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"The Daily Rant"

By Money Mike

NFL Owners:

Please, please let this be the final warning to all owners……NFL franchises should not hire college football coaches to take over head coaching jobs in the NFL. Yes…..Atlanta is bad. But for a guy to come in and not even finish the season is putting the team in an even worse situation. College coaches should be required to be coordinators before becoming head coaches in the NFL. . (Petrino was a QB coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars, doesn’t count). The players, game and strategy are all different. Let these guys be coordinators first before giving these clowns head coaching jobs. It’s not fair to the players or the fans for a coach to skip out on a team like Petrino did last night.

Lebron and his band of merry men:

How bad is Cleveland without LeBron? Very bad. How good is Cleveland with LeBron? They are mediocre at best…….don’t get to excited Cleveland, along with Detroit you now have the emergence of Orlando and juggernaut that is the Boston Celtics to worry about in the east.

Les Miles:

Get over yourself. We all know you’re lying about the Michigan job. You know you want it!

What to watch tonight: Dallas @ Toronto Josh Howard vs. Chris Bosh 7:00PM EST

TJ Ford: You are in our prayers. Get well soon.

Make sure you miss it: Minnesota @ Philadelphia 7:00PM EST

Stay tuned tomorrow for our continuation of the sports city comparisons……

Posted by Money Mike on December 12, 2007 10:45 AM |


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