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ATS - College BB: 5-2 NFL: 21-18 NBA: 25-25 MLB: 116-91
"For Entertainment & Entertainment Purposes Only!"

While most of you know of theory on for short, slow, midget-handed QBs, it may be a shocker (not the three-fingered Valentine’s Day special…the other shocker) that I’m investing my Insideplays bonus on Rexy tonight. And no, I’m not jumping of the “I hope Grossman gets hit by Tony LaRussa’s drunk-azz”-bandwagon, but as an experienced gambler…you must push all emotions aside when trying to make sure you have something under the tree for the Loved Ones. And this Holiday, my lady’s not getting a half bottle of edible strawberry message oil I found in my trunk, or anything I discovered siftin’ through clearance bins at TJ Max…cause my hatred will take a back-seat and I’ll let the vertically-challenged signal-caller make me some money!

Just hold onto the Pigskin Homeboy!

Maybe if the Redskins had beaten the Bills in an emotional game last week at home, I’d believe they’d be riding into Thursday Night with more passion than Emmanuelle on a horse all-natural (Btw, Emmanuelle in Bangkok may be my favorite Showtime experience as a young lad), but they lost a heart-breaker that ended their slim playoff hopes, may be without another secondary piece in Shawn Springs, and continued to ride an emotional roller-coaster with Sean Taylor’s funeral Monday. As for the Bears, since regaining his starting-spot, Rexy’s been more relaxed and actually seems to understand the value of not handing over the pigskin. Last week, if Hester doesn’t use his shoulder-pad to snag the rock or Berrian actually lays out for a catchable-ball…the small-handed goof would have thrown for over 400 yards. Throw-in a RB in Adrian Peterson that is determined to prove he can handle being an every down back and a defense that’s playing for jobs next year…and I can’t see how P.T. Willis’s old squad doesn’t beat the Skins. Washington hasn’t had time to prepare, and that doesn’t bode well for a coach who doesn’t even seem to know the rules and a young QB trying to rally an emotionally-warn squad. Bears (+3)…Final Score: Sexy Rexy 27 Hoggs 20

BTW, if we see this guy, things are either going very well or very very bad!

Before I get to my hardwood picks (5-3 this week) and some outfits that would be illegal in my neighborhood, two quick thoughts for ya…

1. J-Kidd's Rumored Boycott for a Trade or Contract Extension
In my opinion, nobody in the league’s more-overrated than Capt. Triple-Double. On a team with nobody in the frontcourt that can rebound, and two superstars that can slash & sky for easy assists, don’t tell me he deserves all the hype because is box score reads: 10 ppg, 11 ass, 11 reb, 3-9 FGs, 5 turnovers. Besides the fact that he claimed his ex-wife treated him like Ike Turner, the dude couldn’t beat Eric Snow in a game of h-o-r-s-e and isn’t satisfied even with RJ & Vinsanity as his running mates. Hey Jason, tough to bring-in much help when you’re eating 20-million in cap-space! If the Nets are smart…they let someone else overpay for a guy that’s gonna age worse than Greg Oden once the 7-footer hits his 30s.

Maybe you should spend more time practicing your J!

2. Bulls should do Whatever it takes to get Gasol
While the Chicago Tribune’s Sam Smith’s assessment that the Bulls could get the 7-foot Spaniard for Tyrus Thomas & Nocioni is laughable, throw-in a Noah and Bulls will immediately become an Eastern Conference Title contender. The Bulls shooters are desperate for someone on the block to take pressure off them and Ben Wallace needs to move to PF to somewhat resemble the dominance he displayed in Detroit. One thing Sammy Smith was right about, the asking price for Gasol has never been lower and I’d be shocked if he’s not moved by the deadline!

With that, let’s hit’em up Homeboys…

Let me tell you a lil secret...
...my picks lost yesterday, so I'm movin'-up the Greg Gamble X-Mas video gift ideas

I romantic-comedy that (could never happen to you, and if it did, you couldn't tell anyone about it) that has great character development

Perfect for the political-buff of the house...as long as its not Senator Craig.

For the guy on the daily grind

And if you buy one now, we'll throw-in my lousy picks and two other videos for no additional charge!

Just like on Butler, the short-ones can still get it done!

The undefeated Bulldogs are riding last year Sweet-16 run into a Gonzaga type of mid-major hysteria. While most undefeated teams have schedules easier than Britney after a few pills & cocktails, Butler has beaten Michigan & Ohio State by an average of 17 ppg and won on the road versus Virginia Tech & Texas Tech by an average of 8 ppg...and tonight, they face a Detroit squad that just lost to (2-5) Central Michigan at home! Can’t understand why the spread is so low, but not enough to call Vegas and tell them they made a mistake. The Bulldogs have had 5-days off and should be riled-up for their 1st conference tilt. FYI, bet it (legally, of-course) early because I don’t see a groundswell of Titan money moving the line the other direction!...Bulldogs by 16-20 points

The only think worse than an itchy-tag is havin' to travel to Dallas for a back-to-back!

I know the Mavs are like crack for my gambling-azz, but I wise-man once told me: Don’t video-tape anything without permission, and don’t be scared-away from an obvious play because you’re Tom Cruise-my wife went to the store without asking-angry! I’ll admit, I called out Tony Longoria & Ginobili and they were redonkulous yesterday…but I don’t see a tandem of A.I. & Melo doing the same thing after a heartbreaking home-loss to Krabby Kobe where they totaled 92 minutes yesterday. Throw-in Kenyon Martin’s surgically repaired knee & Marcus Camby’s 40 minutes of action, and I don’t think I flight to Dallas is in their best interest. While you could say the same heart-breaking thing about the Mavs last night in SA, I believe they have a coach and commitment that will ensure they bounce back in-front of the home-crowd where their 8-1. As for the Nuggets, is it just me or do they have a mantra that suggests if they get down early it’s time to pack-it-in and scope for blonde groupies…Mavs by 12-16 points

Hey, I trust my pick...I'm not looking back!

BTW, if you read my entry (instead of just looking at my pictures you vultures!), the Emanuelle Movies made the 80s and sneaking down to watch Showtime a lasting memory of my childhood. Just in case your parents were too cheap to have cable or you were too busy actually finding a real dates, I'll give you a few samples of filmography that are a must see:

Remarkable story line

Political tension throughout

I must have for Movie Buffs

...And they make for great gifts on the Holidays!

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