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"The Daily Rant"

“The Daily Rant”


Yeah it was dumb fighting and killing dogs; but did Mike Vick really need to go to jail for almost 2 years to teach him a lesson? I don’ think so…….

Compare and Contrast:

Which sports fan would you rather be right now?


Celtics: Management made moves to finally get Pierce some help and make this team better and immediately challenge for the east title.


Patriots: Bill Belichick is a genius and Bob Kraft allows his hall of fame coach the ability to make moves to making the team unbeatable this year. The Steelers played a pretty good first half and were only down 3 at half time. A few adjustments at half made this game an eventual blow out.

Rex Sox: Two World Series rings in the past 5 years and will win another one next year barring injury or unforeseen circumstances.


Bears: Bad management decisions (trading a 1400 yard RB) for a guy who has proven nothing in the NFL is not very bright. This seems to be a trend in the NFL right now (e.g. Chargers letting Brees go so Rivers can take over the reins; Thomas Jones let go for Cedric Benson) The Bears rationale was that you can’t leave a guy on the bench when you over paying him, so we have to make him the main guy. My question is….why did you draft him anyway? Why not draft …..uh…..let me think…..a QB or maybe even an offensive lineman? Grossman is not the answer. Just admit you made a mistake, it’s the first step in the healing process. Best of luck this week Kyle Orton with an unmotivated team and a beat up offensive line.

Bulls: Enough already Bulls, everybody in the city of Chicago knows that a team full of small guards and forwards can’t win the east let alone a title. The formula for defending the Bulls is simple, defend the perimeter because they have absolutely no inside threat. If you bump and grind a small guard over the course of a game, he will eventually wear down and lose confidence . If they don’t get rid of Hinrich or Gordon soon, the Bulls will start losing asses in the seats. Wait, I forgot, you over paid Captain Kirk so he's un-tradeable and you offered you best player less money than your "star" point guard? Is it hard to see what the problem is with this team?

Cubs and Sox:
Two many problems and not enough time to discuss what’s wrong with these franchises, but in short the Cubs spent all their money on Soriano and its questionable what they can do to get better this off season. The White Sox just need to blow it all up and start over.

It’s not hard to figure out Chicago….just follow the championship formula outlined clearly by our good friends in Boston. Stay tuned tomorrow for a compare and contrast between Dallas sports and Cleveland sports and anything else I feel like ranting about!

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