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Today is the debut of a new column at insideplays.com called the daily rant. make sure to check in every day for it. It gives a true inside look at what really happened in sports the previous day.

The Daily Rant by Money Mike
[a summary of the sports action from the previous day]


Is it just me or has CBS turned into the Patriots Television Network? The biased opinions of Jim Nance is just out of control at this point. It’s just as bad as Notre Dame football on NBC. Yes, the Patriots are great, yes they might go un-defeated, but can we get some objective coverage of the other team on the field? Get brady’s balls out of your mouth and call the game objectively……..


Cam Cameron wasn’t ready to take over a team……some guys should only be coordinators. Leadership qualities cannot be taught, you are either born a leader or your not. I understand that their starting running back and QB went down, but even with those guys in the line up they hadn’t won a game. Somebody put this team out of their misery and forfeit the rest of the season......

Joey Galloway……

How good has this guy been for the Bucs at 36 years young? It’s amazing what a little dedication and hard work will do to extend a guy’s career. Take note Shaq Diesel……..

Floyd Mayweather…..

Man those were some bombs he was dropping on Hatton…..scary!!!!!!

P. Burress……

Practice? Practice? Who needs practice when you can catch 7 balls for 136 and a TD? Now that’s talent folks…….


Probably the 2nd hottest team in the league right behind the Patriots. Dallas and Green Bay better watch out if they can make it to the playoffs……….

Posted by Money Mike on December 10, 2007 9:41 AM |


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