin’ caviar! Just like the Energizer Bunny and a business-man alone in a hotel-room watching a double-feature…I keep going, and going, and going. Even when I was in the midst of my ATS-nightmare, I simply put on the blinders and took the Roger Clemens approach…you know, no matter what you did in the past, if you keep telling yourself your not that bad you may actually start to believe it!

If only Aaron Gray was in the picture...then I'd have all three of Paxson's dominate post players!

As for another embarrassment on the hardwood for the Bulls, I’m amazed Johnny Pax didn’t see this coming from miles away. In a league that sees team’s on-the-rise adjust their styles and add weapons each season, the Bulls continue to ignore their low-post deficiencies, and believe their undersized backcourt is better than advertised. Paxson has plenty of young assets that teams would jump at and needs to use them to revamp the roster…which I will dissect tomorrow and show you how easy things would be if GM Greggy G was running things at the United Center. Take it light Homeboys...wait, I almost forgot, while it's not on my picks...I luv teasing the Longhorns (+3.5) in the Bowl game with Suns (-4) at the Clippers!

U think Shuttlesworth wants to put-on a show for his old fans?

With the Celtics coming-off a road-game last night and facing the lowly Sonics, this is what you’d typically call “Your girl rents Charlie’s Angels and asks you which girl looks the best in a bathing-suit”…aka a Trap-Game (Btw, from my experiences, never tell I white-girl you think it’s Lucy Lui…cause every time an Asian chick walks into a restaurant or bar you’re gonna get an evil eye). But tonight, this is not the case. First-off, this game is on TNT and you know the Big Three wants to impress Charles Barkley and Kenny “The Jet” Smith. Secondly, Jesus Shuttlesworth will be hyped lookin’ to have a huge night, especially after taking some bitter-swipes at his old organization the last few days. Thirdly, who the hell is Mr. Durant gonna guard…Paulie or Ray-Ray? And finally...

Even if Ray-Ray gets a cold-reception, I think the Celts roll!

And finally, the Celts have heard plenty of crap about their early-season schedule and are looking to prove a point on their 1st West Coast road-trip. BTW, you know happened the 1st time Doc Rivers crew played in-front of the TNT faithful…they beat the Knicks 104-59!...Celtics by 14-18 points

Just like a pair of jeans, Nash will do what it takes to fit it in!

After a tough loss to the Lake Show on X-Mas and losers in 3 of their last 5, the Suns are starting to hear their soft and not nearly as formidable as in years’ past. While I’m not one of those, I guarantee Nash, Amare, & Co. will be looking to show-up the so-called naysayers. Especially since they just played at the Staples Center Tuesday and the Clipp hasn’t taken the home-floor in ten days, don’t be surprised to see D-Antonio’s run-n-gun show up by 10 after the 1st quarter. While teams have been able to crawl back after early deficits against PHX this season, trust me like you trust your bookie, that will not happen against the most injury-depleted team in the NBA (Brand-out, Livingston-out, Davis-out Thomas-quest., Maggatte-quest., Cassell-old and always hobbled). Sure Chris Kaman has been ridiculous this season (19 ppg, 14 rpg, 3 bpg) and will probably put-up some nice numbers, but I don’t think watching the Caveman run with Amare, Matix, & Brian “Better than Advertised” Skinner is the answer to LA’s success…Suns by 14-18 points

The Broncs star has sooo much upside!

I was all excited to tell you guys about a hidden gem on the Broncs, as well as, how their team-oriented approached instituted by Tommy Dempsey has been a refreshing treat for those following College Hoops. And then I wake-up, mix a bloody, and notice that the Eastern Seaboard Programming Network has a special feature on 6-11 Sr. Jason Thompson (20 ppg, 11 rpg, 3 bpg) and the Rider Broncs. Oh well, maybe this moves the Vegas line a little, but it’s still worth an investment in my red-azz, glossy eyes. Jason Thompson is lanky, with a great mid-range game, and is joined by his 6-6 So. brother Ryan (14 ppg, 8 rpg, 4 apg, 55 fg%, 43 3pt%) to form a deadly sleeper in this year’s tourney if all goes well. Throw-in Patrick & Harris Mansell, possibly the best-long range shooting family in the country, and I see the Broncs doing the same thing they did on the road last week at Rutgers tonight…a straight-up win. While the Dragons have a decent big-man in 6-9 Sr. Frank Elegar (14 ppg & 7 rpg), the rest of their squad is led by undersized guards who had lost 4 in-a-row before beating (4-6) Bucknell at home Saturday. I’m a little scared of the article hype for the Broncos, but if you check-out their roster, the team surrounds Mr. Thompson with some deadly shooters (39 3pt% as a team) and plays with an unselfishness that is unique in today’s game…Rider by 5-9 points

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